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Why You Need A Better Sense Of Humor

“You will enjoy life so much more whenever you can stop taking yourself so seriously.  Learn to laugh at yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to let go of all the seriousness and the drama. Live more as a young, unburdened child would. Live and play.

A sense of humor is something we can all use more of! The great news is it can be developed. Just as you can acquire any habit you wish to, so you can acquire a marvelous and transformative sense of humor. Learn to live carefree and you are free. It is all mindset.

From within to without. As above so below. Focus on that which transforms you. Learn to live with ease and grace. Everything takes care of itself. It doesn’t mean you stop doing things, it means you transform, so how you do things is qualitatively different.

Live – Love – Learn – Laugh – Delight – Celebrate Everything

There are two ways of meeting difficulty in this world. One is to attempt to change the difficulty. The other is to change yourself. When you transform everything transforms. Even if the difficulty were to remain it would all be different because you are!

So live and laugh and love more. Then the world becomes a much different place! Learn to design your mind and create your best life ever. Learn to create the present and future you want and deserve. Eradicate being overly serious about anything. Learn to laugh at the world.  Learn to laugh at what you call your problems, and yourself! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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How To Begin And End Your Day Right

horizons time-to-come-home-phil-koch

“Some people go to sleep dragging the disasters of the day with them. They end up with fitful sleep and awake tired the next morning dreading the day. Have you ever done this?

There are great reasons to stop if you do. Beginning and end of days are great times to set things right, cleanse, let go, refresh and set positive expectations.

Use morning and night time right and you will discover many benefits. You will sleep better. Dream productively. You will awaken refreshed and happy to greet the day. You’ll be more productive!

WHEN you do this you give yourself an incredible present! You kickstarted your day in a powerful and positive and delightful way! Do this daily and you will develop a wonderful morning and evening ritual habit that will serve you well. You will be surprised!

Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You

Best time for an attitude adjustment is first thing when you wake up. Set the day right in the first few moments. What you give your mind to think about or spend time focused on during the first 30 minutes of the day impacts your entire day. So use this time well!

Be choosey how you fill your mind the first thing.

To start well be grateful and happy to be alive and have a new day. You can be thrilled and enthused. Take some time to say your affirmations. Do your visualizing and some positive reading.

CrossCrawl (A series of Brain Gym® Exercises) and ask yourself Directed Questions. Set your day right! I have written about both of these within these blog pages.

Begin And End The Day With A Smile And Positive Thoughts

Smile, laugh for a good five minutes or for as much time as you are able. Have a glass of water, and begin your day.

If you want to begin well make sure you end well. Go to bed feeling grateful for the day. Let go of any baggage and enter sleep focused on health, and well being. Drift off into positivity.

Prior to sleep you might want to do the some of the same morning rituals. List your gratitudes and successes, visualize, affirm, do some reading and have good night. Set your mind and body for sleep similarly to how you set your mind and body to greet the day. Enjoy!

Your thoughts create your reality.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make the day marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Eliminate Stress, Get Your Goals, And Live Well In New Year

horizons i-know-you-will-always-be-there-phil-koch

“Holidays and post holiday can be a time of joy and a time of stress. Preparations and wanting everything perfect can add pressures where you hope none would exist. The New Year brings pressure as people try to keep resolutions they have made.

To avoid stress and burn out let it all go. Decide to enjoy it for whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What is perfect is you have the opportunity to gather with friends and family. Make relationships your priority, not events.

Make Your Relationships Your Priority – Enjoy The Love  

As for resolutions, make one main resolution you intend to keep. Focus on that one. If you make a list of everything you want to change it may be too much at one time. Begin with one you really want and you will commit to. That will reduce stress and more likely ensure your success.

One goal at a time. You can set multiple goals but take care of them one by one. Don’t try to do them all at once. It is easier and much more manageable this way. You are more likely to stay committed the easier you make it. You can combine a few into one. For example, you want to get healthier. Wrap a few changes into one change.

Decide on a reasonable gym or exercise schedule you can keep. Proceed slowly. Take a few days a just walk the track. Water walk in the pool for a week. Sauna or steam. Ease into it. Don’t rush in and pound the weights. Build up to it. It is better to spend 20 minute working out and build to an hour than staring big first and quitting.

