New Neural Habits And Old Feelings!

“Recently, I wrote about positive and negative feelings last only about 90 seconds. These findings are current science. The sensations last 90 seconds. We keep the feelings alive by how we talk to ourselves, think about it, imagine in our mind afterwards.

It is what we do from habit  that keeps them going. For most of us it is not a problem when we have good feelings. Unless, they’re too fleeting. Most of us have problems with feeling bad. We’ll continue to have issues  until we learn new habits that promote well being.

One of the reasons it seems as if we have no choice when it comes to our feelings is because we habitually react to the electro-chemical stimulation. We react the same way we learned and were conditioned to react. It is habit. Our habits drive us and keep us.

Skill Comes Of Doing – Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill

We don’t do habits consciously. Good or bad, a habit is something we mastered subconsciously, non-consciously, that we now find ourselves doing. We discover ourselves doing something, usually after it starts. We become aware of it after we engage in it. Get it?

We realize we have been biting our nail, as an example, or we smoked that cigarette we declared we wouldn’t We engage the behaviors and act the same way , automatically, reliably, because we have gotten competent at it. It is what we do. Our habits ARE us!

We can learn new habits. We can create a gap, find a pause, and choose to respond differently. We can re-condition ourselves for success, for positive new habits, and get different behaviors and results, instead of doing what we always did habitually.

Eliminate Non-Supportive Habits – Develop Supportive Ones

YES, we can learn new habits. It is simple, but requires awareness, and persistence. We do the new behaviors consciously, correctly, consistently, repeatedly, for long enough until it becomes the new habit. We overwrite the old neural pathways and create new pathways.

Eventually, we master the new habit and we no longer think about it or choose to do it consciously. It becomes automatic and reliable just like the old one was. We can learn to do anything we put our mind to. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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