What’s A Mody? How To Make It Work For You!

Horizons resting-place-phil-koch

“Did you know thinking is a electro-chemical process? We are living batteries, self-contained energy sources, that rely on materials from the outside to sustain ourselves. When we think we release impulses and chemicals that produce our emotions.

It is a symbiotic. Nature provides for reciprocal relationships, just as the flower and butterfly, or bee, need each other. Our brain and body work together synchronously and sequentially in more amazing ways than we can fathom.

Instead of thinking we have a mind and a body perhaps we should say we have a mody. We are one bio-bag of incredible processes to say the least. When we think we produce emotions or feelings. Thought precede feeling and actions.

As Soon As You Can Accept The Idea … 

Those feelings then contribute to produce subsequent thoughts. Our INITIAL thoughts produce feelings. THEN those feelings determine what we think next. We cannot separate the two. If we think happy thoughts we get happier. We feel it.

Then we continue to think happy thoughts. Depending on whether we think positively or negatively we can spiral up into greatness and elation or down in to depression and lack of action. Negative thoughts produce negative sequences.

Learning to control our mody isn’t just about positive thinking but about learning to manage our thinking. Learning the act of management is almost more important than the thought itself. This is a crucial piece of understanding.

… That You Can Control Your Thoughts …

Once you learn to manage your thoughts you become more aware of the triggers that produce glorious and not so glorious feelings. You can take charge of the processes and direct them so you feel better, are more productive and happy.

More of the time! This is important because we become what we think about most often. Most people aren’t even aware of most of the thoughts they think during the day because they are on autopilot. They think from chronic, habitual programs.

These run at conscious threshold or below. They may not be horribly negative, but they are not positive or productive. Think of it this way, even if they were completely neutral they would fall into the negative category because they don’t support you.

… You Will Be Able To Create Your Own Happiness

This is a key element to understand. Either your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitude and the resulting emotions or feelings support you OR they do not. You want them to support you. You want to be able to absolutely choose and direct these.

Learning control takes discipline. It takes time. It is simple but not always easy. It is beyond worth it! BUT you only discover that as the process unfolds for you. It is the basis of creating, manifesting or attracting whatever you want.

When your mind and emotions are congruent and work hand in hand you can aim them are your target desires and go after and get them much more easily. When every aspect of you is aligned you are more powerful, efficient and able. You rock!

Life Is Like A Mirror – It Will Smile At You If You Smile At It

How can you tell what you are thinking? What are you feeling? Your feelings indicate, they inform you what kind of thoughts you are thinking. If you feel low energy, frustrated, angry or despair you are thinking negative thoughts. Get it?

It isn’t rocket science. If you feel less than glorious it is an alert signal that you are thinking less than glorious thought. Right then, as soon as you become aware you need to to take control and lead yourself into more glorious thought and feelings.

If you will do this, and you do it consistently and long enough you will develop the habit of control over your thoughts and feelings. Then you will actively be able to better create the life you want. You are already creating everything. You know that?

I’m Not What Happens To Me – I’m What I Choose To Become

All of your results, all of your life, is your doing. It is how you perceive, what you think, feel and act. Sure, things happen from the outside, but you react. Once you learn control you are better equipped to make your life what you want it to be.

Then you create, manifest or attract, whichever word works best for you, the life of your dreams. You aim at it and you bring it about because your thoughts lead to feelings, your feelings lead to actions, your actions become habits and then results.

You are either right now conditioned for success or for failure. Perhaps, you are stuck somewhere in the middle. If you want things to be different you have to change some things. If you want success you need to condition yourself for success.

I Use Memories – I Will Not Let Memories Use Me

Isn’t it time to get your mody going in the direction you want it to? Wouldn’t you like to get more positive consistent results? You can. You can the moment you decide to take charge. Once you do keep at it until you prevail. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It may seem as though nothing happens, just like the Chinese Bamboo plant I wrote about. It may seem that nothing is going on for some time, but then lookout as amazing transformations begin. Seeds take time to grow and to blossom. Hang in there.

There is only failure if you quit. If you throw in the towel. Otherwise, as long as you persist you are still moving forward. Then defeat is only temporary. Keep going. You can and will do it. The easiest way to make it all happen is through gratefulness.

Take Control Of Your Habits – You Take Control Of Your Life

Gratitude. Appreciation. Thankfulness. Enjoy and delight in everything. Love the wonderful moments and the not so great moments. Embrace both. One feels marvelous the other provides lessons. All is good. Once you get that, ALL IS good!

Filll your life enjoying little things. Make each moment special. Live this way and your life magically transforms. Stop comparing and start delighting. Smell the roses. Savor each second. Live with enthusiasm and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much more can you smile today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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