Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter: Change It Part 4

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“The only limitations that exist, exist in the human mind. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. So what is it? Can you or can’t you? Will you or will you not? It is all up to you and what you believe is or isn’t possible. You decide and that becomes your reality.

By changing your beliefs, and your thinking, by adopting supportive ones and creating new neural pathways you will be able to turn mountains into mole hills, or at least, you will begin to appreciate the beauty of the mountains. Everything changes. Your brain changes!

You will find opportunities you literally could not see or find before. Your chronic old habits of thought prevented you. By adopting new positive thoughts and feelings your brain structure changes, your RAS ramps up and looks for supporting evidence. It finds it too!

Nothing Is Impossible If You Have Discipline And Determination

Eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive. When you change your thinking you see and experience things differently. You talk differently to yourself and others. You feel differently in positive ways. Everything changes. Some things quickly. Some in time.

At first, it may seem difficult to change because your excuse thinking is habit. It will woo you back. Persist! Take 100% responsibility for yourself and circumstances. Stop blaming others and events and making excuses. Take charge of your thoughts and actions.

Most of us believe our reasons and blames and excuses are true. They are not. That isn’t the point. The point is, ARE they helpful? While having them may keep you safe, what else do they do for you? Do they support you and make you feel good? How so?

Excuses Are Lies Wrapped Up In Reason

Do the reasons why you can’t be rich, happy or pursue your dreams support you? Do they move you forward? What are they doing for you? If they aren’t supportive and helpful, perhaps, it is time to let them go. Drop them. It is time for you to change, don’t you think?

You must turn your back on what you do not want. Focus on what you DO want. You can work your way up to it. In my seminars and workshops I give you an easy and entire process that is amazing. For now, do this one powerful thing. Change your thoughts and beliefs.

Write these out. Provide the supportive reasons for:

I can be happy because

The reason I am rich is

I am successful because I

I can do it because

I will do it because

Fill in the blank. Answer the questions. Keep going. Find all the reasons why you can be happy, rich and able to do what you want. Dig deep. Notice the ones you easily believe and accept. Notice if there are ones you aren’t completely positive about.

Determination Is Power – Stick With It

Keep going. How do you feel? Do you like what you feel? This is an opportunity to notice whatever it is you notice. Reflect on these. Think back on the earlier exercises. Notice how you now think and feel different. Have you examined these thoughts for the truth?

Examine the positive thoughts; the ‘I can’ and the ‘I will’ thinking. It may or may not feel familiar. The question, is are these thoughts helpful or supportive of you. You may not believe them yet, but if you could, or if you did, would you feel better and move forward more?

Reflect on your thoughts, your answers, your feelings. Consider this: if something holds you back, brings you down and  doesn’t get you closer to what you want why think about it, talk about it and relive it over and over again? Drop it! Drop that story. Drop the negativity.’

When You Really Want To – You Find A Way …

Drop what you don’t want. Shift your focus to that which makes you feel better, makes you a little more hopeful and optimistic. Focus on that which makes you move closer to what you want. Think and speak about this. Feel this over and over. Re-live the  positive good.

Tell the story about how you are shifting. You may have challenges but you look for opportunities. Perhaps, you used to think you couldn’t but you know realize you are able to when you take tiny enough steps. You seek the good in all situations. You enjoy life.

When challenges arise focus on what you can find that is opportune. Perhaps, it tests you, gives you an opportunity to develop your will power and persistence. It gives you ‘good game. Bring it!’ attitude. Discover the positive elements to focus on and appreciate.

… When You Don’t Want To You Find An Excuse

Focus on the good. Remove focus from the not so good. You don’t have to be ecstatic. Just move forward with a positive mindset. Ask yourself; are your thoughts and feelings supporting you and moving you forward? Are you speaking what you want and living from that?

Compare and contrast. Adjust accordingly. Learn to be positive most of the time. Learn to think, feel and act in your own best interests. Positive thoughts lead to positive results. Move closer to your goals when you speak by speaking positively about what you want.

Instead of keeping them away with negativey, blames and excuses. Draw them closer. Begin to create the life you want to live. Determine that you will! Enjoy life, delight in it all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it special for you and others today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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