The New Year Brings Opportunity To Begin New And Fresh

You can decide you want to eat healthier, too. Choose what you will eat over what you won’t eat. You can eliminate but take it easy. Commit to eating an extra serving of fruit and vegetables, or drinking an extra bottle or two of water. Go to bed a half hour earlier if you want more rest. Tiny changes add up!

Do this for a month or more. Success breeds success. If you take it bit by bit and ease into it gently you gather up wins. The more you win and feel good the more likely you will continue. As you win at this and make it a habit you can begin on something else. Work that new goal the same way.

Learn to let go of stress. Take time for yourself. Even five minutes at a time, to close your eyes, let go, imagine pleasant moments, and breath deeply can work wonders. Take some deep breaths. Learn how to breath properly. Take up some mild form of meditation. Little snatched relaxing moments through the day can de-stress MUCH!

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

Take small amounts of time. That IS easier than committing to hours. Drop by drop the tub fills. Inch by inch, step by step you get there. Perhaps, not as quick but you are more likely to get there slow and steady than if you rush, do too much and burn out. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember, the tortoise won!

Read more. Reduce TV and computer time. Spend less social media and news time. Go for walks. Drink more water. Rest more frequently. Take baths. Get some massages. When weather permits walk barefoot as much as possible. Enjoy the earth, contact it. Lie on the ground. Picnic. Get some fresh air. Get the right amount of sun.

Limit exposure to toxins in food, drink, and air. Stop putting bad chemicals on your body in soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and make-up. Get organic or chemical free. Try scent free detergents, etc. Go a bit more natural and organic. Limit cell phone use, texting, emails etc.

Go More Natural Its Okay To Be Human

You may not give up everything at once. In fact, don’t! I don’t want you to try it all at once. Simply, bit by bit claim your life, your time, your space and your health back. Let go of that which is not important. Again, meditation can be great for learning to let go. Spend time with friends, family, children, and pets. Have fun.

Make being alive and enjoying your relationships and each day a priority. Smile more, laugh more, sing and dance more. Look for the positive and think positive. Fill your mind with positive inspirational messages by reading and listening. Practice gratefulness each day by counting your blessings and feeling thankful!

Go to educational seminars and events. Enjoy church or temple or similar supportive social gatherings. Hang out with happy, optimistic people. Make new friends. Help others in need, those you know and strangers. Give more and become a good receiver, too. Little by little you can reduce stress and increase enjoyment.

Practice Singular Focus And Gratitude

Stay focused on one change at a time you will accomplish more. You will accomplish much more over time than you could ever imagine. Stop multi-tasking and use singular focus. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Have fun making changes and letting go. The effects are cumulative and you will be surprised and delighted. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your moments marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Breaking News! Success Won’t Make You Happy But This Will!


“Breaking news! Success won’t make you happy. Wait, there is more. Borne out by science and decades of research; Success won’t make you happy BUT happy can make you successful! Yes, again, I repeat, happiness leads to success. Happiness leads to success!

From ancient times until now it has been pointed out that happiness and positive thinking and optimistic thinking is healthy and leads to better health, wealth, and abilities. Happiness makes you better at what you do and makes what you do much easier. Sadly, most people, through the centuries, got it backwards.

Sadly, people believe the right job or success, the right partner or mate,  money or things would make them happy. They thought happiness came as a result of something else happening first.

Sad again. They only discovered that they delayed feeling good, if at all, and that even acquiring many things still left them feeling empty. It is because IT really is the other way around! It IS the other way!

It is time to straighten everyone out. The happier you are the healthier you tend to be. Happiness affects your health, your well-being, you ability to handle or process stress, your thinking and clarity and your productivity. The happier you are the more you can accomplish.

Happiness Is Its Own Reward And Has Multiple Benefits

Since the early 80’s I have been teaching workshops pointing out that by practicing happiness and positivity you could develop new neural pathways.You could develop wonderfully supportive habits, live more delightfully, successfully and happily, easily and nearly effortlessly.

