Expert Reveals: How To Use Your Attention For Success And Happiness

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“When it comes to making your dreams come true what is the most important element? What must you be clear on and what do you not need to know? These are important considerations because some people just can’t seem to make much happen as they would like to.

You must know what you want! First and foremost you must be clear about your Definite Chief Purpose (DCP). You must know what you want and focus on what you want and avoid thinking about what you do not want. You get what you focus on! Stop thinking on problems.

Think about the end result. Know specifically what you want and know WHY you want it. The why is the motivator. What will having what you want allow you to be, do or have? Will it result in more freedom, love, luxury, comfort, well-being, health, or fun? What?

Whether You Think Yes I Want It Or No I Don’t – You Attract It 

What will having accomplished your DCP do for you? This is important. Focus on having accomplished it and all the good reasons. Feel all the great feelings you’d feel if you had it right this moment. Imagine that you do. In your mind it is always the present.

Don’t put it off into the future. Imagine yourself already having the good you desire. See it clearly, in detail and feel all the wonderful feelings. This is your focus. The end result. The goal achieved! This is what you imagine. See it from your eyes – what you would see?

For example, you can see yourself sitting in your dream car. Better yet, imagine what it feels like to drive the dream car. See through the windshield, see your hands on the wheel, feel the grip, feel the seats, smell that new car smell, hear the engine and your positive self-talk.

Whether You Think Yes I Want It Or No I Don’t – You Create It 

Hear what others say as they congratulate you on fulfilling your desire. Make it vivid in all your senses. Sight, sound, feelings, taste and touch. Make it as real. Feel AS IF you already have it. Drive around feeling like you are driving your dream car. Yes! That’s it!

Focus on what you want. Where people screw it up BIG TIME is they begin to wonder how they will ever make it happen. How they will afford it, do it, get it and be it? The begin to worry they might not have what it takes. They get concern  with the how it will happen.

How it will happen is YOU will make it happen. YOU will ultimately do the right things at the right time to bring it about. YOU SHOULD NOT concern yourself with how you will do it. ONLY concern yourself with what you want, the feelings and why you want it.

Whether You Think I’m Rich  Or I Am Poor – You Attract It 

For most people their brains go haywire on this. That is because you have been conditioned from early on to work on the how. Your parent, teachers, friends, everyone, most all of us were brought up concerned with how can we make something possible.

We listened to our parents worry over bills and money and how to make ends meet. How to afford a new home. How to get an A in a class at school. How to throw a baseball better or how to be a better skateboarder or computer geek. How to get a better paying job.

The people who get good at anything and get to the top do so because of their desire and passion. The want it and know why they want it. They live it and breath it. The keep doing and as a result they improve. Action, repeated correct actions, bring about the results.

Whether You Think I Am Healthy Or I Am Sick – You Create It 

It begins inside first with their mindset. The know they WILL have this. They are certain. They pour everything into making it happen. The find mentors, the observe others who successfully do what they want to. They do not let anything stop them. They keep at it.

Those born to wealth and privilege rarely concern themselves with whether or not they will be it or have it. They know they will. They know they can afford it so price is not an issue. Their mindset is they are entitled to it, they deserve it and will have it. This can be great!

You too are entitled and deserve it as a person born on this planet. Pompous entitlement isn’t good for anyone but understanding that you have as much right as anyone else is important. If it is possible for one person it is possible for you. Keep this in mind. Know this!

Whether You Think I Am Smart Or I Am Stupid – You Are It 

Mindset rules everything. It determines how you feel and how far you will go. If you never concern yourself with not having it imagine how much easier it is to actually have it. You bring it about because you are convinced you will and act accordingly. Faith is crucial.

Your mindset should be positive, powerful and unstoppable. You should focus solely on what you want and not get distracted by anything else. Ultimately, you will get your DCP! It will come in the right time so stay with it. When is the right time? When you get it!

Stop putting your focus on anything that doesn’t support or contribute to your making it happen. Get very clear about this. Remember, how is not important.  I’ll share more on this in upcoming blogs. We become what we think about. We get what we focus on.

Whether You Think I Can Or You Think I Can’t – You Are Right

Focus on feeling good. Focus on enjoying your life right now. Focus on being grateful that you already have your DCP. Feel it. Be grateful for everything you do have right now too. Appreciate the challenges and blessings. All of it is worth learning from and enjoying.

Energy flows where your attention goes. You direct it. How you spend your time is important! Spend it feeling blessed and enthusiastically. The better you feel, the more of your time, with your purpose in mind, the swifter you are able to bring it about! So relax, enjoy, and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Prepare for a blessed day. Can you discover all the good today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Recently I’ve been jerking around in 1st gear. I decided to shift up and I did it through spending a bunch of time on this work:
    ‘Think about the end result. Know specifically what you want and know WHY you want it. The why is the motivator. What will having what you want allow you to be, do or have? Will it result in more freedom, love, luxury, comfort, well-being, health, or fun? What?’

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