When You Look Outside Yourself What Do You See?

“When you look at others what do you see? What do circumstances reveal to you?  What do you notice? How do you feel? What do you pay attention to? How do you react? Have you ever thought about what is going on outside of you and why it might be going that way?

Do you realize every thought you think, every experience you have, each and every relationship, every ‘thing’ and everything in your life is a reflection of what goes on inside you? It is all a mirror to what is within you. ‘As within, so without’, ‘As above, so below’. It is all you.

It is all me. It is each of us. Our thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving reveals who we are within. We reflect and radiate who we are to the world and those around us. Instead of thinking it is others, or  circumstances responsible for our lot, look inside. Discover!

Life Is A Reflection Of What We Allow Ourselves To See

You can’t learn other people’s life lessons. They must do that work for themselves. They will only do it when they are ready. This applies to you too. When ready, you will learn the lessons and make the changes YOU are supposed to. Look within. See. Become aware.

Look at the lessons the mirror provides. Don’t blame the mirror. Become aware of what is reflected and what you may wish to change. The more willing you are to look and to learn every day, at each opportunity, the more quickly you will transform. Get it?

Stop judging others and circumstances. Look for the lesson provided you. Look at how you can change in response to others and circumstances. It can burn. It can be difficult. The truth can hurt but when you do seek to be better, you can become better. It’s up to you.

Life Reflects Your Choices – What Are You Choosing Each Moment

You won’t see better wearing blinders. You need to see your blind spots. You need to see what you have missed. You need to recognize those things you blame others for. Your need to notice how you react. You need to see these things, so you can get free. Let go!

Look at those things that hold you back and drop them. Release and let go of the weight of your problems. Release the blames and excuses, the judgements and resentments. Release and be free. Stop blaming the mirror. Be pleased you have mirrors around. Be glad the mirrors are here to help you. Evolve yourself and transform. Be grateful for all of it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “When You Look Outside Yourself What Do You See?”

  1. Thank you for this message. I will look more closely at my mirror and not blame the mirror.
    Warmly and Magically,
    Mandrini the Magician
    William Young


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