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The Dedicated Manifestor’s Formula

“In my last post I promised I’d provide the method, steps, formula for manifesting what you want. I have written about this numerous times. I suggest anyone who wants to learn how to transform their life, create their best life ever and get what you want to study this.

Read today’s post but also go back though my blog and make a study of the science of getting what you want. Learn how to design your mind and your life. Learn how to transform yourself into the kind of person who can and does create what you want and intend to.

Use your brain wisely. Be optimistic. Think positive about realistic accomplishments. Follow the formula. Know what you want. Make it a burning desire. Believe you can do it. Do what is necessary (legally and positively) to get it. Persist. Don’t quit until you get it. PLUS…

Skill To Do Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can

Help others get what they want. Cultivate friendships with positive people and mastermind relationships with others who can assist you in your quest. Go the extra mile to add and deliver extra value to the people you serve. Nothing comes free. You must exchange energy.

Invest in yourself. Pay the price to get what you want. Stay optimistic. Seek balance and peace. Find your gratitude and delight in all things. Learn from adversity. Apply the lessons and adjust and continue. Know that ALL is a gift and a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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Don’t Be An Idiot Manifestor

“The ‘idiot manifestor’ male states, ‘if what I think I become, then I should be an attractive, available woman.’ The idiot manifestor states, ‘if all I have to do is imagine it, then I should be able to fly.’ You have heard these arguments before, I am sure. I do, frequently.

It is with tough love I call them the’ idiot manifestor’. They confuse the science of getting what you want with magic or wishing for things. They equate visualization and affirmation, and putting your mind to work, with mysticism. They misunderstand! Get it?

You can wish for silly things all day and night. You can pray, light candles, visualize, affirm and PERHAPS you might get them. In all likelihood you won’t. The science of getting what you want is about creating what you want. It’s about you making it happen. Get this!

You Can Be Do And Have Anything You Want Within Reason

The ‘idiot manifestor’ usually is frustrated and confused. The person tries for a bit and gives up. Because they are misguided they don’t learn the science for making things happen. They think things come to you or you create things out of nothing, magically.  Things don’t!

Because their thinking is unrealistic and their expectations out of whack they don’t get the results they want and abandon the practice. OR, their misguided misunderstanding of it prevents them from attempting it in the first place. They have all the excuses.

It isn’t about wishing things into existence. It isn’t magically being able to fly or walk through walls because you think you believe it. It is about developing an unstoppable mindset that you put to work for you to create realistic, likely, results in the real world. It isn’t magic!

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Mindset Matters

It can seem like magic when you master how to do it but it still works within the law of physics. We aren’t literally turning lead into gold. We are learning how to think our way into successful ways of being to much more likely make happen what we want to make happen.

Napoleon Hill stated you can have anything you want ‘within reason’. I balked at this notion when I was younger because I didn’t understand what he meant. Does that mean I can’t wish for great riches or health or attract the ideal mate? What is within reason?

It means, if I am willing to put the mind work into it I can have the money I want. Mindset affects health in a multitude of ways. If I think, feel and behave accordingly I can be happier and healthier. As for the mate, I need to make myself attractive to a mate first. Get it?

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

I can’t wish a mate into my life sitting in a chair hoping the person shows up. I can make myself the kind of person another person might want to get to know. I can’t fly without wings, nor can I walk through walls. Do you understand what you can and can’t expect.

One is practical and achievable. The other questionable at best. I never like to say never, but it should be made clear that Hill said, ‘What you can conceive and believe you can achieve’. Within reason. There is nothing negative about that tag. It means you can do it.

You can get real world results. If you apply your thinking, your attention, focus and energy into creating and living the kind of life you want, and believe you can make it happen, then you can achieve it. It is all up to you. It is always up to you and nothing else. Get it?

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

In my next post I will again, remind you of the formula for using your mind to create what you want. Also know, gratitude is one of the major pieces in making it all work. When you consider everything a blessing you are ahead of the game. So, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

***Transform Yourself AND Create Your Best Life!***  GET INFO
Email  createyourbestlifewithrex@gmail.com 
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I have a free Audio Mp3 gift for you!

What’s Stopping You’ is a life changing 22 minute audio MP3 that helps you go beyond limitations, break through obstacles and make positive changes to get the results you want! Get it! It is Free!

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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Life Isn’t Difficult Or Complicated When You Do This


“Have you ever feel life is complicated?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you get discouraged from time to time? If you answer yes, there is something you can do to free yourself from these feelings and move ahead the way you want more easily.

Remember this. Keep it in mind. Focus on it. Practice it moment to moment. You get what you focus on. Taking charge of life first begins by taking charge of your mind. To be successful and happy in life you need to control your thinking and gain the upper hand. You can do it!

It is not complicated. It is not always easy but it is absolutely doable. When you become aware of feeling other than you want examine your thinking. If it is negative shift your thoughts from what you are thinking about to something more positive. Feelings are a sign.

Don’t Limit Yourself – You Can Go As Far As You Think You Can

They let you know when you thinking isn’t useful for you. When you thinking sucks you feel it. Celebrate that you have such a wonderful alarm system. It gets your attention with yucky feelings so you can change them. Sadly, most people have learned to wallow in them.

You don’t have to. That is not what they are intended for. Acknowledge, accept and change them. Steer them to what you prefer instead. Bit by bit. Gradually, if you practice it and do it, you will learn the knack. It will get easier and easier. Just stick with it.

