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Expert Reveals: If You Can’t Think As The Wealthy Do – You Will Never Be Wealthy

Horizons field-of-dreams-phil-koch

“Responsible wealth creation and money management starts on the inside. The mindset must be right! You must focus on abundance to create or attract more abundance. It is all mindset. To be wealthy, to get prosperous results you need to think then act as the wealthy do.

You need to think over an over ‘I can learn to be good with money’. If you aren’t, yet. You need to replace ‘I’m no good with money’ with ‘I am great with money. I create wealth. I am an excellent money manager. I increase my net worth. I easily earn more money’.

‘I look for positive, healthy opportunities to create passive streams of income. I study money and wealth. I always seek honest, competent financial advice. I am smart about money. I grow my fortune’. Remember, you become what you think about most.

Champions Don’t Wait For Things To Happen

Repeat affirmations. Use vision boards. Visualize. Condition your mind for creating wealth, or more wealth if you already have some. Learn good thinking habits regarding money. Learn good making money, saving money and spending habits. Apply them!

You can be rich! If you believe it you can live the life of your dreams. Think and feel right. Learn how to handle money well and more of life’s choices become available to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be financially free?  If the answer is yes, make it happen.

Adopting the right mindset and the right habits can help make you financially free. If you don’t believe that, it  is probably why you aren’t already. To move ahead you have to have your head on right! Your beliefs about money and what is possible for you are important.

Champions Make Things Happen

Be grateful for what you have. This is critical. When you truly feel grateful you make room for more.  You don’t attract what you aren’t YOU attract that which you ALREADy are. Be it and you will have more to be grateful for! This is how it works! It is working right now.

What you feel is what you attract. If you feel fear you get more fear. You don’t get wealth. You get back whatever you are feeling and thinking most. You get back who and what you are. If on the inside you are a poor person you will remain a poor person.

A wealthy person feels wealthy on the inside. When you feel the incredible feelings of  happiness, abundance, or confidence you create and attract more of the same. Get it? YOU attract WHAT YOU ARE! To have it on the outside it begins on the inside.

The Single Most Important Asset You Have Is Your Mind

If you want love be loving first. If you want more happiness be happy first. If you want more abundance feel abundant first. Be it, think it, feel it, do it and you make room for much more of it. Start with feeling grateful for everything you have now. Be gratitude!

Enjoy what is already. Really feel good about it. Celebrate all of it. Enjoy everything! Condition yourself to think and feel your best. Control your thoughts and feelings. As you do you will start to discover how magnificent the world is. You will discover new things.

You can’t be wealthy if you aren’t living it on the inside. To enjoy wealth in the real world become wealth in your inner world. Condition yourself for happiness, wealth and success. Feel wonderful first. Become it and you will have more of it.

You Get What We Focus On – You Become What We Think About

Feel it. Believe it is possible. Don’t only believe it is possible, resolve to make it happen. If it is ever going to happen YOU are going to make it happen. Know this with every fiber of your being. Feel that certainty, You are the master of your fate. Be the person who CAN!

Maintain this mindset. FEEL these feeling and you can make what you desire happen. All the power is within you. Yes, most likely you’ll co-operate positively with others on the outside, but it begins first inside you.  It begins with  your thoughts and feelings. SO celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Remember it is YOU who enjoys the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Without This, You Will Never Change!


“Most people think we have free will and the power to choose. If you listen to researchers, however, it is estimated that more than 95% of what we do is automated. We run on automatic, past prior conditioning, habits, well worn neural pathways, like robots. We don’t choose, not really. Not much. We react instead of respond.

We choose relatively little each day. We think mostly the same thoughts, do mostly the same things in mostly the same way. We are creatures of habit. We run on and on. How on earth could we ever hope to break free? Awareness! Awareness is ‘the how’ we become disengaged enough to begin to make deliberate choices.

Though conditioned, or programmed, from birth on to think, believe, value and behave in certain ways routinely we can begin to become conscious of our programming. We can begin to watch or witness ourselves in action. We need to bring awareness to our lack of choices so that we can discover how to actually choose.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

We can task ourself to watch our fears, our beliefs, our attitudes, our habits and our behaviors. We can watch what we do as well as what we don’t do. Becoming conscious is like shining a flashlight in a dark room. That which was once hidden is now spotlighted and revealed. Once revealed it can be examined, then kept or discarded.

Once we turn the flashlight on our thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviors we can decide whether they are worth keeping. Does what we think and do further us, contribute to us, bring us closer to our goals and dreams or move us farther away? Those are the only two possibilities, other than, we can remain stuck where we are.

So become aware of your thoughts. How? Make it a point to focus on being positive. Think positively! Whenever you notice you are not thinking positive, change it. Awareness, is when you notice you aren’t doing what you intend to do, and choice is when you switch it to do what you want. Awareness is paying attention. Spotlighting!

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

Awareness, is not judgmental. When you notice you are not thinking positive but are distracted or thinking negative you do not criticize. If you criticize you are only thinking more negative thoughts. Instead, you notice AND you determine to steer your thoughts toward the positive bit by bit. You take control of your thoughts.

You can notice and validate when you do what you want, as well. You can pat yourself on the back for maintaining your positive thinking. Congratulate and praise yourself for carrying out your intention. By tasking yourself to think positive you can become aware of when you are and when you aren’t.

