How To Stop Creating Trauma Drama And Crap In Your Life

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“You try but screw up. Things don’t work out. You end up with crap. Have you felt like this? You’re spinning your wheels getting out of debt or overcoming difficulty? What on earth is going on and why is it so hard? Would you like to know what you can do to change this?

Would you like to know what is possibly going on? From one standpoint the answer is simple. Negative manifestation. The results you keep getting are not the results you want to get. So why does it keep happening? What must you do differently to change it?

Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ That’s what most people do to bring about disasters. If you are like most people it is because of what your focus in on. It is how you use your mind. We all tend to do this! Imagine the worst.

Our Feelings Are The Product Of What We Think

People don’t realize they are already powerful creators. We have been conditioned to believe that things just happen to us. It is true they do. We are taught to believe we have no control over our circumstances and to an extent this is accurate as well.

However, if you want to change your lot in life there are some simple things you must do. The first is to adjust your mindset and take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you. You must understand you create it all. Even, if not completely true.

When you accept full responsibility for everything going on you begin to access your inner strengths and power. Even if you don’t actually create it, if you act as if it you do, if you accept responsibility for it you begin to have a say in it. Then you don’t blame or excuse.

Our Results Are The Product Of What We Think

Your mind begins to look for solutions because you are responsible. You are up for the task. If you got yourself into it you get yourself out of it. Most people won’t want to do this because of their prior younger conditioning. They want to blame others and things.

By blaming they miss out on tapping into their power. It is a natural tendency to blame and excuse, to point fingers, and find fault elsewhere. Blame and excuses doesn’t actually help anything. It doesn’t help to blame others or circumstances or oneself. Stop it!

Let go of the blame game. Accept the responsibility for what is and then shift your focus from what is going on to what you want to be going on instead. Move your attention from the crap to the potential. Focus on the desired outcome not present circumstances.

The Moment You Take Full Responsibility – Everything  Changes

When people have problems AND the reason most people do is that most people imagine the worst things they know can happen. They imagine the axe is  going to fall and it does. They have focused on the difficulty and worry and fear for the worst. Then they  get the worst.

They succeeded in helping make the bad thing happen. They created it. They supported it. They allowed it. Even though they didn’t want it they attracted it. In order to change your current reality from not so great to better or to great you must understand this principle.

Even if you don’t think it is true, if you accept it as if it were, and act accordingly, you will begin to experience positive change. You may create great positive change. But, to do so you must embrace it and live from it. You must understand it and change what you are doing.

You Cannot Escape The Consequences Of Your Thoughts

Here is the concept. The universe ONLY says yes. You get whatever you want or whatever you don’t want by what you put your attention on most. If you say ‘NO, I don’t want it’. You get more of it. If you say ‘Yes, I want it’. You get more of it. That is how it works.

You get back whatever you put out. Imagine standing in front of your bathroom mirror and you smile. What do you see reflected back at you? Imagine standing there and frowning. What do you see back at you? Now make a worried, anxious face. What is reflected back?

The principle is attraction. You attract back whatever you are. If you are worried about something you end up with more to worry about. Most people are exquisite creators of crap. Crap magnets! They want it to be different but they keep doing the same things.

You Are Already A Powerful Creator – Now Own Up To It

If you do the same things again and again you don’t get different results. If you frown into the mirror you don’t get back smiles. It would be silly to expect to. To get smiles you must be smiling! If you accept this and determine to work with this you can make changes.

People are successful at creating crap. They are successfully creating crap.  Success breeds success. The more you practice something the better you become. People get really good at creating poverty, lack of love, trauma drama and lots of negative experiences.

Are you tired of trauma drama? If you are getting lackluster results you can change it. If you like what you are getting keep on getting it. If you don’t enjoy your present circumstances and you want better then there are things you can put into motion that help.

You Are Already A Powerful Attractor – Now Own Up To It

You can stop creating the life you don’t want and begin to create the life you do want using the very same process you have already been using, mentioned by Napoleon Hill. Instead of conceiving or imagining dire results imagine what you want instead. See the good.

