Inside Your Room Without Windows You Can’t See The Blue Sky But It’s There!

horizons twilit-phil-koch

“You know there is a vast blue sky above you. Beyond that the infinite span of universe. Where planets, stars and astral bodies are countless. Vast, great, immense, wealthy is the universe. Abundant beyond our imagination. We cannot begin to  conceive all there is.

Now imagine you are lying in bed in a room. 4 walls a floor plus ceiling. You look up and around and you think that is all there is. There is only as much room from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. This is your known space. You can’t see the sky outside.

You aren’t aware of the vast blue sky beyond the ceiling. You only know what you see in front of you.  You are certain that is all it is because that is all you have ever experienced. The walls and ceiling are your known limits. That is all there is. Yet, outside, the sky.

The Only Limitations You Will Ever Have Are Ones You Allow

Just because you experience limits doesn’t mean you have to remain limited. It doesn’t mean there isn’t more available. It only means you’ve go as far as have and not beyond. The only limitations that exist are the ones inside our own minds.

The universe is abundant. It is rich. The world we live in has more than enough for all. Limits are created by humans, by cartels. People restrict the flow. Consider money. There are trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars circulating, changing hands, every minute.

Yet, many of us live as paupers in all areas of our life. Finances, fun, romance, family, leisure, work and career, health and happiness. We aren’t limited but we don’t know the sky exists. We only see the walls before us. To be free we must see beyond what is in front of us.

There Are No Limits Only Plateaus – You Must Go Beyond Them

More people don’t experience abundance because they are preoccupied with only what they know. Their problems and disappointments, their frustrations and their bills. Their lack of time and happiness to enjoy the wonderful life we all our blessed to have.

Most people miss it. Don’t. Seek and you shall find. The truth shall set you free. Create a window in your walls and ceiling so you can begin to move beyond what you know into the limitless possibilities that are there for you. Stop being limited by the visible boundaries.

Start feeling gratitude for all there is that you can know and experience. Feel gratitude for the good that is coming your way that you can’t see yet. Allow yourself to feel free and know you can have access to all of it. Life offers everything to you. Take hold of it.

Don’t Limit Your Challenges – Challenge Your Limits

Don’t live with the delusion that there isn’t more, or that there isn’t enough. There is plenty. Abundance is what you and I were born into. Claim it. Demand it. Accept it and allow it. Don’t live as a pauper when you can live as an emperor. Awareness is the beginning.

Begin to think as one who is abundant in all areas of life. Act as if and affirm it. See it, feel it, speak it, hear it, taste and smell it. Don’t deny yourself all that there is available. Think it. As Napoleon Hill said, ‘whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve’.

Focus your thoughts for positive success and create the life you want to have. Go beyond the limits in your mind. Take control of your thoughts and create the life you can imagine having. You can be, do and have anything when you put your mind to it. Delight, enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy, delight and celebrate today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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