Why You Are As You Are

“What people mostly miss is this: how you are right now, in the present, is what you have practiced to be, albeit without realizing it. Current reality is fashioned from the thoughts and actions that have come before. It doesn’t just happen. It evolves. The past leads here.

People repeat the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors, habitually. We live from our previous conditioning which leads to our present day results and outcomes. It is a journey. How you travel determines how you are when you arrive. We live from habits. You and I do.

If you want it to be otherwise and better, then you would need to change some things. You’d need to make some changes in what you think, feel, say and do. You’d need to change what you are doing to get different results. Get it? Then, the past doesn’t equal the future.

Want To Change Your Life – Change Something You Do Daily

You need to practice and recondition yourselves for success and happiness. Everything you do in life you practice and you master, whether it is good or not so good. Learn to make wiser, and better choices. Practice the things you want to include and keep.

Let go of the former not so good and wire in the good, instead. Then you are much wiser and smarter. Whatever you do repeatedly you are practicing. You practice and practice it, albeit unintentionally and unconsciously, over and over and then, voila’ it becomes habit.

It is now permanent until you learn how to be otherwise. Our habits are a godsend. They are all good, even when they lead to less than glorious results. Each has a special purpose. They are designed to be streamlined so you don’t have to think it over and over again.

Successful People Are Those With Success Habits

You just do it. You don’t have to keep learning something because you learned it and it is reliable and automatic. The truth is your brain doesn’t care whether you learned a good habit or a bad one. It treats them all the same. There is no judgment. You just do it. It does it!

YOU may  judge it because you want to do something different from what you ‘find yourself’ doing,  but in actuality, there is no judgement. It IS what it is AND will continue to be what it IS until you learn a different habit. You are a compilation of habits!

You  can be taught how to learn new habits. That is good news. You can recondition yourself  to make new positive ones. This is how you change. The new habits become permanent until you decide to change them. You trade one habit for another; bad for the good.

A Change From A Bad Habit Leads To A Positive Change In Life

If it isn’t working well for you, change it. If it is working wonderfully, allow it to continue and nurture it along. Promote what you want. Let go of what you don’t You can learn glorious new ways to be! It’s all marvelous when you think about it. The process is amazing.

Most people just don’t understand the process. They don’t work the process in their own best interests, because they don’t know how. This shouldn’t be surprising since we see people acting against their own interests much of the time. They simply don’t know any better.

All of us can be awakened to new possibilities and a positively marvelous life! That, for me, is the purpose, and outcome, of learning and training; to assist others to see in the dark, as long as it takes, for them to find their own light. It is to assist people in choosing better.

At The Heart Of Mastery Is Practice – Stay On The Path

It is to help you go beyond what you have known and into new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so you can start accomplishing your goals and dreams. It is to help you skyrocket your results to create your best life ever! I love it! People are amazing. People can change.

You can change! Never wait. The time is now. Now, is the only time we actually have. Begin today then tomorrow can become incredible. Put into motion the principles and practices I share. Rehearse them, practice them, until they become habits for you.

Wire them in and they’ll become automatic. Wouldn’t you like to be automatically supported instead of automatically screwed? You can be when you learn how! That is great news! You can change and transform in ways you might never thought possible, BUT, you can! Plant the seeds, tend the garden, and harvest the results. That is the process. Live the life you are meant to live. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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