Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter Part 3

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“Happiness and success is based on some very simple principles or steps. The results you get in life is based on your thoughts, your actions and your habits. Most people have difficulty making their dreams come true because they don’t take responsibility for these.

In the past few blog posts we have explored identifying limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Typically, these are expressed as blames, excuses, reasons ‘why’ you can’t be happy or successful. The first step is awareness, the uncovering process.

If you haven’t yet done this, go back a couple posts and do the exercises. Once we become aware of how we think we are limited we can begin to change it . From awareness we move into understanding. We can begin to see how these old beliefs limit us.

Right Awareness And Understanding Leads To Positive Changes

At this point, we may realize we need to make a change. As Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and others have stated, ‘the only limitations humans have is in their thinking’. The only limitations that exist for us are the ones we THINK we have. We must change our thinking.

Instead of remaining stuck with limited thinking we make the decision to take responsibility for everything in our life, the good and the not so good. This gives us choice as to how we view our circumstances. Everything can become an opportunity for us.

When we decide to take responsibility for everything we take charge, we determine the meaning of each event without assigning blame. If we created it we must be doing it for a useful reason. We can look for the seed of opportunity within adversity.

As Our Awareness Grows – We Grow

Yes, it is an arbitrary assignment of meaning. Instead, of blaming and excusing we re-frame circumstances, events, disappointments and look for the possible positive intent. We chose to be optimistic about all of our life circumstances and maintain a positive slant or position.

Make sure you have done the second exercise in replacing ‘I can’t’ thinking with ‘I won’t’. This clearly places the responsibility on your shoulders. You may not like the feelings that accompany this but understand the liberation that can occur. Ultimately, it is freeing!

It begins with awareness! You become aware of limitations, and then you become aware of your reluctance or resistance to accept FULL responsibility. If you explore it you may see that these limiting thoughts loop round and round. Some people quickly dismiss it all.

When You Take Responsibility For Everything Everything Changes

It is more comfortable to dismiss and remain the same than to face ourselves courageously.  I do it, you do it, we all have. It keeps things status quo. Though the status quo may be uncomfortable, at least is is not as uncomfortable as having to change it.

If you are astute in your awareness you will recognize this as an opportunity to state ‘I will not change’ instead of running the same old thinking patterns again. Every moment is a opportunity to become aware of what you think and how it affects you.

In all of it you have the possibility to discover your incredible resourcefulness and creativity. You can begin to look at yourself and your circumstances in an entirely new positive light. You can begin to see there is nothing holding you back but your limited thoughts.

People Would Learn From Mistakes – If They Didn’t Deny Them

Great news. You can change your limited thoughts. You may not be able to change, and typically can’t, the weather, the economy, events, and other people but you can change your thinking and your reactions to these.

You can liberate yourself and choose to respond instead. It is in the process of recognizing a limitation or problem or what you don’t want and turning away from it and shifting your attention to what you can and will do to make it better that transformation occurs.

You can determine how you WILL make things different for yourself because you CAN and WILL. You can and will take charge of how you think, feel, and act. You will develop new habits of successful thought, feeling and actions that lead to new positive results.

I Can – I Will – End Of Story – Period

None of us will ever do it if we don’t change where we put the control for our lives. If others and circumstances dictate we are like a cork bobbing in the water going wherever the current takes us. We are puppets. If we take charge we have a mighty say in all of it.

In my next post I’ll add a new exercise designed to help continue to dissolve the limitations and build new positive, powerful beliefs. There is no need to rush. Be thorough in your exploration. Take your time. Repeat the exercises now prior to adding in the new ones.

Explore, discover, find and become aware. Understand how limited thinking holds you back from your goals and dreams to be, do and have the life you want. Become aware and understand how changing your beliefs and locus of power can make everything better for you.

Create The Life You Can’t Wait To Wake Up To

Assume the control for your thoughts,feelings, actions, habits and the results you get. Once in charge you can adapt and adopt, you can change as needed. You become more flexible and much more able. It is a great advantage to live with positive power and optimism.

Everything can be wonderfully different. It can begin right now. Take a moment to feel grateful for everything; for learning about limitations that held you back, for all the disappointments and each moment that led you to right now. You can look back, connect dots.

Everything has a way of working together. Ultimately, it all works out and works out for good, you just can’t see it yet. IF just NOW you went off and thought BS, not true, etc. that is a belief you may wish to address. Instead of believing limiting beliefs you get to choose.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

You pick the beliefs you want to live from that support you. You determine how you are going to play this game of life. You make the rules. You are in charge. You can decide that everything always works out and that you are blessed! You can be grateful for it all.

Begin to find everything you can think of that is a blessing and feel how wonderful it is. Write them out. List them daily. Most importantly, savor the feelings that arise from appreciation. It is the feelings that are most important. Feel these fully! Enjoy them!

You can and will transform yourself and your life for the better as you do these things. Do these consistently, repeatedly, for long enough and you will develop new neural pathways. Your brain will make you new success habits to live from. It will become automatic.

I Will Either Find A Way – Or I Will Make One

Everything improves. You can handle disappointment better! Wouldn’t you like that? You can accomplish much more and can achieve your goals? You can make positive things happen in your life and feel wonderful much more of the time. It can become incredible!

Look for and discover more and more to be grateful for. Life changes when you do! Fill your moments and your thoughts with gratitude. Feel blessed. Act blessed and more blessings come your way. It works! It really does. Look for the good in all. Find it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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