Expert Reveals: Your Success Habits And Failure Habits Affect Your Results

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“Some things we do help us be more successful while some of what we do leads us away from it. We succeed or we fail. There is a way to determine whether what you are doing is working or not. You need to know it and use it to become aware and to evaluate your efforts.

As we discuss money and wealth creation I wanted to point out that the mental practices related to increasing your net worth applies to happiness, love, leisure, career and anything you want in life. You can be, do and have whatever you desire. It is up to you to get it!

It is important, as we move forward with this topic, to understand that each of us has Success Habits. These habits support us. We do those things automatically that move us forward toward success. For example, being on time can be one. Paying oneself first, another.

Set Yourself Apart From The Herd – Practice Success

We also have Failure Habits. These don’t support us. These are things we automatically do that keep us from being successful. Showing up late, for example. Procrastinating. Spending more than we make. These are the habits we need to change to succeed.

If we keep doing what we always did we will always get the same results. We want to eliminate or overwrite the failure habits with more success habits. We need to aim at and focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want or what we want to exclude.

Whenever you encounter a failure habit you have a choice. You need to think, to consider, to ask yourself, ‘Is what I am doing right now supporting me or harming me?’ ‘Does it lead to increase or decrease?’ Will doing this lead to more success or more failure?’

Most People Don’t Have A Willingness To Break Bad Habits …

If your answer is that whatever you are thinking, feeling or doing is harming you, leading to decrease, failure or is negative, then you are at a place where you need to make a decision. Awareness is the first step in change. Now that you are aware of the failure habit – stop it.

Decide to implement a better belief right then. Choose a powerful positive one and repeat it over and over. Keep doing it until you make it your own. If you are feeling less than glorious do something positive to feel a little bit better. You need to act in your behalf.

If your actions are leading to failure you need to take actions that lead to success. If you want your life to change you must change some things in your life. You must take a positive action. For example, you are late make it a habit to be early or on time.

… They Have A Lot Of Excuses And Talk Like Victims – Be Different

Start right now. Begin today. Don’t put anything off. Live with this new awareness; Increase or Decrease; Supportive or Harmful; Success of Failure; Positive or Negative. Choose wisely. The way you change a habit is by introducing and practicing the new one.

We use correct repetition over time to wire it in. Whether it is a thought, feeling or action habit. Whenever you notice yourself off track steer back onto track. Get back on course. Set yourself right. There is so much value in self-correcting alone. It is powerful.

By repeating the correct thought, feeling or action, again and again over time, you create a new neural pathway. You create a new habit. It takes a while but as you develop the new habit the old one weakens and gives way to the new. Create new success habits!

Being Miserable Or Broke Is A Habit – As Is Happiness And Success

Whether you are learning to think more positive,  feel better, or exercise more keep this in mind. When it comes to money this applies to paying yourself first and trimming the fat. Develop saving, investing and spending habits that contribute to your success.

If you want to succeed then you must have more success habits and fewer failure habits. Only you can correct the imbalance. Understand that your future results are in what you think, feel and do today? If you want a more wonderful future start right now!

I’ll share more money and wealth principles next time, too. Enjoy the process. Have fun. It is serious but don’t take it too seriously. Nurture and nudge yourself along. Step by step. Encourage yourself. With deliberate practice you will get there. So keep at it!

Your Habits Are Driving Your Performance And Results

Delight in what you do well. Ignore and let go of mistakes after learning from them. Be sure to learn from them. Experience and reflection is a great aspect to learning to do new things. Practice gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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