How To Use Negative Thinking To Be Happy And Successful

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“Today’s post is a response to a reader’s question. Ramesh asked, ‘You say that what you focus on expands. In EFT, one keeps repeating  “the pain ” and tapping the specific points.

While repeating the word pain aren’t we focusing on it more? Yet people are feeling better. This may not be your subject, yet I feel like taking your views is important for me’.

‘Thanks Ramesh. You raise an excellent question. What you focus on and give your energy to does expand. We become what we think about MOST of the time.

What You Focus On Expands

All of us have negative thoughts from time to time. It is human. All thoughts are human. What is it we are concentrated on most is the question? Are we predominantly positive or negative?

If we thought about pain constantly that is what we would get more of BECAUSE we are constantly focused on it. That is why sometimes while in pain it is difficult. It is hard to feel comfort thinking pain.

Our negative thoughts don’t need to be run from, but controlled. Our negative thoughts and feelings indicate that something may be amiss. It may be an area that requires our attention.

What You Think About You Bring About

For example, we may need to pay our bills. That is the reality. If we think, ‘I have to pay my bills, but I don’t have enough money’ that is what circumstances indicate.

If one stops there and continues to think, ‘I am broke, I have nothing, I will never get ahead, I will go bankrupt, the worse is coming’, then we are continuing to focus on the poverty of our circumstance.

Then it does expands. Energy put into it brings about more of the same. If instead, you think, ‘Okay, bills, money, how can I work to find more money? What positive things can I do to improve my situation, who can I call?’ You are proactively moving to positive.

What You Think About Most Often You Become

‘There is more than enough money in the universe how can I get some more? There is plenty and I can find it. I can be free. I am learning to become richer. What positive steps can I take.’

‘I’m going to do a job search and find something. I can succeed. I am a victor over circumstances. I can make good things happen. I always land on my feet. Good things come to me. I am a powerful creator. I can do this…’

One set of thoughts leads us to spiral down or stay stuck. The other leads to feeling better and positive action. Even the negative thoughts can be freeing. We can use them to move ahead. Consider:

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

‘I have no money. I am broke and going to go bankrupt. This sucks. I hate this. I am going to make sure this never ever happens again. I am going to turn this around. Never again!’

‘I hate being without money so I am going to find some honest ways to make sure I will always have plenty. Others have a lot I can have a lot too. There is more than enough to go around…’

We can use the negative thoughts, and the negative feelings of anger or frustration to propel us from the negative stuck, broke place, into a more productive positive place.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

BUT only if we don’t throw a pity party and wallow in ‘poor, me I am stuck and life is terrible’. We have to change our focus. Remove it from the less than glorious and focus on the positive, or glorious.

In EFT you focus on the pain while interrupting the pattern or energy flow by tapping . You look for the source of the discomfort and change the energy going to it. You break it up.

BUT first you have to identify what it is you want to break up and release. So you focus on it briefly while you change it. You do not stay focused on it.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

You evaluate too. Is this better or worse? You continue the procedure until relieved. Once relived you focus on feeling good. Generally, you may have positive thoughts accompany the taps.

You move your thinking and the statements you make from the pain to the relief you experience. You progress from the less than glorious to relief and then potentially feeling better. Consider:

You were walking and you noticed your foot hurts. You can keep walking and continue feeling the pain and thinking ‘ouch, ouch that hurts, it hurts’ and do nothing. Or you take a look.

What You Hold In Head You Can Some Day Hold In Your Hand

You discover a pebble in your shoe. Your remove it, your foot is a little sore but now that the pebble is gone. You notice as you walk it feels better. Eventually, you forget all about the pebble.

Because you noticed it you removed it. If you keep think about the pebble causing pain, now, it would be odd. It would be foolish and it wouldn’t serve you. Instead, you forget about it.

You walk more comfortably. With the source of discomfort removed all is fine. You can stop there. Or you can think. ‘I am glad I can walk easily. I love walking. I am grateful for my feet.’

Thoughts Lead To Feelings Lead To Actions Lead To Results

‘I am grateful for my body’s ability to signal me. I enjoy moving through the world. All these years my feet have carried me to various places I am so lucky. I am lucky to have healthy feet…’

You could promote more positive feelings. In fact, it is a great thing to do. When off course, or focused in the wrong direction, correct and think better thoughts moving in the right direction.

The trick is to notice what is amiss and correct it. If off course while walking, driving, boating or flying, once you correct and get back on course you no longer think about having been off course.

If You Don’t Like Your Results Change Your Thoughts

While off course it doesn’t serve you to keep thinking ‘I am off course’. It is better to think ‘I am moving back onto course. I am finding my destination and moving to it.’

‘What must I change in order to correct it?’ Then implement the change, get back on course, and focus on where you are headed. Keep your eyes on where you want to go.

We are lucky we have signals that let us know when we are off course. Our feelings indicate when our thinking is less than glorious. This is great! We have signals. Our thoughts determine our feelings.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

Our feelings determine our actions. Our actions determine our results. We never need to fear our thoughts rather we should master them. Take control of your mind and enjoy it!

Make it a point to think positive most of the time. If you notice you aren’t, change it. Put a guard in front of your mind so you think positive thoughts and only speak and express positive thoughts.

Speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. Your self talk and your conversations with family, friends and strangers. This helps you move forward and get more of what you want.

Positivity May Not Guarantee Success But Negativity Never Does

Occasionally, you will have a negative thought, something triggers a thought from your previous negative conditioning or you have a random stray negative thought for some reason. We all do.

Or perhaps, someone else, or from TV or media you see or hear or brings up some negative thought or thoughts. Okay, that is what happened. Acknowledge it and say or think, ‘no thanks’.

Or ‘thanks, but I prefer to think this instead’ and shift back into positive thinking. The preponderance of your thought and energy is what makes the difference.

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

What we entertain further and promote determines how we feel. If we are positive 95% of the time, 80% of the time, 75% 60% 55% 51% we are better off.

At about 50-50% we are in a holding pattern. Not so good not so bad but probably not what we want. We aren’t really progressing and may be keeping tough times locked in, because we are wishy washy.

Equal parts negative and positive. For change to occur we need to move in the direction of mostly positive. For some people they need to get to 50-50 first because they are mostly negative.

Skill Comes From Doing

It is a conditioning process like exercise. The more you do the more you can do. They more focused on the positive the more positive you create and attract. Eventually they move up to 55% then 62%.

Then 75% and on. This is how they make progress in the right direction. Things get better and better. Life may still present difficulty or even very difficult challenges. That is life.

The more positive they become the more they can navigate the difficulty they encounter. The more control they exercise over their thoughts the more control they gain. The better they get at it.

Positive Thinking Like Exercise Is A Conditioning Process

Focus your energy on being mostly positive so you don’t get caught up in the negative. A ‘can do’ person finds solutions much easier and quickly than slipping into being a ‘can’t do’ person.

The more practice you get being ‘can do’ the easier it is to remain one when the going gets tough. I hope I have answered your question. If not please ask again and I will attempt to be more helpful.

You helped me. I thought what will my blog be about today? Then I saw your question. I don’t know how many subscribers ever see comments so I decided to answer your question for the blog today.

Correct Repetition Builds Skill

I have benefited too. Perhaps together, you and I, will have helped others benefit as well. All is good. Best wishes, stay in touch and I hope this helped bring more clarity! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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  1. Thank you Rex, and thank you for giving it so much importance. I have a better idea of how EFT . works after reading your blog. It is human nature to doubt and question. Your explanation has cleared the doubt.

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