What Are All These ‘Aholes’ Good For?

“Sometimes people rub you the wrong way. They may get in your face, disagree with you on Facebook, cut you off on the road, give you the finger, are just plain rude or don’t say thanks. They may be thoughtless and careless and obnoxious. Sometime people suck!

Right? Not only people but sometimes circumstances are just plain horrible. The bank forecloses. Your business sours. Your car breaks down. The school expels you or your kid. Politicians lie, cheat, steal and vote their pay raises, not yours. Plenty of stuff to gripe about.

Right? Yup, what to do? You can succumb to all that is wrong and feel nasty, angry, horrible or depressed. That is an option. You can do nothing but sit in the mire, in a pity party, wallowing. You could rise above it and choose to take the higher road. It is your choice.

Less Than Glorious Events Are There For Your Transformation

When people, and life, get you down, if you feel anger, the injustice, sad, resentful or offended, that is what YOU need to work on. Those feelings are signals you have some inner buttons, inner issues, being pushed. If you do nothing they will get pushed again and again!

What to do?  Let it go. The universe, and others, provide opportunity to discover what we harbor within ourselves so that we can let go of it and be free. If we always do what we always did we will always get what we always got. Consider these feelings as dashboard alerts.

They are signals to you. You have an opportunity to change. If you take the opportunity you transform. If you don’t, you don’t.  Imagine, you do something nice for a person, and they don’t say, ‘thanks’. Ouch! Notice how you feel? Observe your feelings. Become aware.

People Who Push Your Buttons Are Gifts To Help You Transform

Instead of blaming others and events, let go of resentment. Drop the hurt. Release it all. The more we drop old behaviors, limiting beliefs, hurtful experiences, hostile, angry feelings, resentment, regret, shame, guilt, envy and other pain, the freer we become. Let go!

Circumstances and people provide opportunities for these ‘feelings’ to be triggered, surface, and recognized IF you are aware. They surface so you can release them. Let go of the negative.  Shift into the positive. All you have to do is let go and change begins.

Unfortunately, many people, instead of releasing these less than glorious thoughts and feelings wallow in them. Release and let go of them. Observe them and release. Take a deep breath. Let them go.  Shift into more glorious thoughts and feelings. Focus on the positive.

Everything Is A Blessing – Consider It A Blessing And Celebrate All

Let go of the negative.  Shift to positive.  You let go and the change begins. It begins with your decision to let go. Forgive yourself and the person who grieved you. Imagine sending them love and blessings. Give thanks they are part of your transformation!

Transform! You can change in an instant. Choose to release the negative feelings and hurt.  Drop them and move on. Don’t judge. Stop judging. Let it go. Love, accept, allow and forgive others, as well as, yourself.  Spread goodwill. Bless your teachers. They are those people, and circumstances, that trigger discomfort in you. Without them, you wouldn’t know what to release. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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