This is the first step in gaining control and developing choice. As time goes on, situations may arise and you find yourself steering away from the negativity many times. You may be delighted to find at some point, that how you would have reacted to a situation, you now behave differently. Now, you decide how you want to respond.

You Cannot Escape Your Thoughts

In doing this, by becoming aware, you are reclaiming your power. You are deciding that you do not have to think and act as you were programmed to always, but that you have choice in the matter. Through observing you discover that you can decide, you can chose in the present moment, rather than reacting automatically.

You can begin to live who you are instead of from your conditioning. You will discover the real, present you, and live from the now, instead of from the past. Who you are today will not be who you were yesterday. You will discover your talents, and resources and opportunities instead of living from fears and worry and old rules.

Once you become free you can see that the conditioned you was never who you are, was never the real you, but the you, you had learned to be. You are more than your learning and programs, you are the programmer. You are the observer! The witness! You are the one who decides.

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure – Awareness The Key

Your beliefs either serve you and get you closer to where you want to be or they move you further away. Each thought will either be positive or negative. Each thought will either nourish you and benefit you or consume and destroy you. Now, you can choose what to think and believe. Make wise choices!

Awareness opens the doorway to discovery and adventure. You can move beyond anything that was a limitation into new ways of being now and in your future. You can delight and surprise yourself by finding new opportunities to succeed and to enjoy life, as never before. So explore! Become aware. Choose how you think! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is another glorious day no matter what you think of it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Be A Deliberate Creator And Get What You Want From Your Career And Life!

horizons crossing-the-divide-phil-koch

“Why should you clarify your goals? Is it helpful to define your purpose? Is writing these down important? What does knowing what you want, specifically, do for you? What good does writing it down do? Is it important to plan? I get asked these questions a lot through the years.

Knowing what you specifically want enables you to make a detailed, precise mental image of what you are going for. It isn’t vague. It is specific. You fill it with detail. For example, if you wanted a new car, it is best to specify the exact make and model of the car.

How many doors, the color inside and out, the roof, the glass, the type of wheels and hubs. Every element of the car. Heated seats? If you are a car fan then your probably know all the specifics. That is great because you can see it more clearly.

Imagine driving in it. See your hands on the wheel, feel your grip  on the wheel. Feel the comfort of the seats. Notice the power and the drive. Imagine it fully. The more you are able to do that the more  you are on your way to getting it. Remember, you make it happen!

What You See And Say And Feel Is What You Get

Know exactly what you want. Know when you want it. How will you get it? You may not know this yet, but think about it. Dream about it. Come up with a plan. As you fantasize about getting the car of your dreams you mind will deliver to you a plan in whole or in part.

Listen, watch for it. Pay attention to your ideas and hunches. Keep notebook handy. What will you do in exchange for getting the car? How will you earn the money? Plan to get it and then you work the plan. Write it down. It helps your visualizations.

The more specific you are the more you activate those areas in your brain. Set a deadline when you want to have it. Between now and the deadline imagine what it is like to already own the car. See yourself driving it. Feel yourself driving it. Park it see yourself get out and into it.

Feel It Fully – Appreciate and Be Thankful

It is yours. How good does it feel? Feel it fully. What things do you say to yourself about your car? Did you name it? All the little things make a big difference. The more detail you imagine the more real it is to you. The more real it is in your mind the quicker you can make it happen.

Obsess about it! Enjoy it! Celebrate it. Be thankful for the car right now, that someday you will have. Celebrate and appreciate having it before you actually do in the outer world. Gratitude is so important. Feeling thankful for what you want, sends that message to the subconscious that this is important to me. You are feeling it!

Define your life purpose. Establish goals and benchmarks along the way. Have your long term important chief purpose and set goals you pick up along the way. 3 month goals, 6 month, 1 year, 3, 5 10 year goals. Whatever best works for you. Set daily and weekly goals. It work wonders. Get into the habit of thinking with intention.

Decide, ‘I will get these things done today.  I’ll finish these by the end of the week.’ Then work them off your list. Build good habits. Develop personal credibility with yourself. Never break a promise you make to anyone, especially your vows to you. Once you decide on what you intend to do follow through on it.

Always Do What You Say You Will – Follow Through

Hill stated in ‘A Year Of Growing Rich’, ‘The person who acts with purpose and a plan attracts opportunities. How can life give you anything if you don’t know what you want yourself?

How can others help you to succeed if you haven’t decided how to get there yourself? Only with definiteness of purpose will you be able to overcome the defeats and adversities that will stand in your way.’

Clarify what you want specifically. Write it down. Review it multiple times a day. Feel enthused, feel great feelings, as you review to provide your subconscious a clear example of what to marshall your resources around. If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.

Make a practice of setting goals and getting them. You can start small if you wish then work your way up to medium and large.  Be specific and allow for something better. It is always wise to think, ‘This is what I want OR something better.’ Never demand how you make it happen.

Allow For Creativity And Spontaneity

Build you success history of accomplishment to look back on! Keep your word so that you are credible to yourself and others. Always follow through and make things happen. Be a CAN DO, intentional creator. Create what you want or something better.  Remember it is always up to you and no one else. YOU CAN be, do and have anything you desire. Why not dream big! Go for the gusto! ” Rex Sikes

Have a happy today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret To Wealth: What A Surgeon Learned From A Poor Coal Miner

horizons journeys-end-phil-koch

“Wouldn’t you like to believe you can succeed no matter what and then actually succeed? Don’t you want to believe you deserve of all good things and riches? What if you could develop a powerful, unstoppable mindset, would that be worth it to you?