You could open up your neurology to be capable of evolving yourself in positive ways. I suggested you could create positive habits which would positively serve you.

In my workshops we practice daily gratitude, asking positive directed questions, smiling more, laughing meditation, feeling good and accessing wonderful and powerful resource states, imaging a better future, scanning for positive and new moments each day and more. A lot more. But these were core rituals or practices.

We had rituals we did each class session and each day. I pointed out that making a habit requires a minimum of 21 days repeated practice or rehearsal. What people began as practice during my  10 or 14 day programs they were encourage to continue back home.

Habits Come From Rituals And Rituals Become Habits

Rituals are things we do everyday. For some people that includes hygiene, brushing teeth and washing. We eat, sleep, go to school or work. We may read the paper or get online. Have a cup of coffee. There are things we do regularly each and every day; sometimes multiple times throughout the day.

Spaced repetition builds habit. Correct spaced repetition builds reliable skill. Reading instructions doesn’t change you but implementing what the instructions tell you to do can change you. This is why I suggest doing these practices as often as possible each day.

I called it rehearsal, from my acting background, or the kind of conditioning athletes go through or practice professional sports teams undergo to build reliable skill sets for performance.

Create The Happiness Habit

I was harshly criticized in a number of books and publications as promoting pseudoscience and pie in the sky thinking. I was even accused (rightly) of utilizing the placebo effect.

How cool of me! Then again, they scoffed because I told people we could deliberately utilize the placebo effect. Some finally are catching on. Some Psychologists, as are scientists, catching up.

I and others pointed to things like ‘mirror neurons’ prior to their discovery. We knew through mediation, rapport studies, and other practice that many things were ‘contagious’. Smiling, rapport, happiness, peace, relaxation are infectious.

One person, neurologically, can affect another. Large groups practicing the meditation or laughter or peace have a dynamic, synergistic effect and affect others, even those not practicing. Hooray, some are finally catching on! Not nearly enough though.

Decades later research has verified what I knew back then, and far greater minds than mine have known for centuries. The better you feel the better you do. I repeat. The better you feel the better you do. Happiness leads to success and not the other way around.

Happiness is a choice! Practice feeling better a little bit each day. By practicing daily you eventually make it a reliable habit AND grow new neural pathways and connections thereby overall evolving yourself!!! Research Neuroplasticity and evolving your brain.

Here is the rub with science. IT is usually behind not ahead except for some cases. Scientific testing works this way to test a theory. Scientists make a claim, or stated hypotheses.

Happiness Is A Choice

Then they try to disprove the hypothesis. If it can’t be disproved it is accepted as the best theory you currently have for explaining what is going on. In research validation, they seek independent replication of results.

Science takes time to verify and establish new theories and validate. Not all science is equal, nor is it all good, nor is testing or reporting or publishing or disseminating the findings reliable or always upright.

BUT STILL much of science is what we hope it to be. Rigorous and trustworthy. OPEN and flexible. Because science is supposed to update theories, as better explanations become available, through testing.

Choose To Be Happy And You Will Be

There are many abstracts citing the research and conclusions. You can look them up. Look up topics such as happiness, optimism, placebo, overcoming depression naturally, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, mirror neurons,  etc.

There are many, MANY, books written citing the research in health, healing, attitude, psychology, meditation, spirituality. One I want to refer you to (not only because it concludes and incorporates many of the practices that I and others have taught for many years but) because they really delved into researching the topic.

You can read Shawn Anchor’s findings and the research conclusions in The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. He has since published other books. Available at amazon. Check out the research and the results.

Why Would You Ever Choose To Not Be Happy

If you aren’t going to read it then at least stay tuned to this blog. I will bring you the latest and greatest as well as the oldest and the tried and true.

HAPPINESS is something that you can have more of anytime. If you do certain things you are guaranteed to become happier. It can be as easy as a couple minutes spent daily.

While, it probably won’t occur overnight it will occur in time as you stick with it. One of the greatest life transforming things you can do, is to practice gratitude. Feel gratitude, live it daily.

