This Is Precisely Why Your Life Sucks But You Can Change It!

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“You have tried positive thinking and the law of attraction but it just doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps, you gave up. Career stuck, debt is mounting, you just aren’t all that happy. You know what you want but you aren’t sure you’ll ever get there. Right now sucks.

What to do? How do you get what you want in the future if you don’t like what is going on right now? Well, you absolutely won’t if you throw in the towel are or negative about it. That won’t help at all. However, there is good news. Frankly, great news for you!

The Law Of Attraction or The Law Of Creation, as I like to call it, because actually we are responsible for everything we have and don’t have, always works. Once we accept this we can better work with it. The LOA or LOC means that what you focus on you get.

What You Focus On Expands

If you want money and you don’t have any and you focus on your current debt, dire circumstances, lack of cash then that is what you create and attract more of. Your focus determines what you get. Good or bad, right or wrong, true or not you get what you focus on.

Why? Because your focus determines how you feel. Remember thoughts precede feelings, feelings precede actions, or lack of actions, and actions determine our results. SO our thoughts determine our results. Our thoughts create our results.

We create and attract what we are. Because what we are feeling is what we are. If we feel great we get more back. If we feel crummy we get more back. Stop whining about it and realize that is how it works. You have to face it to work with it. Accept it and use it.

You Get What You Focus On

Stop overthinking EVERYTHING! When you think about what you want, AND that you don’t have it, yet, you are actually keeping it away. You move one step forward then back You are stuck. Let go of present circumstances and focus on what you want.  Enjoy now!

In order to live better today and have a better tomorrow you cannot focus on the gap between then and now. You must focus on all the good right now to get more good now and later. You must focus on the wonderful feelings no matter what the circumstances are.

Do you understand this, yet? It means controlling your thoughts, and your attitude. Direct them to what is right, good, feels great and keep them there. Ignore what you don’t want and prefer to avoid. Stop focusing on the gap, the lack, the dire and the yucky.

You Present Circumstances Are A Result Of Your Thought

Focus on anything and everything that is good and right and bright, no matter how small, and keep your attention there. Lot’s of tiny things add up. Look at the beach. Find them. Find all the reasons why now is wonderful.  Affirm that. Declare that. Be grateful! Enjoy!

Most people tell stories about how things suck. How they got sick, how they went broke, why their kids are out of work and living at home,  what the economy did to them, how their partner causes them pain on and on. They tell downer stories all day long.

What does that tell you? It tells you they are focused on what isn’t working, they are focused on suffering and lack. They repeat the stories again and again to anyone who will listen whether that person is interested or not. People tell and live their stories.

The Present Moment Is For Enjoying

Remember, you become what you think about. What you repeatedly think, feel, and do becomes habit. If you keep doing the same thing over and over you will get the same results. Your life won’t change until you change what you are doing. Repeat the right things!

Build good habits. Condition your mind to automatically think positive thoughts that cause you to feel good. Condition and steel your mind to focus on the good, what is working, what is right and enjoyable about now. Live it and repeat it. Tell these stories!

For gawd sake CHANGE YOUR STORIES and YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Start telling stories about how things go well, how things are right, how wonderfully things are working out. Talk about how good things happened are happening and will happen.

Live With The Attitude Of Gratitude

Take your life back for goodness sake. Stop whining, complaining, excusing, bitching, moaning, pissing on the positive and begin to live life as you were meant to. Be the author of your life. Re-write the chapters. Make it a life story about success and happiness.

When you do everything will begin to change for the better. It will take time just as planting a seed and reaping the benefit takes time. SO focus on how wonderful it is in the meantime and by the time everything manifests it will be even better. Enjoy all of the present!

USE NOW to have a marvelous THEN. This is HOW it works. Focus on the incredible and ignore the horrible. Feel wonderful most of the time during your day and you will be creating and attracting more wonderful feelings, moments and all good things.

You Become What You Think About The Most

If you want a wonderful then make it a wonderful now. Only you can do this by managing your thoughts and directing your mind to stay positive. As you do you condition it to work for you in powerful ways.

You create new positive automatic and reliable habits to keep moving forward. You bring about what you think about. Thoughts are things. Live well and you will live well! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Tell positive stories today. It’s a great day to tell great stories!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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12 thoughts on “This Is Precisely Why Your Life Sucks But You Can Change It!”

  1. thanks for the reminder. I think I just manifested an unwanted result by focusing on….perhaps there is something better around the corner!!!

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  2. Reminders are important. Like warning lights on your dash… the let you know something needs attention and can be corrected. Always something better around the corner. Find out by appreciating the here and now. All the best wishes. thanks for sharing and stay in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Plus, there isn’t much other choice. Either the things you want or the things you don’t want. Increase or decrease, good or not so good. Empowering or not empowering.So…. makes sense to focus on what we want to include and have more of and that which makes us and others feel great, right? Thanks for sharing!

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