Your beliefs determine whether you will succeed or fail. You will only go so far as the limitation of your own thinking. You won’t do what you don’t believe is possible for you to do. Whatever you believe determines the results you get in the world.

I have shared principles and approaches so you can work with your beliefs. Go back through this blog site re-read and study these articles. Learn to uncover and challenge your own beliefs when they limit you and you will have learned something of great value.

Our beliefs form the framework, the window, that we look at the world from. It is important we develop powerful and positive beliefs to see us through any hardship on the way to accomplish our goals. Wouldn’t you like to have your beliefs support you?

Author, researcher, lecturer Joseph Murphy related a wonderful and powerful story which I paraphrase here. I love this story. Perhaps, you will too.  We can learn much about ourselves from others experiences. This biographical tale was told to him by  an Irish surgeon, the son of a poor coal miner.

A Surgeon’s Tale

As the story goes, the miner and his family were very poor. Barely able to make ends meet, fruit and meat appeared on their dinner table twice a year for the holidays.

Mostly, they existed on potatoes, tea and buttermilk. The young son went to school barefoot because they could not afford to buy him shoes.

One day the boy announced to his father that he wanted to become a surgeon, because one of his schoolmates had cataracts removed and he, too, wanted to help people, as his classmate had been helped.

His father spoke these words. ‘Son I have saved and put aside 3000 pounds over 25 years for your education. It is yours but I prefer you do not touch it until you complete medical school. Then use it to open a nice office in a good section of town.

Meanwhile, it will draw interest, and upon your graduation it will make a nice egg for you. Leave it in the bank and let it accumulate.’ The young boy was thrilled.

He never expected such a wonderful gift. He promised to never touch the money until he graduated from medical school. He worked and scrimped. He  made his way through medical school on his own. He worked in a pharmacy in the evening.

He worked holidays. He earned money teaching classes in pharmacology and chemistry at the medical college. His goal was to live up to the vow he made his father that he would never touch the waiting money.

On his graduation day his father told him, ‘Son, I’ve been a poor miner all my life. I have gotten nowhere but you, I am so proud of you. You have put yourself through college and have graduated. I must tell you something.

There is not one shilling, nor one penny saved for you in a bank. There never was. I wanted you to dig deep inside yourself and discover the treasures there within. These treasures are limitless, inexhaustible and eternal.’

The surgeon told Murphy, his mind was blown for a moment. He was dumbfounded and unable to speak. It took a few moments to recover but then both, he and his father, had a hearty belly laugh. He got it. He understood what his father wanted him to learn on his own.

The father wanted his son to develop and appreciate the feeling wealth made possible by the thought that he had lot money in the bank to back him up, if needed. His father understood the value of a healthy mindset.

Because he believed he had that money, he told Murphy, this gave him the courage, the faith and the confidence to accomplish his dream of becoming a surgeon. He pushed ahead. He worked hard to make it happen and to keep his promise.

He said his belief in the money being there had accomplished this purpose just as well as if it had actually been deposited by his father. His belief saw him through to the end. He told Murphy that everything he accomplished was a symbol of his conviction, faith, commitment and vision.

‘For everyman in the world, the secret of success, achievement and fulfillment of his goal in life lies in the discovery of the miraculous power of thought and feeling. Our surgeon friend, ACTED CONFIDENTLY, just as if the money had always been there!’ Joseph Murphy.  From his book, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I love this story! Don’t you? Celebrate and enjoy! How might you begin to develop positive beliefs that serve you in like fashion? Beliefs are thoughts we think over and over again and ultimately accept as if true. They may not be true at all, as in this case.

What can you do to believe the best about you? As I have stated many times, if you don’t like the TV show you are watching you change the channel to something better. The same is true of your thoughts. Make your thoughts and feelings work for you!

Switch negative limiting beliefs and feelings to positive, productive, enjoyable thoughts and feelings. Change the focus of your thinking. Withdraw your energy from the less than glorious and put your energy, focus and concentration on what you want instead.

If you knew you would succeed, no matter what, if you worked at it, would you try? Would you try harder? If you knew you couldn’t fail would this help propel you? If not this, what would? What beliefs do you need to have in place in order to accomplish everything you want?

You can develop those and believe them! Put autosuggestion and affirmations to work for you. Develop the very beliefs you need. Many times, I have shared with you how you can put this practice to work for you. The question is, will you?” Rex Sikes

What wonderful discovers can you make today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Believe In Yourself To Get What You Desire

horizons all-the-dreams-i-used-to-know-phil-koch

“It’s the new year and you want to start off everything the right way, don’t you? You’d like to keep your resolutions, hit your goals and make you dreams come true, right? You want this year to be better than last year, even if last year was good, because you always want to make things better. Isn’t that true? Are you willing to learn how?

It takes two things to be able get anything you want in life? That is it! Two things. If you have the two things you can make almost anything happen, within reason. What does within reason mean? Most likely, you won’t be able to fly without some other form of assistance. Get it. It is reasonable to assume this.

Napoleon Hill said these two necessary ingredients were desire. A white hot burning desire for your goal. You must want it more than anything else. It must dominate your mind day and night. It should occupy your thoughts. In previous posts I’ve discussed this using his example of Edwin C. Barnes and Thomas A. Edison.