In my workshops I had people create list of 25 things they were grateful for each night. Shawn has them do as few as three every day. Something so simple can be so profound.

We’ll discuss more. We have happiness, beliefs, and a number of topics currently in play here. So keep reading and re-reading. Most importantly, begin doing, if you haven’t already, and keep doing.

You can rewire your brain, feel better, be healthier, think more clearly and enjoy more success and prosperity as you do! SO Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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These Simple Practices Results In Big Changes!

horizons stormlight-phil-koch

“There are some simple practices that result in big changes. Would you like to know what they are? They will work, absolutely, but you do have to do them. If you wanted to be as fit as an athlete then you would need to condition yourself as an athlete does. If you understand this everything becomes much easier.

Here are some of the things you want to do. In doing them life becomes easier and more joyful. You start finding new opportunity and advantages because you begin to develop new positive ways of being as habits.

Habits shape your destiny. Good habits, positive ones mean good things ahead. If you don’t change your habits for the better things end up remaining the same. So if you are determined that your life must change then realize you must change some things in your life.

To Know And Not To Do Is To Not Know

What you resist persists. Stop resisting! Stop fighting. Let go. What you pour your energy into is what you get. If you pour your energy into poverty and negativity you get more of the same. Pour your energy into wealth and health and you’ll get more of those.

What you focus on expands. What you think about you bring about. So manage your thoughts.YOU direct them instead of letting them direct you. You can and you must if you want a different and better life. You must make directing your thoughts a positive habit. How?

Start by being grateful. Celebrate everything. Look for things in your life, no matter how small, and put your positive attention on these. Be appreciative.

Build a list each day and feel how it feels to be grateful. Feelings are the most important. Feel it! Smile and laugh more! Delight more and spread it!

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge 

Recite positive mantras or affirmations out loud with enthusiasm and energy whenever you can throughout the day. ‘I am confident’. or ‘I have great health’ assertions.

Speak nicely to yourself and others. Only speak to bless, heal and prosper. Drop negativity and gossip. Focus on the good, leave bad news alone.

Be Positive. Any words that follow ‘I am’ or’I have’ is what you get. So ‘I am stupid’ or “I have no money’ result in those too. Keep it positive and fill your day with positive assertions and affirmations. Use lots of energy.

Visualize what you want as if you already have it! See it! You get what you see and what you say and what you feel! Imagine the ideal you and feel what it is like to be that right now. Do not imagine a better future make it all present. Imagine a better you today!

Aim at what you want. Think intentionally and create deliberately. Use your imagination positively. Stop being a victim. Be responsible for everything in your life.

Practice taking responsibility instead of blaming others and circumstance.  It isn’t rocket science. It is simple and easy. Decide that YOU are in charge and YOU will be.

The Mind Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Focus on what you want. Focus on where you want to go. DO what you need to do to get there. Keep doing until you arrive. If anything comes up along the way to prevent you,  detour and keep heading toward your destination. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process.

Remember it is a process. That means you change as you go along. Everything happens in time. Expect the best but be realistic and give yourself time to change. If you stumble and fall get up, dust off, and resume. Don’t skip days be consistent and persistent.

If you fall, accept it, pat yourself on the back for getting up and resuming. Don’t get angry or down on yourself. It’s okay. You are human, we all stumble.

Those who get up and keep going eventually cross the finish line. It doesn’t matter that it may be tough at times if you want it badly enough you’ll keep going. Those who quit – quit. If you want it, never stop.

What You Feel Is What You Get

Feelings are important! Feel better most of the time and you will feel good most of the time. Put your energy into feeling the best you can each moment.  You life will transform your entire life. Again, it’s not rocket science. Just do it! Make feeling good a positive habit!

If you feel down accept it. It is okay. We all have down moments. Nothing wrong in that. Take it as a signal that you are focused on what you don’t want or on negativity. Use this awareness as an opportunity to direct your thinking back to the positive.

Do something to feel a little bit better. Even just a little bit is important. You don’t have to make a huge leap toward bliss just learn to move an inch or two in that direction.

A leap may be too difficult but you can inch your way out, away from the bad feelings and move towards feeling better. So make small, incremental changes BUT make them.

