Want To Be Happy And Successful? Then You Must Learn This Habit!

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“To do what you have always done is easy. To do what is patterned, routine and habitual is both easy and efficient. That is how it is supposed to work.

Our brain makes habits of things so we don’t have to think through them consciously. Imagine having to relearn to drive every time you got in a car.

Instead, our brain makes habits. It lays down neural pathways. It streamlines. That is HOW our brains work. That is WHAT our brains work to do.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

That is why change can seem difficult. Because our lives are run mostly unconsciously. It is estimated we are 95-99 percent creatures of habit. We run most of the time on autopilot.

If we don’t like the results we are getting the good news is we can change our habits. We can create new ones to replace the old. We change, make new habits and overlay them on top of the old habits.

It takes a while to build the new habit. We  need to do it the same way we learned the original one through repetition over time. It takes getting used to the new programs.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

Once we do they are as reliable as the old ones we replaced. Have you ever moved from one location to the other? For the first few days or weeks you’d discover yourself going the old way home.

That is what habit replacement is like. The old one, like the old home is still there. Sometimes you find yourself returning to the old way. One day, you no longer do. You simply go to the new address.

That is what it is like, because that IS what it is. You have laid the new habit over the old one and it takes the brain a bit to get used to doing the new one. Eventually it will. Eventually it does. Hooray!

You Cannot Escape The Results Of Your Thoughts

Once it does it is reliable and as automatic as the one it replaced. The issue for many people, what stops them from simply replacing old non-supportive habits for new supportive ones is imagination.

They, or you, can’t yet imagine living with the new habit. You don’t know what that life is like, yet, because you live from the only thing you have ever known. Guess what, that is?  Another habit.

How you think about and view your life. What you think is possible or not is habit for you. The only way to change it is to do what it takes to change it. Think differently, repeatedly, until it takes hold.

If You Always Do What You Always Did…

You must make thinking and imagining positively what you want the new habit. Then you will regularly begin to think the new positive, productive thoughts instead of the limiting old ones.

You do. In order to manifest what you want you must think about it habitually. That is how you have got everything you ever have got. Routine, habitual thinking. You made it happen that way.

So, if you haven’t liked the results you have been getting it means it is time for a change. It requires you to do things differently. You must get rid of the old thinking and think in new ways. That’s it!

…You Always Get What You Always Got

Do things differently, often enough, frequently enough until the new things become reliable, automated habit. It won’t always be easy, you will find yourself going to the old address a number of times.

If you stick with it and persist, no matter how seemingly difficult, you will succeed. With the new thoughts taking hold of what you want, in positive ways, you can begin to create the life you want.

Whenever you discover old, chronic negative thinking you replace it for positive new productive thinking you are taking control of your mind. You are directing your thoughts in a positive fashion.

Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill – Repeat Repeat Repeat

This means you can begin to target what you want, focus on it, and think the thoughts you need to think to make it happen. You think the thoughts of the desired good you want. Imagine it fully.

You think the thoughts needed for you to perform the right actions to make it happen. It won’t land in your lap because you think it, although with new thought, it can seem that way.

You do what is required to succeed. You take action steps because your thoughts and feelings align in such a way to produce new results. You do the thinking and the working. That’s how it works.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

The cool part is it feels really good. You feel yourself going after what you want and getting closer. It is like playing a fun game, you are doing really well and you know you are going to win.

Everything lines up! You do win. Why? Because you played well and eventually you could tell you were going to win. Also, you saw it through to the end and did not quit. You made it happen and enjoyed it.

The same is true of our goals and dreams. With new wonderful thinking , comes new feelings. With new wonderful feelings comes new actions. When these are all lined up come new wonderful results. Enjoy the process. Have fun. Be diligent and persistent.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

Keep going, don’t quit, see it through to the end. Commit to do this for yourself no matter what. Replace the old negative habits with positive new ones. While you are doing it live in appreciation.

Live in gratitude for being able to replace the old thoughts and make positive changes. Gratitude changes everything. Your energy, your thinking, your feelings are uplifted. You are lighter and at ease!

Begin to imagine the new life by truly enjoying everything about right now and about then. When you can enjoy everything, everything works for you. Live fully in the present and delight totally. The new life will be wonderful so celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to have blessed and wonderful day, today and you will!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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