You Can Be, Do And Have Anything You Fully Desire

The second ingredient is faith. Most of us think religion when we hear or read the word faith. That is not what Napoleon Hill meant. He define faith as an unwavering belief in oneself to be able to do anything positive to make their desired positive goal happen. It is a complete conviction that results in absolutely knowing you can do it.

Most religions and other thought leaders tell people to ‘have faith,’ that is is important. No one ever said ‘how’ to have faith. Hill says this about that. ‘ FAITH is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion.’

Again, we come back to affirmations, self-talk, and visualization. We can acquire the faith necessary to make our dreams come true by repeatedly affirming what we want. We instruct the subconscious mind by talking to ourselves in an positive and emotionally charged way. ‘Through the principle of auto-suggestion.’

Instruct Your Subconscious Mind – Direct It – Take Charge

We instruct the subconscious by imaging what we want as though it has already occurred for us. We presently enjoy in our mental movie theater of our mind that which we want to happen, by seeing it and feeling it as if it already has. We do these things repeatedly day and night because of our desire.

Faith and desire motivate us to make happen what we want. Not from desperation but from dedication! We manufacture what is necessary by how we use our mind repeatedly day in and day out. The truth is most people don’t use their minds well. They are lazy and lazy won’t cut it. That is why few people get what they want.

Autosuggestion is always going on! THAT IS WHY it is called AUTO – suggestion . It is automatically occurring! We are instructing the subconscious mind through our repeated thoughts, positive or negative. This is an ongoing process from which there is NO escape. We CAN direct it once we take charge of the process but we cannot stop it. It is to our benefit to learn how to direct and control it!

That Which We Think Most Of, Most Of The Time Controls Us

The reason so few people get what they want is because of the mix of positive and negative thoughts that influence them. They believe but they doubt too. They want it but they fear and worry. Our lives, our results are a result of the preponderance of thoughts we think. That which we think most of, most of the time controls us. Hill says.

‘Every man is what he is, because of the DOMINATING THOUGHTS which he permits to occupy his mind. Thoughts which a man deliberately places in his own mind, and encourages with sympathy, and with which he mixes any one or more of the emotions, constitute the motivating forces, which direct and control his every movement, act, and deed!’

‘…through experiment and practice, acquire the ability to mix FAITH with any order given to the subconscious mind. Perfection will come through practice. It cannot come by merely reading instructions.’  Quotes are from THINK AND GROW RICH.

Use Auto-suggestion Instead Of Auto-Suggestion Using You

We will continue to discuss faith in future posts. I like Napoleon. He speaks what others have spoke through time, but he cuts to the chase. He says it succinctly. If we can conceive it, and we really, absolutely must have it, and we fully and completely believe in ourselves and that we will have it, then we can accomplish it.

Plus, he instructs us in how we can begin to want it and believe it so that we can achieve it. It does not come from reading about it but by doing mental exercises night and day. We get it from how we direct our mind and what we occupy our mind with. We make it happen by taking control of our thoughts and directing them to the outcome!

Truly, we are able to think and grow rich, or happy or have anything we want when we aim our mind with laser like precision towards the target of our desire. When we know what we want because we have defined it and we want it above and beyond anything else, and we do the positive good that is necessary to make it happen – we can be, do and have anything! That is the outcome!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate everything!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Think Your Way To Money And Success! A True Story.

horizons the-polar-bear-express-phil-koch

“When it comes to success who succeeds? Do you know the factors, the characteristics, the actions necessary to make it happen? You do realize those who are absolutely committed and passionate about what they want AND must accomplish get further than those who hope and wish and dream, don’t you?

Some people have a lot of energy, even passion, but it is scattered. It is not focused. It is all over the place. They even know what they want. They wish for things and hope for them, but not very much. It is nice if they make it but,  just in case, they have plenty of other options if they don’t. They don’t work all that hard to get anywhere.

Thoughts Are Things

Edwin Barnes story continues: Consider all the things Barnes did. He had a wish. He turned it into a white hot definite desire. He visualized and affirmed what he wanted, day and night repeatedly, until it became his dominant desire. He rehearsed and prepared in his mind. It occupied his consciousness most of the day.

He saw himself working for Edison. He saw himself conversing with Edison. He imagined Edison bringing him on board. He planned his future in his mind when there was no evidence of any of it ever happening. He kept at it. According to Hill, he impressed what he wanted on his subconscious mind through autosuggestion. He made plans. Nothing detoured him, nothing prevented him, he never quit!

If You Pay Attention You Can Learn And Use The Secret

He was willing to accept any opening opportunity just to work with Edison. He made the journey. Traveled by ‘blind baggage’ not even in a passenger car. He looked like a tramp but thought like a king. He did what he had to to get to Edison. He stated, that he put Edison ‘on notice’ that he wanted to partner and provide value to Edison.

Edison was impressed by his demeanor and conviction. He hired him for a menial job and wages.  He got his foot in the door. He got to Edison. He got Edison to meet with him. He got Edison to know who he is. He impressed Edison with the strength of his character. He got Edison to hire him.  He made it happen.

He Burned His Boats There Was No Retreat

It is not only who you know that is important. It is who knows you! It’s how they think of you. Opportunity can come from any place and anyone. If you are known as a person of worth, who adds value and are pleasant to be around doors may open up for you. If you go the extra mile and are a positive influence you stand better chances.

Barnes worked for five years, biding his time, adding value, and demonstrating his worth, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. During that time he intensified his desire. He continued to build it in his mind. He kept the faith and worked diligently.

