What To Do About Your Worst Fears

“Sometimes things turn sour and we handle it okay. Other times we go to extreme negative thinking. We think the worst case scenario over and over. We let it affect us and we spiral down. It is normal and natural for us to think this way. Most of us were conditioned to.

What we frequently find is after a day or two, weeks or longer what we feared most did not come to pass. The worst fears we lived over and over didn’t manifest as we expected. We feel relieved. We dodged a big one and we resume our lives. Whew! But then what?

It happens again another time. Over the same subject or another one. TWe repeat the worst case scenario lifestyle for awhile. We go dark. Again, it resolves. Usually, our worst fears NEVER come to pass. That’s the funny thing about it. Our fears don’t come about!

Don’t Let Fear About What Could Happen Make Nothing Happen

What we  did is get worked up, fearful, angry, depressed and worse. We spiraled into negativity, for a time being, only to discover things worked out better than we thought they would. Did we learn our lesson and decide never to do this in the future? Nope. Sadly, nope!

To enjoy enduring success, so the saying goes, one must travel a little in advance of the world. This means get out ahead of it. We can do that if we learn from our ‘worst fears’ example. Since our worst fears almost never, very rarely, ever come about, stop thinking they will!

Use your mind and energy differently! Stop repeating failure. Stop repeating negative thinking and begin to shift away from the worst case scenarios. Begin to think ‘things always work out’. ‘I don’t know how this will but I know it will work out for the best’. Get it? Do it!

There Is No Greater Illusion Than Fear – It’s Only A State Of Mind

Think and behave differently. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. If you don’t you are doomed to repeat. Stop it. Start doing something productive instead. Don’t just be relieved. Learn to live and respond differently to life, when it throws you a curve ball.

Enjoy life more. Stress out less. Learn to think positive instead of going to dark negative places. Shift away from your fears. Live with courage. Live lighthearted and carefree. Begin to express gratitude and delight. Be thankful for all. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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