Stop It Drop It Let It Come To You!

“How do you get ahead and succeed? What kind of mindset do you need? These questions plague many people. The answer is quite simple. For most people, the problem is they don’t do what they should to be effective. They don’t do what is necessary to succeed.

They don’t commit nor persist. You must learn to maintain focus on your desired result and not waver. Locked on laser like focus is necessary. Focus on the dream or goal as completed. You are already it. You are doing it. You have it. Focus on this and feel good.

Feel how good it feels! Don’t be concerned with ‘how’ to make it happen. Stop attempting to dictate ‘how’ you bring it about, ‘how’ you manifest or attract it. Focus on the incredible feelings of having it. Vibe high. Let go of ‘how’. Stay focused on it already as yours!

Get Out Of The Way – Stop Preventing Yourself From Having

Yes, take steps toward getting it but let go of insisting on how it comes to you. It could come in expected or unexpected ways. Most likely, you won’t even see it coming, but it will. If you stay focused and dedicated it will surprise you how it shows up. So, let go and allow. Keep the faith. Stay focused and do not waver. Enjoy and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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