Nothing Could Stop Him

When the opportunity presented, it came in an unexpected way. Edison’s new invention wasn’t selling well and his sales people weren’t able to move the product. Barnes leapt into action. He told Edison he could sell it. Edison gave him the chance.

Sell it he did! Others thought it too difficult but Barnes made it happen. He sold it and sold it. Edison gave him a contract  to market and distribute it all over America. He ended up becoming a multi millionaire too. His partnership with Edison lasted more than 30 years.

Opportunity May Come Through The Back Door

When Barnes was ready the opportunity presented itself. All the while he kept the faith. Even when it appeared that nothing was happening  he kept the faith! He didn’t have a Plan B. He knew he wanted and was convinced he would ultimately make it happen.

We can all learn a lot from Edwin C. Barnes. Hill says this about him in Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich, ‘(Barnes)… has made himself rich in money, but he has done something infinitely greater, he has proved that one really may ‘Think and Grow Rich.’  How much actual cash that original DESIRE of Barnes’ has been worth to him, I have no way of knowing.’

Nothing Is Impossible For Those Who Truly Desire

‘…whatever it is, becomes insignificant when compared with the greater asset he acquired in the form of definite knowledge that an intangible impulse of thought can be transmuted into its physical counterpart by the application of known principles.’

‘Barnes literally thought himself into a partnership with the great Edison! He thought himself into a fortune. He had nothing to start with, except the capacity to KNOW WHAT HE WANTED, AND THE DETERMINATION TO STAND BY THAT DESIRE UNTIL HE REALIZED IT.’

Purpose, Desire, Faith, Persistence Work Magic

‘He had no money to begin with. He had but little education. He had no influence. But he did have initiative, faith, and the will to win. With these intangible forces he made himself number one man with the greatest inventor who ever lived.’

He did, Think and Grow Rich! And so can you! Study these principles for success. Read about them, over and over again. More importantly, put them to work. Put them into practice. DO what is required for success and you will be successful. It won’t come from the reading but from applying what you read. DO it! Do it today!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate and enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Take Advantage Of Opportunity And Succeed

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“What mindset makes a winner? How does your self talk influence you? Do you monitor and make certain it is positive? Is it helpful 80% of the time or is it 80% less than glorious or unhelpful? These are important, critical, considerations.

We have been discussing Edwin C. Barnes, in previous posts, and what was his mindset and self-talk were like? Napoleon Hill uses Barnes’ story as an example, in chapters 1 and 2, of Think and Grow Rich. He states Barnes traveled to New Jersey confident and positive; he knew inside he would eventually partner with Edison.

‘When he went to Orange, he did not say to himself, ‘I will try to induce Edison to give me a job of some sort.’ He said,  ‘I will see Edison and put him on notice that I have come to go into business with him.’ He did not say, ‘I will work there for a few months and if I get no encouragement, I will quit and get a job somewhere else.’

He Knew Inside

Remember, Hill said he may have looked like a tramp but his thoughts we those of a king. Further, he said, that while Barnes aim may have begun as a wish he turned it into his dominant chief aim. He made it a burning desire and had complete faith himself to accomplish the outcome he sought. Barnes left himself no other options.

Hill continued, ‘He did say, ‘I will start anywhere. I will do anything Edison tells me to do, but before I am through, I will be his associate.’ He did not say, ‘I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity in case I fail to get what I want in the Edison organization.’ (He wasn’t trying it out to see ‘if it might work,’ Barnes would make it work!)

‘He said, ‘There is but ONE thing in this world that I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me and stake my ENTIRE FUTURE on my ability to get what I want.’ (There was only one thing he wanted!! He burned all his bridges. There was no escape route; no plan B.)

I Will Start Anywhere I Will Do Anything

‘He left himself no possible way of retreat. He had to win or perish! That is all there is to the Barnes story of success.’ I love this, he had to win or perish! Hill closes the discussion with, ‘that is all there is to Barnes story  of success.’ It is that simple and that extraordinary!

Napoleon Hill points it all out for us in the very beginnings of his book. He says he was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study and model 500 of the most successful business men of the day, He was to release his findings as a practical, teachable, formula and philosophy anyone else could apply to succeed. He spent 20 years.

His first book ‘Laws Of Success’ was based on the principles he uncovered. Later, he released, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. In both, he succinctly present the information and says, make a study of this and do these things. ACTUALLY do them, practice them, day and night, don’t just read about them, and you will be successful.

His Thoughts Were Those Of A King

You can be, do and have anything you desire when you apply these principles. A strong claim backed up by the fact that more millionaires have been made by reading Think And Grow Rich, and putting his methods to work than apparently in any other ways. HIs methods have stood the test of time. Would you like to be one too?

If you answered yes, then do what he says. Study the works. Make it your ambition. Then do what he outlines. Look at Barnes, do what he did. After all Hill says, ‘…that is all there is to Barnes success.’ You should read and study the rest of the book to learn how Barnes got to that point. BUT you must implement the practice, not just read!

Still, I will simplify much of it right now. You can’t be a wimp you must be deliberate about what you intend to make happen. You can’t be half assed you must be all in. You can’t call the shots you must begin wherever you are and take advantage of any opening opportunity that presents itself. You must know what you want.

You must continue in the absence of evidence to intensify what you want and know that if you stay with it, and not quit but persist, you will make it happen. Hill goes on to add some very important things. You must have a pleasing personality so people want to help you. You must attract others with your mindset and actions.

