Why And What To Do When The Poo Hits The Propeller!


“Okay, you saw The Secret, you practice the Law Of Attraction, you maintained a positive attitude and things got worse. WTF? Why on earth should things turn sour. ‘It’s not fair’, you might exclaim.

Yes, you may be doing many things right. You have tried different practices. You have maintained them for awhile. Perhaps, as you would say, ‘I’ve tried everything but nothing works!’

Let’s pretend there is a god or a source or an intelligence that governs the universe and its laws. Imagine this infinite source of wisdom and benevolence.

Hardship Prepares Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny

Imagine this source is actually you but you have, long ago, forgotten this about yourself. You pretend, in so many ways, to be limited and have issues. Just pretend again for a moment and accept the premise as possible. It is a hypothetical exercise. Try it on.

You have all this incredible power and wisdom to tap into but you don’t and you haven’t. Instead you bought into everything that was told to you, modeled for you while growing up and older.

Instead of living from your source of power you live from limitation and lack. Not completely, sometimes things are great, sometimes not. Things are the way they are. You like and you don’t at times.

Hardship  Comes From The Outside Failure Only From The Inside

You want more. You decide you will practice positive thinking and related disciplines. You begin and you expect the best. Lo and behold the fan gets covered with crap and you thought you’d be free of it.

This is the experience of many people. Why? Because they think if they just think right everything will magically change and they won’t actually have to do anything at all. They hope, wish, and pray.

That inner you, that wiser infinite source, knows you could be handed everything on a platter or you could evolve and learn and make things happen by getting back in touch with what makes you powerful.

God Gives His Toughest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers

In order for you to tap into your higher self you need to be challenged so you will seek yourself. Otherwise, you won’t. Most people don’t pray unless times get bad and then they become the consummate beggar.

Pleading that things change miraculously for them. Hoping, wishing, doubting, but pleading, ‘paleaseeeeee! I promise I will be good.’ They put their faith and requests outside of themselves.

They miss totally the possibility to change. They think it is from outside! Somehow, things will come to them if they think right or do right. That is why most people miss the boat on the LOA.

The Biggest Obstacles In Life Are The Barriers Our Mind Creates

People want to be spared the hardship. They want to avoid trials and tribulations. They want the cozy, cushy, lush, lavish good life dropped in their lap.

If you want to get to the top of Everest you gotta do the climbing.  If you want to possibly win the race you have to at least be dedicated to finishing. That is the law. Mindset and action. Keep going and never give up. See it through to the end.

You get challenged because you are bigger than you think you are. Your limited mind isn’t aware of it so you need to become convinced. You need to be tested by fire and made aware of what you are capable of. You need to learn who you are. So things turn crappy.

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See…

This is precisely when you must apply, you must persist, you must maintain your course and positive attitude. Yet, this is the same exact time many throw in the towel and complain that nothing they tried works. Nothing you try will work.  It is you that works or doesn’t.

When you expect the LOA attraction or someone or something else to come to your aid and miraculously save you or solve your problems you are missing  YOU. You are putting your faith in magic instead of your infinite talents and wisdom and abilities.

You are the creator and you create these tests so you could find yourself again. It is the quest. The journey. The challenges, the stakes that are there for you to prove yourself. To find yourself.

… When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goal

It is all about you. Struggles come. Learn from them. Rise above them. Accept the challenge. Learn to laugh in the face of difficulty. You are either bigger than the problems or they are bigger than you. Which it is determines how you live and what you get or don’t get.

The opportunity is for you to come into your own incredible power. To find yourself. Many will quit and claim the LOA doesn’t work. Too bad for them. Too bad for you if you do that. If you can’t find and remember your inner greatness then you miss out.

You find it from challenge not from cozy, comfort where everything comes to you from the outside. Can you create that? Sure, but not without learning how to navigate all the woes first. You move through the negative to the positive because that IS how it works.

When You Face Your Struggles You Overcome Them

You become a champion by contest. You win by playing and finishing the game well. If you wimp out you are finished. If you see it through to the end you can win the prize.