Use the very same process that you’ve already been using to get what you don’t want in life to begin getting what you do want. Take control of your mind to focus on what it is you want. Maintain the focus on what is good and what is positive. Keep this focus!

Then believe that you’re going to get that, without doubt. Believe that with certainty and you end up bringing that about. Belief comes from maintaining continual focus on it while affirming it in your mind using positive strong emotions. Feel happy. Feel good.

Decide What Kind Of Creator And Magnet Your Are Going To Be

When you fear the consequences of crap results, THAT is a strong emotion. Fear, worry, sadness, anger lock you up. When you think and imagine the worst and feel frustrated or lost you combine your imagination with strong emotions. This is how you create it!

To get the best results you need to imagine while feeling the best feelings. Confident, happy, enthused, exhilarated. Use the same formula but with positive different components. Imagine what you want while feeling with confident. Consider this for a moment.

Have you ever known for sure something bad was going to happen and it did? It’s like you predicted it. Some people are certain they won’t have enough money at the end of the month and they worry about it. They feel dread. At the end of the month, guess what?

If You Aren’t In Charge – Who Did You Give The Charge To

Frequently, it turns out as expected. These people, you and I, are using our minds powerfully to succeed at getting exactly what we do not want whenever we do this. We could be using our minds to get better results, but frankly, no one ever really told us we could.

We grew up blaming and worrying about circumstances. We weren’t told we could be the master of our circumstances. So we practiced creating and attracting crap a lot. Oh, yes, sometimes we also make some pretty good things happen but not consistently.

Life is okay instead of incredible.  So, this is why you create crap in your life. You’re using the method that works. It always works. It doesn’t stop working.  The results you end up with, depend on how you use your mind. YOU get what YOU focus on. Get it? Yes, maybe?

What You Feel Is What You Get – You Get What You Focus On

The easiest way to change it is to focus on feeling your best. Do those little and positive things that bring you more enjoyment throughout each day. Find ways to smile and laugh more. Remember, you get back what you put out. Appreciate what you have. Enjoy!

Be truly grateful. Feel it. Let the mirror give you back wonderful feelings by feeling wonderful first. How do you feel wonderful, you ask? BY what you focus on. If you worry about crap you will feel crappy and worried. You must change your thoughts. Get it? Maybe?

You must change what you give your energy and attention to. Maybe you have to change your thoughts dozens of times in an hour but that is what you must do. If you do it you will gain control of it eventually. You get back what you practice. Success breeds success.

See It – Declare It – Speak it – Make It Happen – Bless Heal Prosper

Think positive, happy thoughts. Train yourself to do this. No one can do it for you. You have to do it. It requires commitment and persistence AND the pay off is spectacular. Think better thoughts. Smile into the mirror. Notice from moment to moment your feelings.

Are you feeling positive or not? Are you feeling good? If not shift your thoughts so that you do. Thoughts precede action. It is difficult to go uphill thinking downhill thoughts. Your thoughts determine how and what you feel. There are actions you can do to feel better.

Focus on the good you already have and feeling grateful. Take some time for yourself. Get a massage. Have a bath. Read something nice. Have an enjoyable meal. Skip, sing, get outdoors. Help someone else feel good. Change your mind, change your state of being. Feel better.

Accept Total Responsibility For Your Life And Everything About It

Don’t wait. Those who wait – wait. Be proactive. If you want to feel better you can’t wallow in the muck. You have to get yourself out of the muck. THEN leave the muck alone. Drop it. Let it go and move to where you’d rather be. Some people leave and miss the muck. STOP!

If it is to be it is up to you. You can change it. You can do it. If you realize you alone are responsible for everything you will take charge because you don’t expect anyone else to swoop in to save you. You don’t expect things to magically change on their own. You do it!

You keep doing it. You live from courage and discipline and positively charged power. Positive thinking may not solve everything but it is far better than negative thinking. If you want to feel great you have to think great too! Smile and the mirror smiles back!

Only You Will Get You Where You Want To Go

At any moment you can WONDER what is in your mirror. Take a look. If it isn’t what you want – make it so it is. Create what you want. Change yourself so what is reflected back IS what you want. Be the change you want more of. Enjoy the best feelings you have. Then keep on smiling! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you reflect today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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