Don’t wait – begin as soon as you become aware. You want to savor positive feelings not negative ones. SO move as soon as you notice the less than glorious feelings.

Be In Charge Of Your Circumstances Don’t Let Them Be In Charge

If you do this each time you feel down and out you will develop the habit of feeling better.  So don’t get mad or worse, don’t beat yourself up, if you feel down, but stop and then start moving away from the bad feelings. Notice the negative thoughts and change them.

Start thinking more positive. and taking some action or doing something that helps you feel a bit better. Before you know it you will move your self our of feeling bad. Learn that your bad feelings are a signal. Something requires your attention so you can change it.

These are simple things to do. Easy, but not always. You just need to do them consistently. Do not wait to feel like it or to be motivated. Motivation usually comes from doing what you need to do, not before hand as many people mistakenly think. Motivation comes from the act not by getting pumped up.

Many athletes don’t feel like getting up early and going out running or swimming or working out hard. They just know that if they want to win, or get a medal then they must workout everyday without exception. They don’t feel like it frequently but they do it anyway. It becomes habit. They benefit from their positive habits.

Celebrate and Enjoy

Your habits will break or make you. Develop the best positive habits and your life will transform. Stay the same and you will live the same. That is the hard cold truth. Have fun changing. Have fun transforming your life. It can be easier than you think it is, but you will only find that out, if and when you actually go for it. Do it!” Rex Sikes

Make the day matter in a positive way!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Make the most of today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

GETTING CLOSER TO THE NEW SITE LAUNCH  – Inching our way up on getting it up and running. The site will have a new look and feel. If you get this blog emailed to you,  You will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter.

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What To Do When Life Is Tough And You Don’t Like It!

fhorizons cloudy barn

“Know this. Some days you are up and on top of the world. Some days you aren’t. Sometimes, things may come along and knock the wind out of your sails. Some days may just seem to drag. Some suck! All of it is what is. That is what is going on.

If you fight it, well you know the saying; what you resist persists, and it is true. If you push back you spend your energy in a fight. Then you get more of what you are focused on; push back. You get more resistance. If you don’t want more of the same yuckiness, what to do?

I say, throw your arms up and surrender. It is what it is! That is what the waitress brought you. Yuckiness on your dinner plate. You can get sad, you can get mad, you can fight her, it, and the establishment, you can threaten, you can blame, you can whine but that is what was served up. Do you really want to do all the rest of that to yourself?

What You Resist Persists

Hopefully not. So don’t! Understand that is what you got and let it go. Drop it, at least as best as you are able. Any time you are tempted to return to it think something else. FOR GOODNESS SAKE don’t talk about it to everyone all day long either. You only keep the bad news alive that much longer. Don’t perpetuate it!

It was what it was. Let it go. It is already in the past an instant later. You were served what you didn’t want. OKAY! Be bigger than it. Don’t reduce yourself to that person in public griping that no one likes. ORDER something else for yourself! You didn’t get what you want, you got slop instead of savory, ORDER something else!

Whenever you may realize you got caught up, got hooked and are fighting the flow, resisting what is, in that instance, drop it. Let it go and focus on what you would prefer instead of what is causing discomfort. To argue over what causes discomfort will only make you more uncomfortable.

You Go Where Your Thought Take You

If you feel you have to be right, put another person in their place, teach them a lesson, well, most likely you won’t and they will only resent you more afterwards. None of us like self-righteousness, even when it may be appropriate. SO give them and the world and you a break.

Cut everyone and yourself some slack. Ease off. Back up, stop, and move forward new and afresh. Going down the wrong road further won’t undo the mistake already made. Stop, turn around, change direction and head towards where you want to go. Heck, laugh it off.

Probably, the best response you can have when you catch yourself being an idiot is to laugh. Not at yourself or anyone else; you wouldn’t want to do that. Let it go and just laugh  at how ridiculous it is to fight what is. There is the saying, no use beating a dead horse. Sorry for that but it is illustrative.

