This Is Why You Aren’t Creating Success And Happiness Right Now

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“Imagine for a moment there is a god that created you. This god told you ‘I have given you everything you need to be healthy, wealthy, happy, successful in all ways. You will have love, possessions, your wildest dreams because within you is an incredible power’.

Welcome to Part 9 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 8 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 10 tomorrow.

Imagine this god sat you down looked you in the eyes and told you this to your face. This is god speaking to you! What do you do? You look god back in the face and say ‘bull shit’ and get up and walk away. You mutter to yourself ‘how ridiculous’ the old guy is.

You think to yourself ‘if only that were true’ but you continue to tell yourself it is not. What I just described may not be too far off from the actual truth. I don’t know if god created you or sat you down, but within you is something incredibly unique and powerful.

The Power Is Within You

Most people miss it. They miss the proper use of it. The point of the power is to enjoy all of life right here, right now and beyond. But they don’t. They use it to create worry, fear and anxiety. They use the power to live in lack, and struggle and wish it were different.

Why do you suppose people do that? If you do that, why do you? Many do. I have. What is it that goes on inside us? Well, for the most part we weren’t brought up being told we were powerful and unique and could enjoy right here and right now and beyond delightfully.

We were brought up told and believing life was hard. We probably weren’t good enough or smart enough to amount to much. Some people got it all while others had to make due with little. Life isn’t fair. Work hard, save money, retire and hope you have a good life.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Yourself Everything You Wanted In Life

Perhaps, you didn’t get any of those messages? Perhaps, you got different ones. Regardless, if you aren’t living the life you truly want right now, it is for some reason. If you look outside yourself you will miss it altogether. If you blames circumstances or others you miss.

You have to look within. You must understand that most people sacrifice right now for a hope of a better future. They want things different then because they don’t like it now. They want to trade now in for a better time down the road. This is the problem.

NOW is all you have. It is what you got. It is what IS. There is no future yet. If you don’t like right now and want to escape it, what thoughts are you presently thinking? Are you thinking, ‘this is wonderful and glorious’ or are you thinking ‘this sucks’? Well?

Be Here Now

Most likely, a variation on the latter. As long as you think those thoughts you will end up with more of the same. What you continue to create is the same suck lifestyle. Own up to this. If your thoughts about NOW are negative you are creating more negativity.

Yes, you are hoping for something positive and better but you are doing the same old thing again and again hoping for a different result.  Do you get it? In order for THEN to be wonderful you must find the wonderfulness in NOW! Recreate how wonderful now is!

You may think, how absurd. Go ahead, remain the same. Isn’t that what you have done all along. I sure did. I always thought it was someone else’s fault, not mine. I always thought the present sucked but the future would be different. Then whined when it wasn’t.

Believe In The Power Within You

Until I did that over and over again enough, until I had enough, I perpetuated the cycle of less than glorious shit in my life. TIME for a change I thought! NOW WHAT? Focus on making it better. Concentrate and believe that I can do it. You know what?

That is a decent start. I had to learn I was responsible for all of my results. I had to focus on something other than what sucked. A major mind shift in direction for sure. I had to keep my attention on the new direction and not get sucked back into the old way.

AND it worked. As I progressed I discovered their was still a very subtle layer of discontent. I wasn’t progressing fast enough, I wasn’t leaving the old life behind quick enough. That bothered me. When was the brand new upgraded life going to kick in. Anytime Universe!

Realize The Power Within You – Trust The Power Within You 

Kick it into high gear god. C’mon now. I am waiting. THEN it occurred to me that I was not content. I was not happy where I was. I was assuming I was happy because I was actually, in fact, changing and better off than before, but not truly happy. I was stuck.

If I was truly happy it wouldn’t matter. I would be happy. I’d be thrilled with where I was and what I was doing. It would all be good. I’d be excited, enthused, eager and delighted. I wouldn’t be hoping that anytime now there would be a breakthrough.

THAT was the breakthrough. Gratitude, celebration, appreciation love NOW, embrace it, enjoy it, be thankful for each and every little part of it. Be grateful for each challenge, each blessing each moment. Live fully alive in now and delight in the present. Herein is magic.

Can You See The Miracle You Are

When you totally accept everything with delight you create more of the same. Your thoughts are ‘wow this is incredible’ and you create and attract more of the same. Your neurology, your spirit, your emotions, your body, your mind opens up to everything you missed.

You may not think so. Even now reading these words you may agree or not. When the student is ready the master appears. Your inner self will present when you are ready, if not at this time. Know this: You look at what you have always looked at in habitual ways.

You look at now as you always have. Your circumstances you see from you past conditioning. You are thinking old thoughts about your present. You need to change this to see what is there you have been missing all along. You have missed much I guarantee it.

