How To Know For Certain You Are On The Right Track

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A major key to personal and professional change is to answer one simple question. When you figure this out almost everything else falls into place. This organizing question makes an incredible difference at how quickly and easily you live the life you want.

From my previous blogs, you already know, there are two ways to divide up the world. There is positive or negative; increase or decrease; closer or farther away. You get this, right? You are either predominantly positive or negative in your thoughts and feelings.

The organizing question you use to determine how you are doing from moment to moment, is simply this: How am I feeling? Do I feel good or not so good? Get it? The goal is to feel your best as much of the time as possible. That doesn’t mean bliss all the time.

Mind Is The Best Friend To Those Who Have Conquered It

It means to feel as good as you are able at any given moment. If you are down and out seek to feel a little bit better. Do whatever you are able to to improve how you feel. Move yourself inch by inch toward Nudge yourself in the ‘better feelings’ direction. Move!

These questions help you determine what is going on. Either you feel good or you don’t. That is what you want to be aware of. These questions help you illuminate what is presently going on with you so you can be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Are you positive or negative most of the time? Are you focused on increase or decrease? Are you feeling good or feeling not so good? Discover this: Is what you are thinking, feeling, speaking, believing, and doing getting you closer to your goal or not?

Mind Is The Greatest Enemy To Those Who Haven’t Conquered It

Is what you are doing supporting you or preventing you from accomplishing your goal swiftly and with ease? Get it? If the answer is you are not feeling so good, or you’re negative, focused on decrease and moving further from your goal you know what to do.

Why would you engage in anything that didn’t support you in some way? If when you ask, you discover that what you are thinking, feeling, speaking and doing is limiting you in some fashion, wouldn’t it be wise to stop it? Why would you continue to limit yourself?

You know what you need to do. Change it. Shift to the other. It really is that simple. That is the bottom line. Are getting you closer or further away from your destination? Are you enjoying yourself of not? If not, do whatever positive, beneficial thing you can so you do.

A Positive Mind Looks For Ways It Can Be Done

Do whatever you are able to, to feel better. Find something to enjoy. Concentrate on the good, turn to gratitude and appreciation. Engage in activities that delight. The goal is to live the life that is most wonderful, most of the time. Get unhooked from drama and issues.

Find ways to turn resistance into assistance. Re-frame difficulties as learning. Look for the opportunity hidden within challenges. Stop and smell the roses. Take time with family and friends. Help someone who needs some help. Live, love and laugh more. Have fun.

If most of your time is spent feeling as good as you can isn’t that well worth it? If you mostly you enjoy life, have fun, are grateful for the people in your life and are able to focus on the good in all of your circumstances, you are living pretty well, aren’t you?

The Happiness Of Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

Isn’t that worth it? If you live a good life wouldn’t that be wonderful? The answer to these last questions will provide you with great insight.  Your yes or no answer will reveal much about you, to you. Proceed from there. Meanwhile, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Spend today celebrating yourself!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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    > rexsikes posted: ” A major key to personal and professional change is to > answer one simple question. When you figure this out almost everything else > falls into place. This organizing question makes an incredible difference > at how quickly and easily you live the life you” >

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