Stop Resisting Start Assisting Or Remain Stuck: Your Choice

“Much of anger, intolerance, resentment stems from fear. Fear drives people much more than we think. From fear these other emotions and attitudes arise. We fight, freeze or flee. When confronted and opposed most of us get entrenched. We stay stuck.

We resist. What we resist, persists. When we resist we pour energy into precisely what we do not want. Hence, we get more of what we precisely do not want. That IS being and staying stuck. You must let go of the fear, resentment, anger, negative emotions to be free.

You can sit with it, acknowledge it, stop judging and just be with it, THEN you need to let go and move on to more positive emotions. Don’t blame yourself because that only makes it worse. Let it all go. Shift! Move from the less than glorious to the glorious. Do it!

Do What You Always Did – You Will Get What You Always Got

Let go and let god. Whatever a ‘higher power’ is for you; source, god, infinite intelligence, inner self. Let go and trust. What we resist persists but nothing can resist a nonresistant person. If you don’t push there is nothing to push back against. Water is fluid.

Water works its way around. Become more fluid and stop resisting. When we let go and drop resisting anything becomes possible. Then there is no fight. Withdraw the energy from what you do not want and put the attention and energy on what you do want. Trust you can make what you want to happen, happen.This is how you can become free. Change your focus. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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