The Big Secret: Why You Don’t Have What You Want!

“Do you not yet have what you want? Do you feel you are missing out? Are you plagued with debt, lack, ill health or unhappiness? Would you prefer your lot in life changed for the better? How come whatever you are doing isn’t working? Want to know? Read on!

‘True spirituality is proving god as your supply, daily, not just once in awhile.’ Florence Scovel Shinn.  ‘Trust me and I shall bring it to pass.’ ‘The Lord Is my shepherd I shall not want’. Trust daily your needs will be met. Faith can move mountains. Learn to develop your faith.

Trust and relax. This does not mean you do nothing. It means you ‘command ye me’. ‘Ask and you will receive,’ BUT when you ‘pray asking, believe you have received it and you will receive it.’ Believe you have it and you will get it! Faith in the unseen, the invisible.

Believing Is Seeing – Most People Think It The Other Way Around

Faith, trust, is the prerequisite. Command, convinced you will receive. Then let go and let god supply. Stop interfering needlessly. Some people, try to help and only botch things up. Let go, let god. Trust and receive. Allow it to unfold. Demonstrate your trust.

Demonstrating you believe doesn’t mean breaking your bank by spending wildly. It means acting in faith. Small demonstrations work too. Give that which you want to receive. Give love, a kind word, a smile. Help someone out. Be patient. Trust. Expect, but don’t check!

All in its own time. This is one of the most subtle things you need to know. Stop checking to see if you got it yet. That only creates disappointment. Know it is coming and will all work out at the right time. Trust all is good in the meantime. It is all a part of it. Get it?

Seek And Ye Shall Find – Ask And It Shall Be Given – Believe It

What is, IS. Walk in faith knowing your needs are supplied. Keep the faith. Expect it all to unfold perfectly. Stop getting caught up in the circumstances and remain true to your faith. Believe you have it and you will get it. This IS how it works. Most people got it backwards.

Stop putting the results out there first. Stop thinking, ‘when I see it I’ll believe it’. Believe it first and ultimately you will come to see it. So express your gratitude. Feel what it is like to have it right now, even while it is invisible. Then you can! Practice thankfulness. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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