You May Not Think You Can Do This But You Absolutely Can!

“You know what your problem is? It is just a thought but you don’t think you can change. You have been thinking the same old BS for so long you don’t realize you have options available you can choose from. You do! You make the decision and your life can transform!

You don’t have to be limited by your past thinking. You can be free of it. You actually can choose your thoughts. Choose carefully! Why settle for living with limitations and repeated problems and issues, when you can change things and make them better?  Why do you?

You can constantly have new thoughts, discoveries and insights when you become willing to do things in new ways. Shift from the old, the negative, the limiting thinking patterns, to positive thoughts and powerful new possibilities. Choose what you want to believe.

You Are Today Where Your Thinking Has Brought You

Your thinking either supports you or it does not. You are not your thinking. YOU are the one who notices the thoughts. You are the chooser. You are the observer. You just don’t have the experience of realizing that, yet. You haven’t realized you have been choosing.

Plus, many times your thinking runs on automatic. It is an old habit. If you are willing to change it, you can. It is only a thought and it CAN be changed! It is time to update your self-talk and inner pictures. Decide to change your limitations and negative thinking to the positive. Look for what you are grateful for. Emphasize the good. Let go of the not so good. You will change powerfully when you learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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