Expert Reveals: If You Can’t Think As The Wealthy Do – You Will Never Be Wealthy

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“Responsible wealth creation and money management starts on the inside. The mindset must be right! You must focus on abundance to create or attract more abundance. It is all mindset. To be wealthy, to get prosperous results you need to think then act as the wealthy do.

You need to think over an over ‘I can learn to be good with money’. If you aren’t, yet. You need to replace ‘I’m no good with money’ with ‘I am great with money. I create wealth. I am an excellent money manager. I increase my net worth. I easily earn more money’.

‘I look for positive, healthy opportunities to create passive streams of income. I study money and wealth. I always seek honest, competent financial advice. I am smart about money. I grow my fortune’. Remember, you become what you think about most.

Champions Don’t Wait For Things To Happen

Repeat affirmations. Use vision boards. Visualize. Condition your mind for creating wealth, or more wealth if you already have some. Learn good thinking habits regarding money. Learn good making money, saving money and spending habits. Apply them!

You can be rich! If you believe it you can live the life of your dreams. Think and feel right. Learn how to handle money well and more of life’s choices become available to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be financially free?  If the answer is yes, make it happen.

Adopting the right mindset and the right habits can help make you financially free. If you don’t believe that, it  is probably why you aren’t already. To move ahead you have to have your head on right! Your beliefs about money and what is possible for you are important.

Champions Make Things Happen

Be grateful for what you have. This is critical. When you truly feel grateful you make room for more.  You don’t attract what you aren’t YOU attract that which you ALREADy are. Be it and you will have more to be grateful for! This is how it works! It is working right now.

What you feel is what you attract. If you feel fear you get more fear. You don’t get wealth. You get back whatever you are feeling and thinking most. You get back who and what you are. If on the inside you are a poor person you will remain a poor person.

A wealthy person feels wealthy on the inside. When you feel the incredible feelings of  happiness, abundance, or confidence you create and attract more of the same. Get it? YOU attract WHAT YOU ARE! To have it on the outside it begins on the inside.

The Single Most Important Asset You Have Is Your Mind

If you want love be loving first. If you want more happiness be happy first. If you want more abundance feel abundant first. Be it, think it, feel it, do it and you make room for much more of it. Start with feeling grateful for everything you have now. Be gratitude!

Enjoy what is already. Really feel good about it. Celebrate all of it. Enjoy everything! Condition yourself to think and feel your best. Control your thoughts and feelings. As you do you will start to discover how magnificent the world is. You will discover new things.

You can’t be wealthy if you aren’t living it on the inside. To enjoy wealth in the real world become wealth in your inner world. Condition yourself for happiness, wealth and success. Feel wonderful first. Become it and you will have more of it.

You Get What We Focus On – You Become What We Think About

Feel it. Believe it is possible. Don’t only believe it is possible, resolve to make it happen. If it is ever going to happen YOU are going to make it happen. Know this with every fiber of your being. Feel that certainty, You are the master of your fate. Be the person who CAN!

Maintain this mindset. FEEL these feeling and you can make what you desire happen. All the power is within you. Yes, most likely you’ll co-operate positively with others on the outside, but it begins first inside you.  It begins with  your thoughts and feelings. SO celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Remember it is YOU who enjoys the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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