This Too Will Pass: Here Is Why And What To Do!

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“No matter how bad it gets it will pass. Everything is temporary. Everything is in flux. Things change. When conditions turn sour it is important to ‘keep the faith’ that ultimately everything will work out for the best. It helps you get through the tough times.

Times will be tough. Accept it. Times will be good. Accept that. The only reason you can’t see the good coming is you can’t see around the bend in the road. It can seem as if nothing will ever change but it will and it does. Your attitude helps you see it through.

A defeatist attitude, a negative attitude prevents you from seeing and finding change and opportunity. Your brain is designed to find the negative and what is wrong, what is out of whack, as an evolutionary protective measure. It is a good thing too that it does.

Overcoming Difficulty Begins With A Positive Attitude And Faith

It is overused in the modern day and age but our brains ability to do this is a positive, good thing. We can see trouble and work to eliminate it. To eliminate it more readily and easily we should be focused on the positive and on solutions not on the issues.

Our brain, when we train it to be positive, looks for opportunities and advantages in the same way it looks for troubles. Our reticular activating system (RAS) finds matches for us from memories and in the outer world for our beliefs and thoughts. It seeks proofs for us.

If we think we’re broken or stupid our brain will look for past prior examples from our experience, and present examples from reality that match that belief about ourselves. It will find the good and the advantages and opportunities if we believe and focus on those too.

Your Hardest Times In Life Often Lead To Your Greatest Moments

Whatever we feed our brains is what they grow on. If we feed it crap we get crap, if we feed it good stuff we get the good stuff. Keep this in mind. Our reality is a direct result of our past and current thinking. If we want different positive results we need to think positive.

We need to think differently! Before moving on I wanted to give readers an opportunity to go back and complete the exercises from the three previous posts. If you have done them, you may wish to repeat each again. Every few weeks you may wish to repeat as well.

The exercises are an opportunity to examine your thinking processes and your beliefs. It is an opportunity to discover and clear out limited thinking and un-supportive beliefs and create new positive ones that you wire in by correct repetition. New habits.

Difficulties Help You Realize Your Hidden Potential

Be sure to do the exercises. Be sure to keep the faith. How you do that is part of doing the exercises and one of the reasons why you want to. Another tried and true method is to maintain a state of gratitude. Focus on what you appreciate and let go of the rest.

Remember, none of the suggestions made here, are to ignore anything that requires attention. If you ignored your bills it wouldn’t get better. You still need to take care of anything and everything that requires being taken care of. Be diligent. Don’t neglect.

The key is learning the positive way to do  it. Dropping it or letting it go means you keep doing whatever it is you are required to do but with a change of attitude, focus and energy. You learn to respond differently instead of having a knee jerk reaction. Learn to let go!

Never Let A Stumble Be Then End Of Your Journey – Get Up Go On

Find solutions. Welcome challenges so you learn and evolve. The kite rises against the wind. Take daily inventory. Seek and find people, places, things, and activities, events, circumstances to be grateful for. Appreciate yourself. Enjoy! Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it special for you and others today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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