Your Unconscious Habits Are Running You For Better Or Worse!

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“There is much we can do to being to feel better and think better more of the time.  Many methods are common sense. Wisdom that’s been around for a long time. Some of these include; help others, tend a garden, spend time enjoying children or pets.

I have shared many of these and I’ll share more in upcoming posts as well. Welcome to Part 2 of Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now! Let’s continue exploring. Take a walk, get some exercise. Get a massage. Gift yourself. Take a bath. Swim.

Do things that naturally help you to feel better. Read an inspiring book. Seek and hang out with other positive people. Watch an inspiring and motivating video or listen to an audio. Listen to upbeat music. Attend a motivational event. Go to church or temple.

Happiness Is Not In Our Circumstances – We Only Think It Is

The list goes on. The point is to do those things that help you feel good more often. The goal is to feel as best as you are able most of the time. Most of these methods are tried and true. They work for most people most of the time. They can work for you.

When you feel good you naturally think more positively. When you think positively you naturally feel better. It is cyclic. SO DO BOTH! Do those things that help you feel your best AND think your best. Use affirmations and mantras to guide you throughout each day.

Repeat positive affirmations with lot’s of positive emotional passion and enthusiasm. Shout, sing, dance and chant them. The more oomph the better you feel. Choose simple, powerful phrases that uplift you and repeat them over out loud. Emotions drive everything.

Happiness Is Inside Of Us – Happiness Originates Within

Once you get the thinking and feeling going you must take inspired actions. You have to act. You must do and behave in accord with how you are thinking and feeling. This is part of a natural process. We tend to do or not do based on our feelings. Remember this.

People claim they don’t feel motivated. They may not but you can’t let feelings stop you. This is why you must commit and use will power to do it anyway. You move forward in spite of not feeling like it or wanting to. It is good for you. Use the power affirmations.

It is good for you so you do it regardless. Most people won’t. Those who make lasting changes, will. This is WHY you work on your thoughts and your feelings so that they begin to congruently align more often. So you think and feel like doing it. Get some backbone!

Happiness Is What We Are – Not What We Add To Us

Even when you don’t feel like it forge ahead. History is filled with countless examples of people who kept going even though they didn’t feel like it; or they had no evidence they would succeed; or most everyone they knew were against them in any number of ways.

They prevailed because they didn’t stop. They didn’t let feelings, doubt, fear, the FACTS, the opposition, family, friends or armies keep them from doing what they wanted to do and needed to. Some of us won’t because it means we can’t watch our favorite TV show.

We have excuses and fears, doubts and blames. Enough already! Either you want to change or you don’t. You need to get to the point where you ‘think you can’ so some day you can say, ‘I knew I could!’ There is a reason for the exercises and practices I share.

A smile Is A Language Even A Baby Can Talk – Smile More Often

Others have shared these or similar practices and principles. They work, but only if you apply them. You only get a six pack if you put the effort in. The good news is mind power, positive thoughts, work. Your attitude does determine your altitude. Use it. Keep using it.

It determines how far you go. Read, fill your mind with positive, inspirational, material so you think not only, ‘I can’ but ‘I will!’ Then put into practice what you are learning so it becomes part of your neurology. It becomes you. It becomes who you are. It is you!

It isn’t information sitting lifeless in a book, it is you! It is your approach to life. It is your practice and your pleasure. As you change YOU physically change. If you want to become a positive, powerful, productive person you can. Then, that is who and what you are.

You grow the neural pathways. You have the thoughts, feelings, actions and habits of a powerful, positive, productive person. BUT only if you think, feel and act your way there. No one else can do it for you. If you want it you must engage. You must do it and keep at it.

We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts – What We Say Is What We Get

You persist until you get there. Enjoy the journey all along the way, come what may. Obstacles, challenges, problems, failures, whatever you want to call them, you can learn from each and keep on going. You use your 5% to influence the 95%. It is deliberate. It is a choice!

Then you get your 95% working for you. It isn’t easy, especially at first, but it is worth it and it IS possible. You can do it! Some have beginners luck then encounter old habits. You have to find the gumption to push on through. You can and you will if you want to!

When you want it bad enough you will make it happen. History’s champions proved that and continue to. Decide to do it. Do not let anything stop you. Think ‘I am going to do it! Period! That’s It!’ Then do it. Remember, you can do anything if you make it small enough.

Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says – Stay Positive

You eat an elephant bite by bite. Small efforts in the right direction are better than none. They result in more substantial change than taking too big of steps and quitting. Some bite off more than they can chew and give up. Don’t! Be smart. Tiny is better than nothing!

Consistent, correct repetition over time is how we learn anything. Knitting, weaving, being confident, swimming, juggling, playing piano, speaking, walking, reading, writing, riding a bike, driving a car. This is how we learn to do anything and everything. Repetition!

This is how we master what we do. It is the natural process of learning! We use the same process that originally programmed us, and that we have used to learned anything in life. This time we do it with conscious volition. We do it with purpose, ON purpose!

Some People Are Ready To Change While Others Are Not

Change may seem difficult, at first, until you build momentum for it. I’ll provide more on all this in future posts. Go back and read earlier posts. Re-read and fill your mind. Study them. It may not seem easy BUT it is simple. It is so simple many people discount it.

Change is a life long process. It is evolution. You may never be perfect all at once. There are success habits and unsuccessful habits. The goal is to make most of your 95% habitual, automatic programming work for you. Replace poor habits with success habits.

You won’t do it all at once but small changes in the right direction can produce substantial and incredible results. As you change more good things become available and it gets easy and quicker to change. You evolve and become more accustomed to changing positively.

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your LIfe

One of the best ways to feel great is to feel gratitude for all that you already have, no matter how little or seemingly insignificant. Feel appreciative for who you are, what you do, what you have, who you know, everything. Count your blessings often each day.

It will help you think and feel better! It will help you think and feel great. Feel grateful, really feel it! Take inventory and actually count your blessings. Smile more, laugh more. Think delightful thoughts. Enjoy it all and you will change in wonderful ways. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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