Trump This! What America And The World Needs Right Now That You Can Give It

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“Here’s a quote that is critical and timely in our world today. If we made it our business to make the positive changes suggested, our world could and would be a much more enjoyable place.

“No matter what kind of riches you have, if you are not at peace with yourself, your fellow men, and those you work with, you’re not truly rich. You will never be rich until you learn through discipline to be at peace with all people, all races, all creeds.

My audiences have Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Gentiles, people of different colors, people of different races. To me they’re all the same color and religion. I don’t know the difference and I don’t want to know the difference, because in my mind, there is no difference.

I’ve risen above this idea of letting petty things such as racial differences anger me or cause me to feel the least bit out of step with my fellow man. I just won’t let those things happen, though there was a time when they did happen.

One of the curses  of the world that we’re living,  and particularly in this melting pot here in America, is that we haven’t learned how to live with one another.” Napoleon Hill, Your Right To Be Rich.

There really ins’t much else to add. Except, let’s all focus on getting along instead of what separates us. We get what we focus on. We become what we think about. Let’s become peace, love, acceptance, instead of hate and intolerance. Focus on the light not the darkness. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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3 thoughts on “Trump This! What America And The World Needs Right Now That You Can Give It”

      1. You rise above it. You don’t stoop to another lower level. You get what you focus on. If you focus on harm you get harm. If you focus on hate you get hate. People need to focus on what they want to create and ignore, what they don’t want. If someone chased you down the street – run and get safe. THEN stop thinking about that event and create what you want for the future. If you think revenge you only perpetuate the cycle of violence. You must go beyond it.

        FACE it in all the thousands of years war has never succeeded. And eye for an eye has never ever succeeded. We still have war and we still have violence. Perhaps, we ought to do as the song says and actually, GIVE peace a chance.

        We don’t get better by focusing on what is wrong unless it moves us away from what is wrong so we can focus on what is right. Fear won’t make you safe. You can be locked behind closed doors completely physically safe and still exist in fear. AND die in fear behind locked doors. How is that a better life?

        You become what you think about. You attract what you are. Success breeds success. Happiness breeds happiness. Poverty breeds poverty. Sickness doesn’t breed health nor well-being.

        ONLY by becoming what you want to have more of will you get what you want more of. Rise above the low levels, the low standards, the hate and violence. Become someone who doesn’t feed the negative.

        Keep in mind the story of the two dogs fighting. The one who wins is the one you feed. Stay positive starve the negative.

        Are there threats out there. Sure – if you wonder why and dwell on it you feed it. If you decide to act safely, sanely, positively and peacefully your life and those of others might be better. If you decide to love others maybe others will too.

        They certainly won’t if you don’t. Someone has to begin it. If you insist the other side starts before you do it will never happen because you still are living in blame and accusation and continuing to create more of the very things you claim to want to end.

        Go First! You have to go first and be a trail blazer and an positive role model. A leader and one who inspires others to do the same.

        IF you want peace be peaceful. There really is no other way than to become what you want to be. It is BE, then do those things consistent and congruent with your being and you will have.

        Hate mongers do what is consistent with their hate. The behave an act hatefully. So they have more people hate them too as a result. It doesn’t end by doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.

        It only can end when you break the cycle of doing what you do not want. The problem is hating is working to create more hating. You have to stop hating. YOU have to stop hating FIRST for the possibility of it to end. If you ultimately want peace being pro war, pro hate, pro intolerance and violent you will never have it.

        You have to stop the cycle of violence and DO anything else in a positive direction. Then there is a greater chance for success.

        Be it, do it and you can have it! That IS how it works. AND birds of a feather do flock together. Create a conspiracy of love and peace and happiness. Create a world where there is enough for all (and there really already IS enough for all) and more of the world will become nicer and nicer.

        In order to get along YOU have to get along. In order to keep hate alive you hate, or do nothing, but worry about it. What you resist persists. Love could conquer all if people would be more loving. Be what you want to have. DO what you are and you will have more of that too. Whatever you are you get more back.

        If you are unhappy you get more unhappiness back. If you are broke and worried about debt you get more back. If you are happy you get more back. If you are rich you get more back. IT simply works this way. We have to face this.

        Your results are an indication of what you are creating and what you are creating is a direct reflection of what you are thinking. Thoughts become things.

        When I say you I mean all of us. Our actions speak louder than words and reflect who we are. What we have is an indication of what we think or don’t think.

        Use your thought intentions to create peace. Project love and peace and blessings. It may take some time and enough people but eventually it can work. Except that wars are profitable for those who cause them.

        People who can’t wrap their head around how we can have a peaceful world simply continue to perpetuate what we have. Their best solutions don’t solve anything because they aren’t ate another level where the solution exists. They are fighting fire with fire.

        Want to be safe. Create a safe place. Make it safe for everyone. Work for what you want not against what you don’t want. Sadly, many who want safety don’t want it for everyone. They want to eliminate the threats rather than have peace. They want war instead of solutions. We have to say no to these, then let go and turn our attention to creating what we want.

        It is never going to happen by accident. It is never going to happen without resolve and commitment. It may take decades and decades – there is always a price to pay for success in anything. Dedication to the cause. Athletes know the price of a gold medal. We shouldn’t expect anything to be without commitment.

        But when we truly commit we can change ourselves and the world one by one.You don’t pretend that problems aren’t there but instead of focusing on the issue you focus on what you want. I fell down today leaving my house. In my past I would have complained and bitched. It isn’t the perfect analogy but my point is, steer your thoughts to what you want to be, do and have in the future.

        Today, I thought, I want to house with a safe entrance. For the purpose of this example, I could focus on what is wrong with the house and complain and moan about it. Instead this falling event made me think about what I do want. I want an flat entrance to my house.

        What we do between now, the issue and then the future is important. For the future to be what we want it to be we need to be it now. We need to focus on what is good and right and working if we want more of that then. If we focus on what is wrong and not working we will have more of that then.

        NOW is the only time we have. What we do in this moment IS important. It determines what will be. BE now what you want the future to be. Accentuate the positive. Take those positive actions to make it better. Then you can have a more positive future. Yet, too many people get distracted.

        The look at what they want, then they focus on what is wrong. Then they remind themselves of what they want and then look at how it hasn’t happened yet. The focus on the gap between then and now and wonder why they have a problem.

        People stay stuck that way. It is all about maintaining predominant focus on what is wanted. You can’t go back and forth and expect to move much. Focus, focus, focus! We become what we think about most often. We get what we think about most often. If we are wishy washy we stay where we are – that is why more people don’t create better lives or all of use create a better world.

        All of the media, the politicians, the religious leaders focus on what is wrong, sinful, bad, and how we don’t have enough, won’t have enough and how others are out to take our share. IT is a huge distraction that keeps us from uniting to focus on what we could have if we would aim for it. Stop being distracted.

        We need to tip the balance in favor of what we want. Simple enough. If you can’t see how that works THAT is the problem that first needs to be resolved. Become what you want to have in the world FIRST then you will see the way.

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