Your Expectations Screw You Or Bless You!

“Your expectations can screw you. You expect something to cost two dollars. You find out it cost three dollars. You’re bummed out. If you found out that it only cost one dollar you’d be thrilled. What we  believe and expect can determine if we are excited or bummed out.

Your expectations determine much of what you experience and what you find. If you’re focused on finding problems, if you expect something to be difficult, if you expect it to be boring or depressing or dull then it’s likely it will be. Expectations shape our reality.

If you expect it to be fun and thrilling and exciting then it likely will be. However, if you expect too much you’re bound to be disappointed.  Realize, regardless of whether you’re thrilled or disappointed it’s your expectations causing you to feel as such.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are RIght

Your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations, are your mindset. In order to live better, feel better, and get better results you need to manage your mindset. Gain control of your thinking and make it work for you in positive and powerful ways. Don’ t let it run you.

Otherwise, you’ll continue to get the ‘less than glorious’ results you’ve already always got and don’t want. You want it better?  It’s a bitch  thinking from a negative habitual mindset while wanting things to improve. It won’t as long as you do things the same old way.

People think, ‘OK, today it’ll be different.’  Unless you actually make the effort to shift your thoughts, it doesn’t change. It won’t change. It can’t change because it is habit you live from.  In order to actually change you have to actually change the things you do. Get it?

If You Always Do What You Always Did You Get The Same Results

You can’t do the same thing again and again and expect anything to be different because it won’t be. Your mental habits govern what you think, see, feel, say to yourself, experience and the results you get. Everything will be the same as long as things remain the same.

You need to learn new, positive, powerful productive habits that lead you in new directions. You need to shift your thinking. When you shift your mindset to the positive you’ll begin to feel new feelings and get better results. You will discover great things!

The old way doesn’t work to get you new things. Stop doing what you’ve always done, and expecting it to be different, and start doing things you’ve never done. Do this! Then you’ll  know it can be different. As you master new habits a, you transform.

Don’t Like What Results You Get – Only You Can Change Them

You will discoverer yourself becoming unconsciously competent, thinking in positive, powerful, productive ways the more you practice, repeatedly, thinking positive. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the more you will do it naturally. Get it? It’s habit! Develop new habits and your life will improve. Do nothing and you will remain the same. One important, life changing transformational habit is to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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