Let Go Find Peace: How To End Feeling Stressed

“In today’s world there is much stress. There is nothing wrong with stress, it is our reaction or response to it that either makes it a liability or an asset. Stress can make people motivated to excel or it can debilitate and lead to dis-ease. How we are affected is up to us.

If we do nothing but react and let it build up we may find ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritual challenged. It will take its toll. One way to alleviate stress is to meditate and seek to be peaceful. Seek peace. Allow and let go. Drop judgement. Go inside.

Most of our reactions to stress are to external events, people or circumstances. Left unresolved, it piles up. All sorts of issues then may result. However, if you learn to stop, drop inside, breathe deeply and slowly and relax and let go you can free yourself of stress.

Meditation Dissolves The Invisible Walls Of Stress 

Seek peace. Think peace. Intend peace and simply breath slowly and deeply. Consider doing it for 20 minutes each day. Even a few seconds of real peace can provide hours of lasting benefit. If you can’t do 20 do less. The point is just do it. You can do something.

Throughout the day, whenever you can safely, close your eyes, think peace and breathe. Chill out. Relax for a few moments or more if you can. Whether at the office, home or at play, find moments to let go. Obviously, not while driving or operating heavy machinery. Inside the peace your mind, body and emotions will find calm. It is true.

Take time for yourself. Think nothing. If your mind wanders onto topics, gently guide it back to peace, by returning to notice your breath. Do all without judgement. Whatever is, is. Let go. Rest. Trust. You can’t do it wrong. Simply, take time for yourself to be. Get it?

Meditation Dissolves What Unawareness Causes

When you finish you can slowly open your eyes. Reorient to daily activity and notice you will take the calm, peace and tranquility with you. Feel free to express joy and gratitude. The more often you retreat into this peace the longer the benefits last. You will transform yourself. So, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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