Why And How You View Things Matters Big Time!

“Recently I wrote: When trouble or difficulty arises, when doors close, look to see what other doors open. The trouble is there for you to find a new path, a new friend, a new way to be. It exists so you can walk down new avenues. These are gifts that come into your life.

Do you see? Do you see that how you view things absolutely matters? Do you realize that while focused on the troubles you miss the good that is available. Once you label things as ‘bad’ you set the course for how things tend to be. Labeling makes it so. It does.

If it weren’t for the trouble the good you experience might  not be there. Get it? That calamity was the way the new good to makes its way to you. You gained a friend, an ear, a confidant, a lover. You gained much more. Most people only know this looking back.

What You Think And What You Say Is What You See And Get 

After the ‘trouble’ has past people often remark that ‘it was the best thing to have ever happened to them’ and they can see that now, looking back. Obviously, they didn’t think so while it was happening. BUT what if you could? What if you decided it would all be good?

Imagine that! Knowing that no matter what happens ultimately all will be well. In the long run, it all works out for the best. Then perhaps you could recognize the difficulty as temporary, and a good thing because it is making way for the good things to come.

You know, a forest fire is a good thing. We don’t think so but the fires are necessary for new growth. It is difficult for us to imagine, but that is because of how we perceive it. Our attitude, our mindset makes a big difference. Adjust your mindset and life gets better.

You Create Your Reality By Your Response To What Happens

Whenever troubles come be vigilant to the positive changes that come your way too. Inside the adversity IS incredible learning and the seeds of positive opportunity! Blessings do abound. Be grateful. Look and see. Consider all a blessing and all will be a blessing. What you think it is, is what it is!  Say thank you and truly celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

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