It Is Time To Create Your Own Success Story

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“It is the end of the work week. Relax a bit and enjoy! Savor the free time you have. Enjoy. Smell the roses. Let go of any stress and simply be in the moment! Breath! Take this time for yourself. Think, ‘Yes!’

There are lot’s more great posts coming up.  I’ll provide more on asking the right questions for setting and getting Well Formed Outcomes and on establishing your worth as promised.

I’ll give you more useful information, principles and practices you can apply! Remember, to know and not to do is not to know. The proper fruit of knowledge is action.

Immediately Apply Whatever You Learn Within 24 Hours

Take some positive action step within 24 hours. That is the very best, and most sure fire, way to begin to incorporate your new learning and behaviors. It is critical to act quickly.

Most people, don’t. Never let 24 hours go by on your first action step without implementing it. Most people, if they don’t  act within 24, or 48, or even 72 hours, they never will. It is sad for them.

It was a nice piece of information but nothing changes. They learned about something but missed the opportunity to transform their life. That is how it works. So today. Take these actions. You will be glad.

For today, look back over your week and track you successes. Acknowledge those things that you did that you consider a success. Anything can qualify. Remember as many as you can. Start now.

Celebrate Celebrate Dance To  The Music

You took the dog for a walk. You did the dishes without being asked. You picked your socks up off the floor. Large or small take inventory and give yourself some credit. Take stock and deliver some praise.

We improve when we track our efforts. So look for your successes, note them, write them down so you can appreciate them and build on them. Feel your successes. Keep a daily success log or journal.

Play to win the inner mind game. Develop the attitude of success by counting more things as successes each day. Take the wins. Feel the wins. Really, make it a point to feel good about these.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

Look around at what you are grateful for and feel it. Express it. Thoughts are things!  Our words are more energized thoughts. Say it, because what you say is what you get. Write it down too!

Enjoy and celebrate all the people you hold dear, the things you have, and the events you delight in. Look at your present circumstances and find all the good to be grateful about.

Have a fun, easy going time reflecting on how good things are. Notice what is going right. Find what is working. Look at all the things you have to be thankful for. AND be thankful!

Big Things Happen One Day At A Time – What Will You Do Today

Look at how successful you have been and enjoy all of it. Emphasize and accentuate the positive. Feel it. Really feel it. Notice how good it feels to feel good! Do this daily. Wash, rinse and repeat; and repeat!

As you do this you condition your mind for success and celebration. You make it a habit to find the positive and enjoy it. You make feeling good a habit too. This will make an incredible difference.

Take baby steps or actions towards your goals. Keep a journal of your daily successes.  The things you do that move you forward in the different areas of your life. You can track the weeks and months.

You Are More Accomplished Than You Realize

You can notice your consistent improvement over time. You provide yourself with the proof, the evidence you are moving forward and doing things on your own behalf. Track your wins. Keep a record.

Reward yourself. Give yourself an immediate treat for taking actions, for keeping your journal, or for looking for the positive. When you do something to move forward treat yourself well.

A reward is a positive reinforcement, a motivator. It can be anything. Get a massage, read a book, spend time alone or with family, buy yourself something nice, splurge a little. Enjoy gifting you.

It Is Time To Create Your Success Story

Reinforce your successes! Feel good. As you do you build momentum. You want momentum. Remember, the law is, a body at rest tends to stay at rest; a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Inertia is difficult to overcome. The tendency is to remain as is. With effort you overcome it. Once you get moving the tendency is to stay moving. That is Newton’s law. Keep on moving. Reinforce it.

You will get further doing one or two small things consistently than not doing lots of bigger things. A little bit can go a long way. You can be delighted and surprise yourself how far ahead you move when you do a little positive bit each day. Take action now and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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