Don’t Miss This Critical Point Few Realize: You Are Already That!

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“What do you need to move forward? What do  most people need? Did you know that everything you need is within your reach. It is so close to most people, most people miss it. All you need to do to make massive, positive, powerful changes is wake up to it, recognize it, claim it and utilize it. This is a simple, but powerful message.

You are already that which you seek. You already have all the resources within you. You are the divine and simply forgotten. My job is only to remind you. Much of what I share is ancient wisdom handed down through the ages. I assembled what I have delved into, researched, simplified and synthesized for 4 decades.

I am not able to add anything to you, no one can. You can come into your own, realize who you are and the power you have within. All I really do through this blog, workshops, seminars, talks and materials is attempt to remind you. You are truly already that which you seek. You are playing that divine game of hide and seek.

Creating A Life You Love Takes Dedication

Your brain is designed so marvelously. It works, barring neurological damage, perfectly well. We grow up learning and absorbing what we do from those around us. Their learning, experiences and previous conditioning becomes ours through absorption. We learn by listening, modeling and experience.

None of what we learn is true. It isn’t untrue. It just is whatever it is. The best way to think about it is this way; it is either supportive or non-supportive, uplifting or not. It either helps us fulfill ourselves and live the lives we want or it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter whether it is actually true we believe it to be. We believe many false things.

When I and others before me, and around me, say you can take control of your brain, your mind, your thoughts and direct them to get what we want in life we mean it. The incredible creative and transformative power of being in charge of your thinking is amazing and we want you to experience it. You can. You really can.

It Is Fun To Live On Purpose

You don’t need anything added to you, except perhaps reminders, for you to assume control and begin to condition your mind to replace old unsupportive programs with new, updated supportive ones. You use the resources within yourself to exercise your will to accomplish this and your dreams.

It begins within you. Mentors and coaches can help and do but you must realize it is up to you to do it. We can’t do it for you. No coach can win the medal for the athlete. The athlete is the one who performs. It is the same thing here. We can model, guide, show, instruct, correct and remind, we can be a wake up call and that is it.

Everything else is your responsibility. If you want to create all the goodness you can enjoy realize you are already creating everything in your life good and not so good. The first step is your awareness as a creator. The first step is become aware and take full responsibility for EVERYTHING. No blaming or excusing. Time to own up.

Success Is A Deliberate Act

When you realize each moment is what you make it you realize incredible power to determine how you want your moments to be. You decide, is this a supportive or not? Is this bringing me increase or decrease? Is this what I want or don’t want? Then focus on what you want, that which increases enjoyment and is supportive.

You create, attract, manifest, make happen, allow, everything that is in your life right now. You will create, attract, manifest, make happen and allow everything that you have in your life in the next moment and beyond. NO one else is doing it to or for you but you. Remember, you are divine but have forgotten it.

You are made up of everything else there is. You are made of the same star dust as is everything else. You are vibrations, you are energy, atoms assembled as a bag of skin and bone, a carbon based biped but in it all you are the same energy with all that is. You are one and the same. You have the wisdom of the eons within you.

Direct Your Manifesting Powers

You are an expression of all that is and has ever  been. You can believe it or not. It doesn’t matter. Believe what is supportive, positive and leads to your increase. Believe what helps you live your dreams while allowing others to live theirs. Believe what brings you greater happiness, love, success and positivity.

Your power comes from your thoughts, your beliefs and the decisions you make. You either decide to assume responsibility and control or you decide to allow others that responsibility and control. One brings you greater freedom than the other. One allows you to live your bliss the other to suffer more. Still, only you can decide.

My job, a mentor or coaches job, is to be the wake up call, the alarm clock, the voice in the wilderness, the loving family member who nags you into doing it. We invite. I invite you to begin to live an incredible life if you aren’t happy with the life you have so far. If you want better you can have better and allow others the same.

Live Your Truth

So the reminder I invite you to look into each day, with each blog, each talk, each workshop, each daily discussion is to remember how wonderful you are and what an incredible creator you are. You already are. The question is only this, are you creating what you want to have that delights you and brings you more of the same?

If not, then begin now. The power is in your very next decision. Live the life of your dreams by recognizing who you are and what you are capable of. Begin to aim your focus at all that is good, right, working, supportive, positive and up-lifting. Enjoy, appreciate and celebrate whatever you have already created. Acknowledge your strength.

Even if you lacked good taste or judgement or positive know how until now, accept and celebrate. Be thankful you realize you are responsible because that allows you to focus on what you prefer. Manage your thoughts focus on what you want to have. Instead of being a haphazard creator become a deliberate creator.

When You Change Your Focus You Can Change Anything

Include that which is wonderful and focus on that to the exclusion of all else. Allow yourself to use your heart and mind to create the career, love, happiness, success, wealth, health you want to have. Bring about what you think about because you already do. Use good taste and good judgement to make your life blissful.

Fill each moment with delight, appreciation, feeling wonderful, and you will have more of the same. You will create it, attract it because you will be it do it and have it. Remember, who you are. You are responsible. You can deliberately create. That is your future and it begins right now. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate, Celebrate dance to the music!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Don’t Miss This Critical Point Few Realize: You Are Already That!”

  1. Another empowering post! I’ve read that we each have our own psychological ‘Happiness Point’. The vast majority of things that happen to us (including extreme events such as winning the lottery or suffering a significant trauma) will only affect us temporarily. Then we reset back to our default level. It would seem that the key to raising our default level is to develop new ways of thinking that match our goals.

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