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The Universe Constantly Holds A Mirror Up To You: Use It!

“We are mirrors for each other. Each person you meet or encounter reflects back who and what you are. That person is your reflection. You can learn from this person if you are wise and ready. It is what is meant by, ‘when student is ready the teacher appears.’ Understand?

When you are ready to recognize that you meet your self, source, god or the universe in each person you will become free. The awareness necessary to develop is that when you feel your buttons pushed it is NOT the other person, it is you reacting to you.

You react to the reflection. Your patterns and buttons and resistance are mirrored back to you so you CAN when you are aware and ready to choose to, let go and release them, so you can be free and move forward. Conflict is this regard is absolutely a blessing.

What We Find In Others Originates In Ourselves – Become Aware

We get feedback about ourselves from others, from events and circumstances. These let us know who we are, what we are focused on. We get feedback in the same way from our feelings. Everything is an opportunity when we realize it and recognize it in the moment.

What we see, like or hate, in another is what we are being reflected back to us. Every person, every moment, every circumstance is your teacher. Stop blaming, excusing, whining and complaining and  you can learn something wonderful about yourself. You can transform.

If you focus on what to transform instead of blaming the mirror or making excuses an entire new positive world opens up to you. When you stop judging outside yourself, and when you stop judging yourself, you become free. Stop blaming the mirror for what you see!

End Blaming – Excusing – Complaining – Judging – Become Free

Simply, realize in the moment, that the heat you feel, the anger, the resistance, the push back, the sadness, the fear, whatever it is in the moment, is a loud alert signal, to stop, and let go. Stop pushing back. Release. This isn’t about the other person so don’t think it is.

It isn’t about whether they are right or wrong, it is about turning the flashlight on yourself so you can see what has been keeping you bound. You need to recognize what is holding you captive and drop it. You can end suffering instantly, when you release all of it.

Be thankful for all people. Be thankful for all circumstances. Be thankful for all challenges. It is through these you grow. You recognize what the issues are for you and can put an end to them through awareness and acceptance. When you become grateful for all you transcend all of it. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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First Tame The Mind Then Transcend The Mind

“Enlightenment can happen in an instant but it often happens in stages. We progress in the process of remembering who we truly are. You must first tame the mind and then transcend it. The difficulty for most people is they do not realize that you have choice.

Becoming aware that you have choice, is a first step. Taking control and managing your thoughts, brings you that awareness. Become aware that you were thinking less than glorious, negative thoughts and feelings and shift, instead, to positive, thinking and feeling.

You begin to manage your thinking process. It begins with awareness and by exercising your choice. You choose to move from negative to positive. You take control and manage your mind. You become its boss. You stop being the victim of your own mind.

Mind Is A Beautiful Servant But A Dangerous Master – Go Beyond

Once you take control of your thinking, and learn to shift your thinking, manage your thoughts and feelings, you’ll begin to realize you are not those. You are not your thoughts. Most people do not recognize this important difference. You are not your thoughts!

You are beyond those. YOU ARE beyond those. When you begin to realize you’re beyond those, you are not your thoughts, you’re not your feelings, you are not the body, then the possibility of transcending emerges. You are the one choosing.  YOU are!

This is an important realization to embody. There is someone who is choosing. Presently, if you are like most people, you aren’t in touch with the one who is choosing, because most people identify with their thinking. That is the illusion, the maya, the deception.

No Meditation – No Life – Know Meditation – Know Life

First, learn to change the mind, to manage and control it. Then, realize you are the one making the choices beyond the mind. You are able to watch it and decide which to choose. Then, you actually choose and implement the changes. You are beyond the mind.

You have always been.  You just don’t know that yet. Perhaps, intellectually you can entertain the concept, but it is not your present reality, yet. You just don’t experience it because you’ve been living as a victim of the mind. One day that will end. You’ll wake up.

Tame the mind and you go beyond it. When you go beyond it, is when you can discover your original self. You come home to the fact that you are source. You have always been source disguised as a fragment. You are the ocean in the drop. You are one with all.

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart – Think Less Feel More

The drop is always still the ocean. There is no difference. You just don’t know it, yet, but you can and you will.  Tame the mind and you’ll transform the mind. Transform the mind and you will transcend the mind.  You will become one, and be at home inside yourself.

The charade, the game will end when you realize who you truly are. So be grateful. The game of playing hide and seek with yourself will end and you will be one. Be grateful that you have chosen to play this game. Be grateful because every moment, every person, every event, every situation is designed to help you wake up. All of it IS a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Make each moment marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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