I Will Stake My Entire Future On My Ability To Get What I Want

You must add value and go the extra mile to those you work for and with. You should be the first in and the last out and demonstrate your worth to all concerned.  You must believe in yourself and make whatever adjustments are necessary all along the way to the win. You must be ultra-confident but humble too.

Always keep your goal in sight. Visualize it, as if you already have it. Affirm it with your speech. Remain positive inside and out. Do these things and you too will succeed. It does require effort. That is why not everyone who begins continues the journey to the end. If you are committed, and are ‘all in’ you will. Journey and complete it!

You will make you dreams reality when you do these things whole-heartedly and fully. When you are completely committed there will be no stopping you. Just make sure you aren’t doing anyone else any harm in pursuing your goals. When everyone wins and benefits you are assured to win and benefit. Commit! Start making your dreams come true today!” Rex Sikes

Today is yours!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Holds You Back? What You Can Do About It

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“‘I appreciate the idea of staying positive. But I really struggle with the blind spot here. Children around the world are suffering and dying. They are not responsible for their situation.

This kind of “teaching” suggests there is some way those innocent children could have prevented the awful scenario we see played out in front of us. It’s not enough to turn the telly off and act like everything is ok. It’s not.

This teaching is about attaching to an idea and/or outcome, and that is the birthplace of suffering. Of course, in general terms, there is merit in being positive. Be happy.’ From Hugh

“Today, my blog post is my reply to this comment made yesterday. I included the comment above.  Of course, you can read it at the post page from yesterday too, along with others. Below is my answer, my opinion. My response.

Excellent points and questions. I am glad you raised them. Napoleon Hill stated he faced the very same concerns, deeply, when his son was born without ears or internal hearing apparatus.

No, no one is saying innocents are responsible for their condition. Life is what life is. In fact, until 7, 8,9 or 10, one could argue, children are mostly just programmed by adults, peers, and situations they grow up around and in.

What this teaching stresses is, if at some point, one is lucky enough to be exposed to it, one can learn to control their own thinking. A person can then work to overcome life circumstances and the conditioning they were brought up in.

Whether they do or not is up to them and no judgement should be made.

Some will yell that the underprivileged feel entitled and are lazy. That is not the case at all. Most people want to better themselves. And if there are some who do not that is their choice.

There are people at both ends of the wealth spectrum that benefit from entitlements. There are some wealthy who are lazy. No one is casting dispersion here, or at least I am not. Nor do I think the teaching does.

It could be said, if one wants to learn how to fish, this teaching will teach them. If some prefer to be fed, I have no problem with that. That is what charity and philanthropy and generosity and good will are all about.

Yes, there is suffering in the world. How one handles the suffering is an individual thing AND largely based on the life experiences and conditioning the person has had. I am no judge.

SO I cannot hold people accountable for their conditioning or their experiences or lack of them. If there is a creator, or divine intelligence, or whom or whatever, that is their domain not mine.

I can only share what I know. I know this. You can go through an experience thinking and feeling negative or thinking and feeling positive. One seems to work better than the other.

Positive thinking does not guarantee success, but makes it more likely than negative thinking. So for me, I choose to be positive. My life and world work better that way.

As for turning off television or turning a blind eye to troubles around the world I don’t think that is realistic. I don’t think being overly fixated on it serves anyone either.

With 24/7 news and bombardment in all media of negative messages AND really mostly ONLY negative messages, because that is what news is,

I say be enlightened and informed to local and world events. JUST don’t get caught up in the negativity.

Negativity is great for knowing what you don’t want or what you want to avoid or exclude. It informs you what you may want to leave behind.

Positivity tells you or informs you what you want to move toward, where you are going or headed, what you want to include or have more of.

Both are necessary. But we need one more than the other. IF you are being chased by a bear in the woods, let’s call this negative, you want to flee the bear, avoid it, leave it behind, not get eaten, and run to a safe place where you are safe and without fear or worry.

You must run with everything you have.

You can’t do that if you keep your eyes on the bear. You have to keep your focus on where you are running to, in front of you. You KNOW the bear is there but your focus is on safety.

The bear is a huge motivator to get there quickly.

In the same way, negativity informs us what we don’t want and can motivate us to get what we do want and more quickly if we use it.

Negative thoughts and feelings are part of life. Positive feelings are part of life too.

Where you spend most of your time determines the quality of your life. Two people born in poverty one exclaims, ‘that is it! I refuse to be poor ever again!’ and works to become rich.

The other says, ‘Wow cool, the rich life is for me! I want all that!’ and works to become rich.

Both are possible. My thought is spend most of your time being positive. It feels better, makes things easier and is more enjoyable.

To the extent you want to, evolve yourself, take control of your thinking and feeling, so you enjoy life more fully.

Help others, help make the world a better place. If you see a wrong, attempt to right it. Delight in and celebrate everything.

If there is a problem, examine it and then turn your attention toward a solution. We rarely accomplish anything by fighting hate with hate, violence with violence, anger with anger, racism with racism, poverty with poverty.

We need to focus on what we want to bring about and work to bring it about. We do that by maintaining our focus on what we want, what we want to include, what we want more of.

We continue to think positive and feel good because life is more enjoyable that way.

Still, it rains on the rich and the poor. Calamity and disaster and heartbreak visit both. How those are responded to and handled is up to the individual and no one, in my opinion, should fault any other human for how they handle difficulty.

