How To Knock Off The Whiny BS If You Want Happiness And Success

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“What do you do when things go wrong? What happens if you are riding the crest and suddenly discover yourself in the trough? Bad stuff happens how do I get out of it or around it?  What about when everything simply sucks?

These questions I am asked a lot. I will answer these from my perspective. This is how I choose to view my world and my responsibility in it. I learned it from others. from ancient and modern texts and role models. If I can do it you most likely can do it better.

Here is what I think and do. Recently, I was hit by a car. Injured in a hit and run. I got notice that one of my monthly payments was going up a gazillion times at the end of the month. There are numerous ‘crappy things’ going on in multiple ways. The fan has been covered.

Against All Odds And Obstacles You Are Going To Make It

I say, ‘Bring it’. You think you are tough you haven’t met me then. I am bigger than all my problems even when I don’t know how I will solve something I expect it to work out for good in the end. This is my mindset. I take 100% responsibility for all that happens to me.

It is as if I created it. I think the universe is trying to provide me a lesson to learn from by giving me hardships to deal with. Do I actually believe that? NO, not on your life. It is, however a useful frame I adopt and use. It supports me. I don’t BS myself.

If I BS myself it means I put the blame on everything else, which may include me. I blame the weather, the government, the economy, my parents, my kids, anything else outside of me. It is their fault. Well, if that were true then there is probably little I could do to change it.

It Is Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible

However, if I am the author of it then I must change whatever I am doing that got me the poor results I didn’t want. I must shift something in me. Change my thinking and feeling to be more positive and productive.

In accepting the responsibility for it means I CAN CHAGE IT!

I create everything. The good and the bad. Currently, some bad stuff is going on. Okay, I created it. Why? I don’t know and I don’t care. I do know however, that the kite rises against the wind. We are made stronger through our struggles. I know I will learn something. I will!

In the end it will all be good BECAUSE I declare it so. So what if we have troubles. My troubles may pale in comparison to someone else’s. We all have troubles. Bad things happen to good and bad people. Good things happen to bad and good people.

Pessimists Calculate Odds Optimists Overcome Them

I don’t worry about why or fret and fuss. What is IS. I can either handle it or I can’t. I choose to be able to handle it. I direct my thoughts to what can I find to learn, to be grateful for, and feel blessed by. Something good is out there that I don’t know, yet.

In the end and right now I am blessed regardless of what is going on around me. I am not going to be a victim of circumstances. If I am responsible for the crap I am responsible for cleaning it up. If I am responsible for the good I am responsible for everything.

I made it happen. DO I believe that I somehow engineered the universe, or conspired with the gods. NOPE not for a second BUT it is a useful frame. I did it to me so I can undo it. No blame, no shame, no excuses.  You think your god is tough I’ll show you tough.

Impossible Difficulties Set The Stage For Amazing Miracles

You haven’t met tough yet. No wallow. No victim. Bad things happen, unfortunate things happen get over it. Go on. Because bad things happen it doesn’t mean I have to be unhappy. I choose to be whatever I want to be. I may bend but I won’t break. Fortitude!

I control my thoughts and feelings as best I am able. I steer them to be maximally positive and productive and supportive. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Nothing is bad unless you name it as such. Things just are. What is IS. Stop labeling!

I am challenged in a new way that is all. New things have occurred. Life is going on. At the same time some really wonderful things are going on. I won’t let negativity obscure them. Do you get it? Everything is always up to each of us. We make our life what it is.

The Ability To Triumph Always Begins With You

I don’t call it anything other than challenges or opportunities. I have an opportunity here to learn and discover something new. I have a challenge that presents an opportunity for me to be different and create different results. I use the challenge as an alert signal.

Alert. Alert. Make some positive changes. I am not suggesting when bad things happen you are imagining bad things happening. I am not saying you are waving a magic wand. I’m say pretend you have the power and you did it so you can undo it. That is my point.

Accept responsibility and take charge for making it different. Don’t blame others or yourself. Don’t look for causes or excuses. Just recognize that life offered you a bunch of lemons. What are you now going to do about it? It is all in your hands and up to you!

You Have The Resources Within You To Make Any Change

We either think powerfully and positively or not. Yes, bad things happen. I only call them bad here to acknowledge that. As people we label events. That is a function of out mind of our our mental habits. Whatever you say it is, makes it so. Hence, I declare myself victor.

I call the win in advance. I expect to win. I expect to prevail. Sometimes things are easier sometimes they aren’t as easy. So what. Sometimes it is hot sometimes it is cold. Life is what it is. I am learning to celebrate all of it and discover what to be grateful for.

A champion wants a worthy competitor. If the seas of life are going to be rough so be it. Bring it. Bring the challenge on. I can handle it. I can handle anything. I will be victorious. This is the mindset I use when challenging situations come my way. Opportunity is hiding!

Know There Is Something Inside You Greater Than Any Obstacle

It isn’t very valuable if I only am grateful for the good stuff but can’t find the silver linings. I want to be grateful for everything. That is why I take responsibility for all of it. I can change and manage my thoughts. I am in charge. I determine the outcome. I choose to win.

I choose to be happy all along the way. I choose to find the blessings. I love my life. My life is wonderful when easier or hard. I love me and that I am learning to be a kind and gentle, dedicated, loving taskmaster of me. Get it? Begin Now. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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