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“Have you ever noticed some people live the good life? A dream life. It may not be that everything comes effortlessly but it sure seems like it. Do you ever hope this could be you? If challenges arise some people glide right through them, while others, maybe you, don’t.

The difference that makes the difference is what goes on in the head of the successful versus the not so successful person. The happy versus the not so happy person. There is a large and significant difference. One is optimistic and positive the other not so much.

The optimist is not some airy fairy thinker who sits and wishes that life were different. The true optimist sees the good and the lessons inside all adversary; who finds way when the view is obscured and who embodies ‘I can do it ‘ when others think they can’t.

Your Attitude Not Your Aptitude Determines Your Altitude

The true optimist thinks positively powerfully but more than that the true optimist acts. There is no sitting and wishing, there is attitude and action. The true optimist is one of positive mindset and movement. Action IS the proper fruit of knowledge.

Without action dreams are fantasy, mere wishes hoped for and frequently abandoned. With action dreams become reality because the positive person, the optimist, works to bring about the results intended. The true optimist is intentional by nature.

What does this mean? It means the positive person determines what steps he or she will take and then takes them. The true optimist always follows through. The optimist does not disappoint oneself or others by breaking a promise. A promise made IS a promise kept.

Attitude Is Everything

A true optimist does not shirk responsibility nor accountability. The buck stops with the optimist because this person knows if it is going to happen at all it will be up to him or her to make it happen. A true optimist can and does handle any challenge. They play to win.

They see possibility, opportunity and success. They don’t notice or pay attention to negativity because they ARE an optimist. If anything they use negativity and frustration to motivate and inspire them into the positive. They understand the value of that.

They recognize what they don’t want but then focus on what they do want and put energy into making what they want to happen. Remember, they see the glass half full. Energy flows where attention goes so they manage and maintain their attention on what works.

Attitude Is A Decision

They understand that negative feelings are signals to alert them that they are not focused on what they want. That their thinking may have gone astray. Of course, that is possible they are human, after all. They use the signal to put themselves back on track.

They don’t wait for help from the outside to do their work for them. Still, they can welcome collaboration and understand the value of a team and being a productive team member. They seek to add value and go the extra mile because they realize the benefits of doing so.

In helping others they help themselves. By teaching others they learn more too. The true optimist is a person of positive mindset and productive positive action. Anyone who says differently has missed the concept entirely. There are those who have, indeed.

Life Is 10% What Happens And 90% How You Respond To It

There are negative people and naysayers who blame others, and themselves, who make excuses for why things don’t work out. The negative person or the pretend optimist sees the glass half empty and worries that they won’t be happy. They live with fear and worse.

The negative person worries about what they don’t want and ends up bringing more of it about because, ‘what you focus on expands’. You don’t get healthy thinking sick thoughts. If you used your sick thoughts to change direction and seek getting healthy that is good.

That is becoming aware of the negative alert signal and then putting your energy into what you WANT to accomplish instead. Even the most negative person CAN learn to become the most powerful positive optimist. Anyone can condition their mind for success!

Attitude And Behavior Is A Two Way Street

It comes down to an old saying. ‘You are what you eat’. If you eat crap what kind of heath would you expect? If you fill your mind with crap what kind of mental health, power or ability would you expect to have? In order to be healthy you must nourish yourself well.

Fill your body and your mind with quality food and thought and you will do better. What you focus on expands. What you think about you become. You are what you fill yourself with. You are where you spend your time. You are what you do. You are what you embrace.

Actions speak louder than words. Take action. Fill your mind daily with positive, inspirational, motivating thoughts. When you do you feel more inclined to do what you need to accomplish your goals and dreams. You can and will take the steps toward your destiny.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Seek to think positive and feel your best most of the time and you will. Remember, you become what you most frequently think about. When you condition yourself regularly you grow stronger in time. You are able to do more and make more happen. That’s how it is!

It isn’t how much you do it is what you do smartly. 80% of your positive results can be accomplished by 20% of quality, right effort. Work smarter not harder. Attitude is everything. Your mindset paves your way.

The true optimist isn’t bothered but anyone or anything because they don’t fear the negative. They understand it. The true optimist is not shaken when the storms come because they know there is value in the storm.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

They don’t fear the night because they know it is part of the cycle. They aren’t ‘can’t do people’ rather they are ‘I can do anything I learn to do’ people. AND this is important because YOU can learn to do anything you put your mind to, if you only take the time to do it.

They don’t worry that someone or something will come along and spoil their party because they are too busy having fun and celebrating. You can too! Fill your mind with good things. Nourish yourself. Condition yourself. Become aware. Delight more!

If you make a mistake, don’t blame, simply correct it, learn from it and move forward. Look for the good in all things, yourself included. Become more grateful and appreciative. Life is wonderful find out in how many different ways that is true. The world opens up to you when you celebrate everything so celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make you attitude gratitude and have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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