I’m Pointing At The Moon – Don’t Look At My Fingers … 

You don’t see what IS THERE because you ‘know’ what is there. Do you understand this distinction? You are blinded to the things you miss because you have habitually looked at other things. Your focus has been elsewhere. NOW you need to shift your focus.

We miss so much wanting to be somewhere else. This is what it means to ‘stop and smell the roses’. It means STOP for goodness sake, stop. STOP STOP STOP! Smell the roses they are right here, right now. Fall into it fully! Don’t go anywhere else in your head.

It is all here right now. EVERY SINGLE THING you need to make an incredible difference in your life, to have the present and future you want IS WITHIN YOU RIGHT NOW! You may have to birth it, to develop it, to master it, but you already have everything needed.

… Look At The Moon

No matter what is going on right now you are doing one of two things. You are either supporting things as they are by the attention and energy you give it. Or you are not. You are either contributing to it on an ongoing basis or you are pulling energy away from it.

If things, right now, suck for you, what are you doing? Are you supporting it or putting energy elsewhere? Obviously, if they suck YOU ARE supporting it. It can’t be any other way. This is important. Your energy flows where your attention goes.

If you are focused on the problems, issues, the lack, the struggle you get more of the same. If you are quietly discontent hoping and praying for a better day, you don’t get more of the better day, you get more of the discontent. This IS HOW it works. DO you get it?

You Have Been Using The Power All Along To Get What You Got

STOP! Take the energy you use to support what you don’t want and put it into gratitude. Be genuinely thankful, appreciative. Love every second of your life and you will withdraw energy from that which sucks and you will be putting it into positive wonderful moments.

Your life will transform. Sure there will be times you want to whine and complain and focus on the old lifestyle. That is habit, that is your old programming and chronic conditioning. Understand that for what it is and keep you attention on what is right and what is good.

Life will upgrade quickly as you do. You can find yourself moving from one marvelous moment to another. Focus on how wonderful everything is right now and you will bring about more of the same. Each moment going forward is filled gloriously.

Have You Used The Power Wisely – If Not – Start Now

When god speaks maybe you should listen. You have everything you need to live a glorious life within you right now. Be willing to. If you aren’t willing well, that is your decision. But if you are willing a whole new world of possibility will open up for you. Live, love, laugh more. Enjoy and delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be happy today for no reason at all. Just be happy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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8 thoughts on “This Is Why You Aren’t Creating Success And Happiness Right Now”

  1. Nice post. Please tell me ,will it be fair to tell a terminally ill patient to celebrate the present moment? Would he be able to do so ? Or a person who is bankrupt , looking for one meal in probably days ? If creating was easy who would want to suffer ? I’m not being a pessimist but then this is how it’s happening. How do we try here ??

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You find what you can celebrate now… would it not be best, perhaps, I can’t say what is, that the terminal person find the joys of life before passing rather than leave feeling down? I don’t know it is up to each of us. A bankrupt person still can have lot’s to celebrate. There are plenty of people who have little, who may be looking for food, who are far happier and perhaps better off than many with lot’s who don’t appreciate it. Happiness is a state of being and a choice.

    Each of us needs to choose how we live our lives and how we die. We can choose if we want to suffer miserably or enjoy the little we have and emphasize that. Comparisons may m hurt us or help us depending on what we choose to look and and what we choose to think and feel.

    Your question is an important one that I am sure many people face. Helping people face hardship is what developing a strong mental attitude is about. It is not airy fairy pie in the sky wishing. It is making the best of what we have at any moment. Choosing how we want to live. Does one prefer to celebrate the little on has or feel horrible over the lot they are missing out on. Choice is what it is all about.

    People can be more powerful and self-determining when they realize they do have choice no matter what or when during their life. People need to claim their power back and live as powerfully as they are able with whatever they do or do not have. What options are there.

    Others of us can help, we can ease suffering, support, care, love, understand and stand with those who have it difficult. We can imagine how difficult it is for others and help do the right thing by them. We can help them to celebrate their life while living and while dying. We can live with compassion and be generous with our time and efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like your reply, specially “we can live with…our time and efforts” That’s the humanitarian attitude we should have. But celebrating death in that sense is not done, at least not when death means separation. That is how death is viewed. Your reply makes sense but not at the gross level.This us where most of us find it difficult. Thanks for your reply.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t wish you ill, but on the other hand I find your ideas woefully juvenile and insulting, like you’re stuck in the false reality of Hollywoodland. You talk like someone who hasn’t studied history and lived in Asia, Europe, or other parts of the world and experienced what life is like there for tens of millions of people. If success were as easy as thinking positively, wouldn’t you yourself be a famous actor/filmmaker? Wouldn’t everyone in SAG or DGA?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts T.R. It is always good to hear from people. Yes, each person makes their way in life and each person has their work cut out for them. Tough makes it more worthwhile. I wish you the very best in your pursuit for success. Make it happen! AND feel free to stay in touch.


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