The Secret To Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You!

“How you succeed is to think, feel, speak and act like you are already successful. You pretend and you rehearse. You become the successful you now, that you want to be in the future. You see your success, feel it, speak about it and live it now, as if you already are it.

You change your story. No longer tell of past or present disappointments. Stop complaining, whining, excusing and blaming. Seek only the good, the positive, the happy, the successful. Live it. Stop living as a victim of circumstances and live as a victor. NOW!

This IS how you transform. Many will learn this, far fewer will actually do it. Few people will leave their comfort zones to adventure in new territories. They want assurances. They want to know in advance it will work out and they will get what they seek.

You Don’t Attract It As Much As You Create It – You Cause It

The only assurance you will ever get is once you begin to begin to create your own happiness and success. When you take charge you will begin to notice the results. You must do it first in order to benefit. None can assure you. Action makes it happen, nothing else.

You can read all you want. That is great. It helps you to feel inspired and motivated but reading won’t change you. Only application will transform you. When you put the principles into practice and you become the successful, happy person, then you will know. Get it?

Rehearse! Act as if. Put a guard before your lips. Speak and think only to bless, heal, prosper, inspire and motivate. Be the change you want to become. Live in gratitude. Feel happy now. Feel abundant and rich. Feel healthy and fulfilled. Do it now. Feel thankful. Feel blessed. Feel powerful, positive and joyful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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