Let Go And Live!

“Become aware that you can drop your investment in your troubles. Stop living in the past and fearing the future. Become aware. Live in the present. Caste your burden on the divine. Put it on source. Give it over. Let it go. Come to the now. Become light and lite. Just be.

Find your inner peace. Meditate. Your perceptions, based on your past, limited, negative conditioning keeps you burdened and down. Free yourself. Stop living in fear, anger, regret, anxiety or doubt. Drop into the present and experience the now. Become renewed.

Refresh. Awareness is the key. Stop focusing on the less than glorious. Let go. Let it all go. Take moments to just attend to your breath. Breathe slowly. Focus on life breath coming into your lungs and going out. Feel the rise and fall of your belly with each breath.

Meditation Is Celebrating Yourself – You Are Divine – Be Aware

Whenever distracted simply return your attention to your breath. Spend 5, 10 15, minutes simply, gently, attending to your in and out breath. Let everything else go. Let it fade away. Gently attend to your breathing. Do this daily, at least once or twice. Find peace.

Notice your breath and stay with it. When finished allow yourself to carry the peacefulness, you enjoyed, into your day. The more you let go and meditate the longer you will feel the benefits. You will discover eventually ‘the peace that passes all understanding.’ As you continue during your day be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

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