How To Use Your Mind And A Pen To Get What You Want

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We’ve discussed how many people don’t like their circumstances. They want things different yet they keep getting the same results. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect your life to be different.

Review:  To change. First, you must be clear about what you want. One way to do this is to get absolutely clear about what they don’t want. THEN, and this is critical, once you know what you do not want you must  turn your back on it. Drop it, let it go.

Then put all your focus, your attention, your energy on what you absolutely know you do want. Use what you don’t want to clarify what you do want. For example, you don’t want the freeway to be backed up, you want your ride to be sooth and easy and quick.

Elaborate And Describe The Good You Want In Vivid Detail 

You don’t like bad service in restaurant you prefer good food served polite and friendly. When things arise that you do not want, that you do not like, stop, and decide what it is you would rather have. Focus on what you prefer and that you do want and like.  Maintain that!

Focus on what you do want. Get it? Get clear about what you do not want and then focus on what you do want exclusively. This requires you choose. You make a choice, a decision on what to focus. When you make the decision your life begins to transform.

Your life begins changing for the better because you stop telling and re-living the story of what you don’t want. Once you free yourself of the old, broken, undesirable way you are free to live it the way you want to. To make the new life a reality you must attend to it.

Every Day May Not Be A Good Day But There Is Good In Every Day

You must maintain the new story. This must become predominant. Tell the story of the reality you want to live. Not only tell it, be it. In your mind, act as if it is all already yours. You already are the person you want to be. Pretend the future reality IS ALREADY your reality.

Feel and do what you want to be feeling and doing. Imagine you already have those things you want to have. You brain, your subconscious will help you get whatever you imagine. If you think, ‘I want this in the future’, it will always remain off in the future.

You must think, ‘I have this right now’. This is what you presently live and enjoy. It is all right now. It is your present reality. Use present tense words to describe it. Feel it as if are it right now. You are living it. The feelings of having it right now ARE what make this work!

See – Feel – Speak – Write It:  1st Action Steps To Make It Reality

Feel it and believe it. The more you feel it is your current reality the more you will believe it. You nurture your feelings and your belief about it. You make it as real as possible. Enjoy it. This is your inner transformational work. This is how you get the mindset right.

You don’t have to tell others about the brand new car parked in your driveway, but you imagine it. Stop talking about your clunker car, the one you hate, and find the present good. Discover all there is to be grateful for. Don’t dwell on the problems dwell on the good things.

Express the good. Talk only about the good. Don’t whine or complain. Tell a different story about how reliable and wonderful your car is. While you do this imagine driving the new car now. Live that reality inside. That is the story you need to focus on.

See It Hear It Feel It Taste It Smell It – Act As If You Have It Already

Live the conclusion.  What thoughts would you think if you got what you wanted? How would you feel? What would you be doing? How would you look, walk, stand and sit after you got your goal? What would your voice sound like? Who might you be with?

Make your visualization vivid. You want to feel it. Live it. Enjoy it, as if you have it right now. Act as if. Keep a journal and fill it up. Write down how it feels to presently enjoy… (the new car). Describe everything you can. Have fun journaling. Write a bit each day.

Write how it feels to drive it. Describe it. How does it sound. How much you love to hear the engine. The comfort of the seats and the feel of the ride. How it feels to see it parked in your driveway. The places you love to go. The comments people make.

Write Down Your Goals And Your Reasons For Obtaining Them

What it was like to drive it off the lot. Stick with writing and telling the new story you want. Re-live each day, your future in advance. One day when you will have what you want you will think, feel and behave in certain ways. Do that now. Write about it.

Make that future real to you in your imagination. When you imagine. Writing it down helps you make those images. Actually, write it with a pen and paper, don’t type it. You can also make a vision board. Put pictures of what you want on a piece of car board. Or on your mirror.

Keep the idea, fresh, fun and alive in your mind. Whether you do this a lot or once or twice a day is up to you. The point is to get the feelings of the changes you want to bring about. Think it and feel it first, believe it and you can have it. Okay? Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Do something nice for yourself today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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