It Is What It Is

Okay, better one, no use crying over spilt milk. OR it is water over the damn. What is IS! What is done is done! Move on from that moment cleanly. The only way to successfully do that is to drop it. Accept it and go on. My favorite analogy and teaching example of going with the flow in our modern age, is traffic.

The zen of not driving or not caring is learned in traffic. You can’t push it but you can try. When stuck and surrounded there is no where to go, so relax you can’t change it until it changes. LET IT GO. That person that cut you off they are already ahead of you leave them be. That person who gave you the finger, bless them; returning it my make you feel right but won’t make you feel much better.

Yes, traffic is the perfect place to let it all go and learn to surrender to what is. Use it to enjoy. Yes, you will be late, but that is what is. You may be reprimanded, docked or fired. Leave earlier next time. It is what it is. Use whatever happens to learn to not react out of anger, or fight or flight, but to let go, accept and respond more appropriately.

Realize You Always Have Choice Even When You Think You Don’t

Celebrate and be grateful you are able to. Celebrate and affirm how wonderful you are. You have all this extra time for yourself to chant your positive mantras in the car or listen to positive motivational audios. Use it wisely rather than loosing your cool. Steer back to positive thinking and feeling good and you will have learned something useful.

If you steer back each time, as best as possible, you are developing a positive habit. Whenever you encounter something less than glorious, something you don’t like and wouldn’t choose for yourself, you are returning to what is good, positive and enjoyable.

You seek a better alternative. Soon you will do it automatically, reliably and habitually. What a wonderful tradeoff. You learned to make your life more grand by default. SO use your not so good times to create better times ahead. Be grateful you can. Celebrate it all and you will live a life of true, absolute celebration!” Rex Sikes

How many delightful things can you discover today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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My Life Absolutely Transformed When I Decided This!

horizonz whispered-moment-

My life absolutely transformed when I decided I was no longer going to focus on what I don’t want or want to avoid and concentrate instead only on what I do want.

Yes, I don’t want wars but instead I focus on peace. Yes, I don’t want poverty but instead focus on wealth creation.

Yes, I don’t want many things but instead of focusing on the problem, once identified, I prefer to focus on the solution.

That is what we are after most anyway. Life is good!

My life absolutely changed for the better when I stopped thinking and saying ‘I can’t’ and decided to say ‘I can’, instead!

My life absolutely transformed when I stopped thinking and saying ‘Somebody ought to do something’, and started thinking and saying ‘I ought to do something’.

When I learned to take control of my own thought process everything in my life got better!

My life transformed in glorious ways when I decided I wasn’t a victim or survivor of my past but that I am, and could live as, a champion. I could be a victor in every way.

My life changed wonderfully when I opened the possibility for thinking positive instead of thinking habitually negative or mere lack luster thinking.

My life transformed positively when I decided to take 100% responsibility for all of my life past and present as well as for my future.

I decided I was a creator and attractor. I recognized that I choose. I decide. When I realized I was deciding all along, even when I didn’t think I was, or when I wanted to blame someone else, I came into incredible power.

My life transformed when I realized my feelings were a signal as to what I was paying attention to in my mind.

When I decided I was going to live feeling the best I could at any moment is when miracles began happening in my life!

Simple moments became auspicious moments.

My life transformed delightfully when I decided to put my energies into what I am grateful for. When I filled the day and each moment with gratefulness beauty became evident.

Suddenly, everything became perfectly okay and as it should be!

My live transformed incredibly when I learned how to better let go and drop weight I need not carry.

When I learned how to stop resisting and start allowing life because so much easier. Flow happened and I started to enjoy it so much more.

My life transformed in amazing ways when I learned how to forgive myself and others.

When I could shower others with love and not hold anything against them so many relationships changed.

My life transformed when I transformed my life. I transformed me and everything transformed after that.

Life is good. Life is great. Life is grand!

I believe any one of these practices will transform your life too in incredible ways. You can transform in ways that you may not even be able to begin to fully imagine yet.

Pick one and put it into practice. Soon it will lead to the others.

There is no reason to not be absolutely happy in life and with life. To feel happy is a choice we make. Choose to be happy and you can be. Choose to be happy and you  will be. What you get is completely up to you. It is up to you. Celebrate and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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