Just always remember, night gives way to day, cold becomes warm, waves that have gone out return. This too shall pass. Life is cyclic.

In my world view, evolve yourself to be the best person you can be. Allow other to be who they are. Love lots and forgive much. Learn from adversity and less than desirable circumstances.

Our beliefs either support us and free us up to be, do and have anything we want or they constrain or limit us in some way. We need to learn to recognize when our own mindset is preventing us and change it if we so chose. We can if we believe we can.

If you have goals and dreams go after them, don’t wait. It is not likely others will get them and give them to you. You have to work for it yourself.

Learn to control your thoughts and feelings so you think the best and feel the best 80 or 90% of your time. Whether you have one life or multiple lives, right now is all you have right now!

Celebrate, delight and enjoy it for no reason other than – why not?

It is your life choose what you want to it to be and make it such. Have fun all along the way. Learn to not take things too seriously, relax, let go, play.

Suffering is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Both revolve around outcomes. OR neither have anything to do with circumstances.

Some people in the worst of circumstances are delightfully fulfilled and happy. Others have everything, it seems, yet suffer. Finding out how to best live our life is up to each of us.

My hope is that I have addressed the points and questions. I hope that you, I and others can learn to be grateful and celebrate more of what is available to us while we are here. Let us delight and enjoy it all!

Meanwhile, the best wishes, always in everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Great Deception: How To Stop Living The Lie

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“Did you know that most likely you have been brought up not knowing the full truth? Some very important principles were kept from you, deliberately or otherwise. Your struggles today are directly tied to not having the right information and know how.

You learn about things like positive thinking or Law Of Attraction and you give them a try. If you are like many people you get mixed results so you eventually give up. Would you like to know why this is and what you can do to ensure success?

You encounter the Law Of Attraction. You are told you are wonderful, deserving, abundant, talented and healthy. You have access to all good things.

Your mind, already conditioned with habitual fears, stories, doubts, reasons, excuses, blames, and messages from others, responds the same way it always does. It doubts it, fears it and all the rest.

This is because these LOA thoughts run counter to what many people are brought up believing. Some do, if you do you are fortunate. If not, no worries. Still, many people have the following experience:

You begin positive thinking and up comes the old conditioning.

The Way You Tame It IS To Replace It

It does require effort. Yes, you must invest in yourself if you want to live the way you are supposed to be living. You train your mind the same way you train a dog. You use patience, kindness, reward, repetition and firmness. You must keep at it if you want to succeed.

You are told let go of the negative. Then the old messages really rear up. You are told don’t worry about finances.  Stop focusing on your bills and debt. Your mind goes ‘but… but… but… if I don’t everything will collapse’.

You think, ‘I have to do something or everything will fall apart’. So you worry, fret, fear, doubt, get sad and anxious. You try to do things to keep it all together. You want the new but you busy yourself with the old.

You try to keep it from falling apart. You think, ‘if I just do this one more thing’, or if you try this other thing’, then things will be okay. You put your faith in actions. You were told you have to work hard to succeed.  So you keep trying to salvage things.

All your conditioning, everything you were taught, is about trying and striving and struggling to make it work. Then, maybe, then you will make it if you keep at it long enough. That is the American way. Work hard and get ahead. That is what some people value.

So you try to do more. You think more, act more, buy more, sell more. You do everything you know what or how to do. You plot and you plan but meanwhile everything remains the same. WHY?

Why Doesn’t It Change? Because You Are Creating It

Your conditioning says, ‘it is a real, hard, cold, separate world out there. Got to work hard to get ahead. Bad things happen to good people. I am not responsible for what happens. I am not lucky. Others are born to privilege I was not. The ‘real world’ is unloving and unkind.’

LOA emphasizes focusing on the positive. Let go of struggle. Accept whatever it is that you want. Believe you are worthy and that you deserve it. Allow it, believe it and receive it! The LOA says to live in harmony with your desires.

Open up to them and you can have them!

The LOA says it is 99% mental and only 1 % actions. It is the complete opposite to how you have been conditioned. Your desired new beliefs encounter the wall of your old beliefs head on. Smash!

Because of your past conditioning you don’t believe it. You resist. Your prior thoughts persists. Your reality remains the same because you pour all your energy into fighting.

You Fight What You Don’t Want. You’re Afraid You Will Lose Out

When it is all said and done you are exhausted and depleted. You have nothing left that is positive. You keep trying to do something to make it better. You still struggle and work hard or you whine and complain and blame everything and everyone else.

LOA emphasizes ‘Mindset First!’ Get the mind in order and your feelings will follow. Once these are in harmony everything else will begin to line up. Open yourself up to receive inspiration from within.

Tap into your inner strengths, power and resourcefulness. Everything you need you already have within you. BUT you have never known that nor have you believed or accepted that.

How could you? You believed all the contrary messages growing up?That was your reality. That is what you have continued to live from. You heard, ‘be brave, take risks’, and you tried. Sometimes it worked out and you were surprised.

Other times it did not and you were even more convinced that those negative limiting messages you grew up with were the right ones. We convince ourselves. You sought and found proof that your upbringing and conditioning was right. All of us do this.

You Have To  Get Over Your Own Previous Conditioning

That is the key. Turn away from what you believed. It  will be one of the most difficult things you have to do. You can do it bit by bit or all at once. The bottom line is YOU can do it.