Life is whatever it is. Easy, hard. Accept it. Get over it. And Get on with it. We’ll look into this more in coming posts. Meanwhile, understand,  shit happens for you to rise above it. For you to learn there isn’t anything you can’t handle or you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

We Grow When We Face Challenges Not When It Is Easy

Some people want to claim the goods without the effort. The effort is your evidence. When you successfully navigate the toughest times you discover what you are made of and what you can do. Otherwise it is only theory. You are the proof.

Without the tough times you have no evidence. Once you do you can be confident you can handle anything. You know your power. You are secure in your abilities. You realize you are a powerful, positive creator and attractor. There is no doubt. You have come home to yourself and who you are.

This is what so many people, perhaps most people, don’t understand about pursuing your goals and making your dreams come true. Whenever troubled learn to smile and to laugh. Let nothing stop you.  Develop the attitude that you can handle anything that comes your way and you will. Appreciate it all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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8 thoughts on “Why And What To Do When The Poo Hits The Propeller!”

  1. These posts should be available on prescription – read once or twice daily for all-round life improvements! 😀
    I’ve been using an Emotional Reference Chart to work on life areas I’d like to improve. I get to start where I am, and day by day raise my vibration. It’s ‘doing the work’, but feels just like rising to the surface!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Rex,
    I have an interesting point of view. I have had person after person tell me that they cannot believe how much confidence I have and they wish they had my confidence. I admit I do ooze confidence but it never is what has gotten me everything I want when I wanted it. I have always believed in the laws of nature. If I let go of the ball most of the time in most situations it will more than likely fall because of gravity. So I see people around me all the time doing one crazy thing after the other fighting the extremely powerful power of gravity. Reaching down in bags pulling out one thing at a time taking hours. I just turn the bag upside down and in a few seconds have hundreds of small items where I want them. I use gravity, it is my friend. I have never seen my personal confidence as being important. If I want to make a deal I contact 100 people. I know 3 will say yes. If I call them back about 3 more will say yes. To me, it seems so simple… “now”. Not hard… not difficult, easy. When I wanted one million dollars, I saw it in my hands(think and grow rich teaching), I made the plans and then the power of the universe automatically moved me to the money. It is the same as getting an ice cream cone. No difference if I want it, I see it in my hand, then I go out and get it. To me, they are the same thing. I see it in my hands, the plans come and I follow the plan. At the higher level, I think and it happens without any physical actions or communications. I do remember when it wasn’t like this. When I let those around me tell me I was limited and I believed them and then I was limited. Thank you for keeping on telling people the truth, so many are lying to them thousands of times. The first law of magic…people would rather believe a lie told to them a thousand times, then the truth told to them once. The lie, there is no such thing as magic, told by those who control the masses. The truth we are fantastic magical beings who have within us the power to be, do and have anything our hearts desire. I truly love you telling them the truth. You are changing the world for the better, thank you. You are not taken for granted, you are appreciated. I share your blog each day with others. Again thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rex, thanks for the message. I really need it. Keep it coming. I created a lot of the shit that hits the fan so it makes it even harder to push through because I don’t trust myself enough to do better. If I had planned better, if I had made better choices then I would not be in this mess. When I get in those situations that I created I feel as though it is stupid to ask the person (me) who messed up to come up with a solution. People get conditioned to this when in their childhood someone was always there to bail them out. The consequences for defaulting were spared. So now I see clearly that I have to do it for myself. I have to learn new ways and change my approach…or else. Nobody or no magical force is going to do it for me. I will initiate the process and press on and once the momentum builds the results will seem like magic. I can’t count on luck but I can count on the action that I take to bear some fruit eventually. It almost always has.


    1. A wise person realizes their responsibility because when one does one can change their destiny. Yes, once you become aware you no longer need to live from past prior conditioning. Like training a horse or any wild animal it can take a little while to begin to get the brain and mind under control but with consistent effort and movement in the right direction you can be surprised how little time it takes to begin to notice some wonderful changes and new possibilities. Stay gentle with yourself while learning. Regrets and blames while habit can be changed into finding the lessons and the seeds of opportunity. It really is mental condition similar to physical conditioning. A little bit repeated regularly goes a long, long way. Yes, you can and will do it! Thanks for sharing. Stay in touch and all the best wishes!

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