What Is Your Little Miracles Quotient? How You Can Improve It!

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“A few months back I attended a screening in the Chicago area, of a feature film I have a role in. Prior to the film starting I went next door had an amazing dinner and glass of wine. This culinary experience has been on my mind on and off for these past months.

This week the yearning grew large. I could taste it. I didn’t want to drive a couple hundred miles round trip just to dine but I was getting willing. Monday through Friday I began to imagine that I would dine when some meeting or audition became available near by.

Choose To Have Magic And Miracles In Your Life

Friday, I was contacted and asked if I could audition in the Chicago area today. As I drove there I realized I might not be far from my desired restaurant. As it turns out, I was only five minutes away! I went to the audition, it was fine. Then went off to dine.

Dine I did! I had the same meal and wine. Delicious again. This time however, I sat outdoors in the gorgeous afternoon weather. I got to enjoy two incredible happenings in one day. A positive  audition and a positive dining experience. I was absolutely delighted by this.

I mentioned today to someone who then asked. ‘So, did you get the dining experience, that you thought about all week, by creating an audition? Or did you create an audition by thinking about the dining experience all week?’ The truth is I haven’t a clue and I don’t care.

Within You And Your Life Exist All Possibilities

Sometimes, I think we try to figure things out and it just gets in the way. To celebrate the moments seems to be the correct thing to do. To enjoy and be grateful is appropriate. I don’t think we need to overthink things. Relax and be happy. Delight in everything,

As an actor I look at it this way. I got to audition. Whether I book it or not I got to audition. On top of that I got to eat a really wonderful meal outdoors that I had been hoping I would for a couple months. All is good. So whether this job comes about or not, no worries.

Maybe, something else is completely in store. I don’t know. I just know things always turn out good no matter what they are. If nothing comes of the audition, fine. I used to want to get every job, Now I know I get the right ones for me. All is good. Truly!

Want More Good Things – Then Celebrate Everything

This past week I had a wonderful audition. I really enjoyed it and thought I’d love to have more like that. I did today. I got called twice yesterday, so I have another coming up on Monday. Then mid-week. So that is pretty cool. 4 auditions in 7 days is good!

My point is, if I don’t book the role so what. I let it go. I wanted to have more fun auditions and they seem to be coming my way. I am happy with that too.  I wanted to eat at this wonderful restaurant and today I did. I take it all as wins. All is marvelous! Good things!

Seems like to be grateful is all that is necessary. Enjoy whatever happens in the future. I’m not going to try to force things or worry over things. I’ll enjoy the little sweet moments all along the way. Mini miracles. Some might call them coincidence.

Count All Your Blessings Large And Small And Delight In All

Others might say they are a cosmic treat. I don’t care whether it is a coincidence or not. Good things came about and I know more good things will too. Whether the audition and dining were connected or not I had a wonderful day. It always works out for the best.

Savor the moments. Expect good things. One of my mantras is, ‘all good things flow my way and I joyously receive them’. Open the doors for more and more wonderful things to enjoy. Don’t sweat the less than glorious stuff, let it go. Don’t try to force things, allow.

Receive. Whether you creator or attractor, simply put it out there positively and let go. As when you tell your waitperson what you want for lunch. You place the order and allow them to bring it. You don’t go back and tell everyone how to do it. At least, some don’t.

Magic Happens When You Allow Wonder And Let It Happen

Life is a gift. I think too many of us forget that. We get caught up in trying to make things happen. We get frustrated and disappointed that things don’t work out. We compare to others and feel bad. Stop, that isn’t why we are here. Well, I can’t actually tell you why.

Perhaps, we are here to fulfill some larger cosmic purpose. Perhaps, we are here by a random accident. Who cares? We are here. Either we love it and enjoy it or we don’t. Why not make it a point to have the best life possible no matter what?

That is a decision you and I can make. The rest is not all that important. Live, love, and laugh! I like to enjoy the ride. What about you? It is a most wonderful, mysterious one. That is what adventure is all about; not having it all go by plan but by being surprised.

Receive It – Allow It – Accept It – Be Open To It – Say Yes

It isn’t about knowing all the answers or what is around every bend. To choose which fork in the road and be surprised is all a part of it. Adventure isn’t predictable or it isn’t adventure. Life is a mystery. It is not something that should be solved. It’s to be lived! Explored!

Sometimes it is challenging and scary other times it delightful beyond belief. So, I am counting my blessings. Enjoy and be grateful for the little miracles that make you smile. Count the blessings and more come your way. It is always all good, regardless! Regardless!

My two auditions, upcoming this week, are within a half an hour of the restaurant. Perhaps, I’ll return. Yum. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight or don’t. It is your choice.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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