Why You Must Learn Patience For Happiness And Success

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“You seem to be doing everything correct but it just isn’t happening fast enough, right? You have worked hard but you aren’t seeing the results you expected. Maybe you are wondering if you ever will.

Welcome to Part 8 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 7 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 9 tomorrow.

Change can happen in an instant. IT CAN and it does. Most often it requires some time. How much time you might wonder? That is a great question, but useless. How much time does anything require?

Almost everything requires some time. Even microwaving your beverage takes time. It takes an apple tree, to grow from seed to a fruit bearing tree, a good amount of time. Learn to wait well.

Patience Is Not The Ability To Wait …

Change and personal development take some time. Illumination can occur in an instant. You suddenly, ‘get it’, it gels and all comes together. You have a ‘satori’ moment of enlightenment. An ‘aha’!

Instantaneous! Then living from that new awareness and perfecting it requires time. The skills you learn from this blog, many of them, only take a few minutes to learn. Maybe, five minutes at most.

Still, it can take a lifetime to master them. ‘Getting it’, that moment when everything comes together is an exciting moment. Living it can be joyous too. Now you are living the process and that takes time.

… Patience Is How You Act While Waiting

That means you are back living in ‘real’ time. Be patient. Be patient with yourself; be patient in your struggles; be patient with the changes occurring, they will, in time; be patient with others; and life.

Learn to be patient and accept what is. If you ‘got it’ then nurture the awareness and learn to accept and enjoy the process. Time passes more quickly when you are having fun, if you hadn’t noticed.

The more you enjoy all of the journey the more there is to enjoy. Your neurology opens up and you discover more bliss, you allow for more insights and ‘satori’ moments. You get so much more in return.

It Takes 6 Months To Build A Rolls Royce … 

More time presents you with the opportunity to gain experience; to repeat successes and learn what works. From challenges you learn to develop your talents and abilities so that they grow strong.

Just as your muscles grow stronger from opposition and rest so does your ability to be in charge of your own mind. That after all is the goal, take back possession of your own mind so it serves you!

When you mind serves you, instead of it, you discover that all things truly do work together for good. So you are more relaxed while you create and make good things happen. You enjoy all of it. ALL of it.

… It Takes 13 Hours To Build A Toyota

Lighten yourself up. Stop carrying a load of concern about when and if. Give that a rest. Drop it altogether. If you planted seeds the seeds will grow, you will get, eventually, the bountiful harvest. Trust!

There is nothing like trust or faith. It means you hold to it even when there is no visible presence of it. You believe in the invisible. Don’t be mistaken, it isn’t trust in someone or something else. It is in you.

You trust that what is planted will come to fruition. It is your mindset and your attitude. Just as forgiveness isn’t about the person you forgive but about you letting go of the hurt or injustice for self.

Faith Is Taking The First Step When You Can’t See The Entire Way

Faith is for and about you. It is part of being able to control your thoughts and determine what you will think, instead of being plagued by random thoughts and thoughts of doubt and worry.

You decide what to think and feel. Your thinking and feeling becomes deliberate and intentional. As you learn this your life and results will increase positively in so many incredible ways.

It will delight you and surprise you. Ultimately, you will get used to it and it will become your ‘new normal’. You will live from more joy and positivity. You will have up-leveled yourself and your life.

Have Patience All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

Pretty darn cool, if you ask me. You can attract fish using certain bait but you can’t make them bite. You just have to relax and let it happen. Let go of the result and enjoy the process. Relaxxxxxx.

If you dropped your line in the water that is all you can do. Take the analogy and realize if you have done your groundwork and planted seeds you will get back the kind of fruit from the seeds you planted.

If you plant corn you get corn. If you plant nightshade, a poison, you get nightshade. Whatever you plant determines what you get back. It will come about in the length of time it takes to manifest.

Just Because Something Doesn’t Seem To Be Happening Now …

A farmer knows when to plant, when to wait, when to add extra nourishment because environmental conditions change, and when to harvest. The farmer knows you can’t force anything.

Have faith. Trust and be patient. Your efforts will pay off. Enjoy the process. Gratitude is so important because you discover what there is right now to enjoy and appreciate. You can never be too grateful.

Continue with your daily diligence. Continue to gain mastery over your thinking and feeling. Remember, some things require a lifetime to master. Great artists are always improving their artistic talents.

… Doesn’t Mean It Never Will – It Will – Be Patient

They don’t get good and stop improving they continue as long as they live to master their art. The seek to grow and change and evolve. The same applies to learning how to change and transform.

The same applies to health, creating wealth and having happy and loving relationships. You don’t ‘do something’ once and then it is all taken care of. You live a healthy lifestyle in order to remain healthy.

You continue to invest and manage your money to remain wealthy. You continue to improve communication and loving behaviors to have long lasting satisfying relationships with family and lovers.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Keep heading in the same direction. Keep progressing you will get there. Trust it will happen and enjoy everything along the way. Make it a point to be completely involved and not miss any good thing.

You put your order in with the cosmic waitstaff now wait positively and patient. How you wait is important. How you wait is who you are. Spend your time productively. Enjoy all of life while waiting.

Don’t force. Allow. Do a little each day. Small repetitive action is quite powerful and can bring about great permanent change. Value what you do. Manage how you think and feel. Love life, be grateful and you will find more success and happiness coming your way. Smile more and have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be happy today for no reason at all. Just be happy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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