What Will You Do? The Future Is In Your Hands

“‘The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken’. This quote has been ascribed to many through the centuries and has been repeated by Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men alive. It is worth paying attention to.

He says, ‘what matters most is the kind of person you are’.  So be sure to develop the best habits. Habits will rule you. Make sure you choose wisely those that rule you. Don’t be a servant to habits that hold you back, keep you down, negative, broke and unhappy.

Habits are formed, not at all at once, but gradually through repeated conditioning. Most of our habits evolve without us being aware they are evolving.  Unless we remain alert and aware there is a great possibility you will discover yourself with numerous ‘bad’ habits.

Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill – Skill Comes Of Doing

“You can transform yourself into the person you want to be, but you have to decide early,” says Buffet. At any age you can transform yourself by the decisions you make. When you decide to let go of the ‘bad’ habits and make good ones, you can and you will. It takes will!

Through the same process habits were formed, you will make new ones, but this time with awareness and choice. You will use repetition of behavior, correct behavior, consistently, for long enough, until the new habit, the new neural pathways, takes hold.

This requires dedication, will-power, awareness, correction and persistence. You must persist until the new ones lock in. You can’t dabble. You can’t do some today and then next week, then two days and then a month later. It can’t be random engagement. Get it?

Start Where You Are With What You Have –  Begin Today

You persist daily and see it through to the end. It may be frustrating but it is worth it. Only 2% of people ever do enough to master their mindset, feelings and behaviors to get the results they want that translate into great wealth or happiness! Most remain victims.

98% remain victims to their habitual thinking of lack, worry, fear and negativity. They remain victims to their feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, sadness and worthlessness. They remain victims to inaction, poor decision and procrastination. Time to stop it now!

You can change yourself from loser to winner, from victim to victor, when you repeatedly apply positive principles and practices long enough to make them positive, powerful, and reliable success habits. If you want to badly enough you will find a way!

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – You Can’t Escape It

If you don’t you will find excuses. 98% do! 98% find excuses and blame others and outside circumstances. They are not in charge of their success. The default to failure through bad habits. So, what will you decide to do? The future is in your hands! The choice is yours right now. Transform yourself. Begin today. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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