2 Reasons You Are Stuck And Can’t Get Anywhere

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“Why don’t some people make things happen fast enough? Why aren’t they creating or manifesting what they want? If the Law Of Attraction worked how come some people, perhaps even you, are struggling and not getting what you want? What is up with that?

Two simple reasons. Excuses and blames rule the day for some. Those people unfortunately never get too far. When you make excuses for yourself and or blame yourself, or anyone or anything outside yourself, you don’t help yourself. You keep things away.

When you whine and complain, excuse and blame you get more of the same back. Bird of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. It is simple. You must be what it is you want to attract FIRST. For some people this concept is difficult to wrap one’s head around.

Quit Beating Yourself Up You Are Not A Finished Product

How do I become something I am not presently but that I want in the future? You must become its essence. This is why you act ‘as if’ you already have it. This is exactly the reason you live with gratitude now. This is why mindset, attitude and feelings are so important.

Become it, now, in your mind and someday you will have it in reality. Most likely not overnight because everything takes some time. Plants take time to grow from seeds. Keep the faith and know with certainty it is yours and you will make it happen. Be certain!

Thoughts precede feelings. Feelings precede right inspired actions. Right inspired actions precede success habits. Successful habits precede the results you want. Keep in mind, YOU are making happen what you want rather than attracting it. Get it? You are doing it!

You Are A Work In Progress – Celebrate And Delight

People who hope or rely on luck don’t make it either. We make our own breaks. Attitude is everything. Luck and hope comes from the outside. If you hope to get it you most likely never will. You must be certain you will make it happen not luck into it. It is all your doing!

The second reason is comparison. People compare the distance between where they are and where they want to be. Stop it! Stop it right now. Keep your eye on your purpose while simultaneously focusing on the right inspired actions step that gets you there.

One inspired step at a time. When hiking or mountain climbing it is advised you not look at the peak but at your feet and each step you take. When you look at the peak you notice how far away it seems. Your steps are immediate and you can control each. Focus on steps.

Losers Fix The Blame Winners Fix What Caused The Problem

Inspired right action comes from having the right mindset and the positive wonderful feelings. Then your brain, your intuition, you inner resourcefulness kicks in. Your Reticular Activating System works to find matches on the outside for the good going on inside.

Your RAS is working anyway. Either finding matches for how far away things are, for blames and excuses, whines and complaints or for the positive ‘life is wonderful I can do it’ thoughts. You are in charge of which it looks for by what you focus on repeatedly.

You inform your own brain what you want to create and attract more of by what you presently think and feel. It is all your doing. Don’t blame yourself if you aren’t where you want to be, change yourself. You can make it happen. Learn how by doing it.

A Flower Doesn’t Compete With Others Or Try – It Just Blooms

Focus on the positive. Fill your mind with positive, wonderful thoughts. Fill yourself with feelings of gratitude. Author your story to include what you want more of and imagine it ‘as if’ you already have it. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper and further your story.

If we don’t have will and persist positively, others who do will prevail. Success comes from having a successful mindset first and then going the distance. Everything takes some time so be patient and enjoy each moment along the way. Delight and feel marvelous!

Stop whining, complaining, excusing and blaming. Stop hoping and relying on luck. Stop comparing and being frustrated. Instead, live with passion, enthusiasm and certainty that YOU can make your dreams come true. Then you can if you keep going until you do! Do this now. Live your dreams. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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