Why Not Begin Living Your Dreams Today?

horizons splendor-phil-koch

“Why not make today the day to begin living your dreams? Why not start pursuing your passions and greatest goals? Don’t you think it is about time you discover how absolutely incredible you are? You were born to excel and be wonderful!

You are wonderful. You have so many resources you aren’t aware of. Oh, sure, you know about some, but there are so many more within you. You just didn’t know to look, or you have looked in other places. All are within your grasp but you may need to look differently.

Why not live the incredible life you deserve? Life is multi-faceted and glorious. If you look you can see a gorgeous world. Why not make your life gorgeous too? Why live as less than the powerful person you truly are?

When You Stop And Look Around  – This Life Is Pretty Amazing

Some people have let life beat them down. Some have let circumstances take the wind from their sails. Sometimes the path is rocky and treacherous but not always. Life has ups and downs. The sea rises and falls. The wind blows hard and almost not at all.

Each of these changes are movement. Seasons come and go. Night becomes day, cold becomes hot. Goods times turn sad. Troubles give way to increased delight. Everything passes. Life IS flux. There is no reason to think you are stuck. Everything is moving.

Why not make today the beginning day of a new attitude? Start with a renewed sense of joy and determination. Look within for all your good bits as well as outside for that to enjoy! How about you find some of all the many reasons why your life can be beautiful.

Constant Repetition Results In Conviction – Believe In Yourself

Even if you aren’t convinced, at first, the more your pursue these notions; my life is beautiful; I am wonderful; everything can be a blessing; I can find a way; you will. Why not put a smile on your lips a song in your heart and a dance step in your feet.

Move forward in a new way. Enjoy who you are. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy what is yet to come. Enjoy making it happen. Enjoy believing in yourself. Enjoy co-operating with others. Enjoy creating new positive ways to be. Enjoy everything. You can begin right now. Find the good and the new today. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Determine to delight and you can!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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