Quickly Go From Sad Or Mad To Glad – Anytime Anywhere!

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“Would you like to learn of of the simplest, easiest and quickest way to go from feeling bad to feeling good, anywhere, anytime and with anyone?  Would you like to be able to transform moments of dissatisfaction into positive and valued moments?

This is absolutely the quickest and easiest way to change your feelings when life seems to suck. You can do many things, go for a walk, listen to music, exercise, get a massage and feel good pretty quickly. This will work wonders with so little effort.

Focus on what you are grateful for. You can do it in your head. No one around you would even know so you can do it on the job! It is absolutely effective and can readily move your from funk into more pleasant places.

Some people aren’t sure what to focus on or write down in their gratitude journal. Some even say they have little or nothing to be grateful for. Here are some samples. Read them over. It is quite simple. ANYTHING and everything can be included.

I even snuck a very personal one that will have great meaning to many people into the samples, see if you can spot it. Have fun!

I am grateful my co-worker noticed my new haircut. – I am grateful for my hairstylist. – I am grateful for the bargain I got on the hairstyle. – I am grateful for the free food samples at the grocers. – I am grateful for the parking spot I got. – I’ grateful for my pets.

I am grateful that gum I liked is coming back in style. – I am grateful the freeway was is easy driving today. – I am grateful I found the shoes I want. – I am grateful the lawnmower worked and I cut the grass. – I am grateful the coffee barista smiled at me.

I am grateful I found a dime on the sidewalk. – I am grateful for my children’s love. – I am grateful for my job. – I am grateful for the roof above my head. – I am grateful I have transportation to and from work. -I am grateful for the time out at the movies this evening.

I’m grateful I got my laundry done. – I am grateful my boss recognized my work. – I am grateful for the money I have right now. I am grateful I am keeping a gratitude journal. – I am grateful for the past mistakes and what I can learn from them.

I am grateful for this moment. – I am grateful for my health and well being. – I am grateful for my upbringing. – I am grateful for all obstacles and challenges. – I am grateful for my feet which have carried me all these years, – I am grateful for my body.

I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had. – I am grateful for my first kiss and the last kiss I just had. – I am grateful for masala dosa. – I am grateful for healthy food. – I am grateful for relaxing at home. – I am grateful for my favorite tv show.

I am grateful for my parents. – I am grateful for my mind and brain. – I am grateful for my blue pen. – I am grateful I have a computer. -I am grateful I have friends. -I am grateful people challenge me. – I am grateful for social media. -I am grateful for clean drinking water.

I am grateful I put my foot down last night and did not give in. – I am grateful I listened and was open to alternatives. – I am grateful they listened to me and accepted my point of view. – I am grateful they listened to me but did not agree.

I am grateful my children are stubborn. – I am glad my daughter says no to me. I know she will say it whenever it is necessary for her to protect her boundaries. -I am grateful my car broke down. Had it not, I wouldn’t have taken the bus and met Irma.

I am grateful things always work out for me. – I am grateful for rejection and disappointment it made me grow stronger. – I am grateful for the unexpected good coming to me. -I am grateful for right where I am in this present moment.

I am grateful my feelings alert me to when I need to shift my attention. – I am grateful for the contrast sadder moments provide me. – I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful  got fired. I don’t know  how it will work out but it always does.

I am grateful for all I am learning. –  I am grateful I always land on my feet. – I am grateful blue skies and gray days. – I am grateful for snow and how pretty it is. – I am grateful for tropical warm climate. I am grateful to be grateful. – I am grateful I can feel things.

Get it? Whatever it is, no matter how big or how small, feel grateful. List 25 or more things you feel grateful for in your daily gratitude journal. Begin to actually feel grateful. Feel the emotion of appreciation. Realize how blessed and fortunate you are.

Take inventory. Do it often. Everyday, morning and night. Miracles happen when you appreciate what you have and express your thankfulness. Anything is fair game. Make it a habit to look for, find and express your positive feelings. Anytime, anywhere!

You get more of whatever you focus on. If you are negative and focused on what you don’t have and don’t want you will stay stuck. Begin to really appreciate what you have, no matter how small or how little, and you will get back more of that. Stay positive.

One of the quickest ways you can make a positive change to almost instantly feel better and think better, anytime, anywhere, no matter who you are with is to feel and express genuine gratitude. Focus on what you feel good about and you will begin to feel better!

Whatever you can’t be grateful about is what you are limited by. Seek to include more and more things you can feely be thankful for. Expand your horizons and enjoy more. It is wonderful to find delight in all things. Explore, notice, include, list and feel wonderful!

When you feel better your brain works better. You are able to find solutions to problems more readily and recognize opportunities you might otherwise miss. You are more productive and you attract other positive people, events and circumstances to you.

Imagine having lots and lots of  reasons to feel good and to enjoy life. Be grateful for what you have and you make room to have much, much  more.  Even if you didn’t you’d still be feeling good. Get it? Do it!  The idea is truly to celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Find moments to enjoy and celebrate today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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