Those limiting beliefs you were raised with served you in some ways. They worked at times but not really that well. This is because they were the partial truths. You got some of it but not all of it. You didn’t get the part that makes it all work. You also got it reversed.

They taught you to put the cart before the horse. It doesn’t work that way. That is why you and so many people struggle. You learned part of it and not all of it. What you learned was wrong and backwards. But it was all plausible so you and I and others believed it

Because it worked some of the time you believed it even more. It is random conditioning. One of the strongest forms of conditioning there is. Gamblers gamble because sometimes they win. They become convinced they can ‘strike it rich’ and that they break even most of the time when they do not. It is powerful.

It is difficult because you are so close to those thoughts. They form your paradigm. Your self image is invested in them. It is not comfortable. Your brain has run those same neural pathways for years. Those thoughts are your chronic, habitual thoughts.

Those pathways are the path of least resistance for you. It is the obvious and easiest choice to make. Because it is habit it is what you find yourself doing over and over again. It requires no effort to travel those well worn pathways.

You learned much of it from loving people. You learned much of it from media wanting to manipulate, control and to sell things. A weak mob is a weak mob. It is better to keep the masses confused and powerless. Rule by chaos, distraction and confusion.

It Is No Accident 1% Of The Population Controls All The Wealth

They know something you and I didn’t. They have been conditioned differently from the start of their lives. They grew up with a powerfully different set of beliefs, values and ethics than you and I did.

Mind Power First!

It has been emphasized since ancient times. No wonder it is what is ridiculed most by ‘experts’ and those in authority. It IS the secret! Get your mind together and your life will come together! Attitude IS everything. From within so without!

Thought precedes action. Thought precedes everything! Thoughts become things. What we think about we bring about. BUT they want you to think it is the result of your hard work. Actions is what they emphasize.

Let go of the your old ways! Your old beliefs will fight. They won’t let go without kicking and screaming. They are your closely held beliefs and practices. Little by little you can learn the new way. You can learn to live the secret.

Just as  a little trickle can become a mighty river you can make changes step by step. Small at first. Eventually, you will make great strides. Persist and you to can become a mighty creator and live your dreams.

Don’t let your old conditioning prevent you any longer. Stop thinking those old thoughts. Take a deep breath, let go and begin thinking new thoughts. Live a new way. Fill your mind with the new thinking. Train your mind and be in charge of your thoughts.

If You Change Nothing Nothing Will Change

Stop living from the old conditioning. Give yourself permission to think differently. Allow yourself to discover the power that is already yours. Discover the power that IS and has always been within you.

All your life YOU have gotten precisely what you have thought about most in your life. The LOA states, ‘what you think about most you become.’ You attract like thoughts. What you focus on you get. What you think about you bring about.

If you have debt it is because you are concerned with debt. Whatever problems you have been focusing on is what causes them to remain. Birds of a feather flock together. You need to think about, concentrate and include only what you DO want.

If you want wealth begin to experience abundance in all its present forms. Become grateful and thankful for everything. Delight in all that is inside you and outside of you. Live with joy and passion. Celebrate all of what you have and you will get more.

Fill your mind daily with positive thoughts. Read positive, inspiring and motivational material. Re-read it again and again. Listen to audios that help you get your thinking straight. What you think about most often you become.

Become Powerful 

Become filled with gratitude! Celebrate and appreciate everything. Even your problems because lessons and opportunity are within them if you know where to look. It is not so much that you attract as that you create. You will begin to make things happen.

Wish everyone and everything well. Stay positive. Birds of a feather flock together. What you put out comes back so keep it positive and up lifting. Be happy when others succeed.

Be inspiring and helpful to others. Radiate light, love, positive energy and you will attract like people to you who can help you. Put out from your mind the very best thoughts and you will greatly benefit.

Make it a point to be happy and to feel your very best most of the time. Put on a smile, walk with confidence, be playful, laugh more, have fun and enjoy life! Become a person who can do anything!

Life will transform as you do. You will get more of what you want because birds of a feather DO flock together. Think about what you want to include in your life. Do not think about what you want to exclude from your life. Let that thinking go. Drop it!

Let doubs go. Let fears go. Let the plotting and the trying to fix it go.

You have been taught that the world is separate from you and you have very little influence over it. You have been taught things happen to you. You have been made into a victim of circumstances.

You Are Born To Be A Champion, A Winner And A Victor

In reality you are born worthy, deserving of all good things. You are born to be a champion, a winner and a victor. There is plenty of everything for everyone!  You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Take charge. Become the master of your fate!

You can be in control and in charge of your thoughts feelings and actions. You absolutely can control your thoughts. They don’t want you to believe that. When you do you will realize your power to control and shape your destiny. Own your power!

Your destiny begins within you. Mindset first! Mind power first!

I am not saying sit in your room and do nothing but imagine. I am suggesting that you FIRST get your head straight. Once you do this you will know better what to do and how. From the proper mindset the actions you take will have greater effect.

Operate from your strengths and your abundant gifts. Do not try to operate from lack and worry. Mindset is 99% then the 1% that is action will be powerful and productive. Inspiration comes before perspiration. This is the correct approach. This is where your power is!

Where you live most of the time, what fills your mind, what kind of thoughts you have most of the time dictate the results you get. If they are mostly positive you will get mostly positive results. If they are mostly negative you will get mostly negative results. If they are 50/50 results will be the same.

What You Think About You Bring About

Do you get it yet?

If not, read this again and again until you do!” Rex Sikes

Have a glorious day!!!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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