The best way to do this is to practice the positive thoughts in advance when you don’t need them. They will be very effective during practice and then later when you do need them. In doing this you build your habit for thinking positively and powerfully.

Good Things Come To Those Who Act And Make Them Happen

Your habits determine results. It begins with your thoughts, which produce feelings, which in turn produce or further the thoughts you think. If positive, and you feel good, you will have more positive thoughts. If negative, you feel bad and, more negativity results.

Your feelings determine your actions. Your actions determine the results you want. If you want great rewarding results begin with positive and powerful thinking. Get it? Practice positive thoughts, called affirmations, when you don’t need them. Plus, when you do.

Practice asking yourself Directed Questions™, positive questions so worded to direct your thinking easily and effortlessly to what you want, and visualizing positive results. Morning and night and anytime you have a free moment take the time and re-affirm.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

It will work wonders. If you do this daily soon it will become a practical habit that will help you increase your joy in life and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Remember, you always get what you focus on. You become what you think about most.

If your thoughts most of the time are positive, happy, productive thoughts that is what you get in return. Why? Because you produce it. You make it happen. Your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions and then the results you get. You evolved you!

Keep this in mind. Life IS simple. You create your experience by your own thinking and feeling patterns. What you believe about yourself and the world is what becomes true for you. Choose the best thoughts and practices and you can make your life marvelous. Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day the best day possible!

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We Live In A Parallel Universe: Use It To Go Beyond Your Fears


“In my recent blog I discussed Systematic Desensitization (SD) as a useful method for getting over fears and phobias. There are other approaches that are very effective too. NLP has a Fast Phobia Cure that can work wonders. Here is a reason why I mentioned SD.

Little by little the individual gets desensitized to the trigger for fear through exposure. They are repeatedly and safely exposed to the stimulus, or source of their fear, which lessens its impact; thereby diminishing their emotional reaction to it. Bit by bit they change.

They experience less and less discomfort. The ‘item’ is brought nearer and nearer to them. Not too quickly. Just as rapidly as the person can maintain comfort in the presence of the trigger. If it get close too quickly, they back it up a bit, until the reaction lessens.

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Then try again later or another day. For example, the SD practitioner presents the ‘item’ to them from across the room. The next time a few steps closer. Next time, more steps closer. Until they are next to the person, whereby the person can handle the item if they choose.

After repeating this for long enough the person typically experiences a reduction in fear. This illustrates a couple of noteworthy points. One a person can get over what they are afraid of by facing it. Yes, they face it in a particular, and safe fashion.

The point is they can learn to get over it. They learn it is not so bad. They learn they can get over feeling afraid. Imagine if they did this ONE thing how many other things they could learn to do, as well. They learned to be afraid. NOW they learned they can control it.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You – If You Can’t You Must – Face Your Fears

People can control their emotions, thoughts, internal pictures, voices, and feelings. They can learn to behave differently. They learned to diminish the fear reaction and overcome it, even if they don’t totally eliminate it. BUT they learn something else, too.

Here is the parallel notion coming in. At the same time they are diminishing their fear they are learning to feel more positive and confident. They are learning they can exist with their fear, face it and be brave and overcome it. They are learning control. Self-control!

It is not that the fear is taken away and nothing left in its place. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum. Instead of just no fear confidence, bravery or some other positive emotion simultaneously comes in to fill the gap. Whatever the person originally wanted.

Courage Is The Ability To Keep Going In Spite Of Being Afraid

Most likely, they wanted to ‘not feel afraid’. Remember, what I have shared with you about the word ‘not’, negativity, and the brain. You can’t not think of a pink cat with zebra stripes wearing a yellow hat, right now. Can you? Don’t think about it. Too late! Oops. Get it?

For some people they could have learned to get over it simply by repeating affirmations and deciding to. For others, they need to face and remove the fear first. Then, simultaneously, fear is replaced with something positive. Either way, the result can be the same.

No fear, more confidence. So in SD the individual is taught how to handle their fear and eliminate it or ‘not’ experience it by building up comfort and familiarity through repeated exposure. Safe repetition is the key. Repetition IS the mother of ALL skill. It works powerfully.

We Have Nothing To Fear Except Fear Itself – Keep On Going 

Another example. A person learns to speak comfortably to one person. Then two. Then three or four. Then 6 or 8. The 10 or 20. Then 30 or 50. Beginning with small numbers the person shares information with increasingly larger sized groups. Guess what?

People learn to get over their fear of public speaking. Once they learn it isn’t so scary they learn it can be fun and enjoyable. They become comfortable with doing it by becoming familiar with the process. Items can be added or subtracted. The point? It works!

We often are more comfortable with those which we are familiar with. Most people fear the unknown. They are afraid of what might happen or what they don’t know, that they imagine, could happen. They are afraid of strangers, animals, flying, foods. You name it.

Even The Darkest Night Ends And The Sun Rises

By repeatedly exposing them to the fear trigger, they face it and develop both familiarity and comfort. You can learn to do anything! You can overcome any debilitating fear this way. Gently and safely. Here is the good news! This is the same way you build any skill.

You repeatedly do it. You familiarize yourself with it and get comfortable or accustomed doing it. It is the same way you build a muscle. Repeat the exercise gradually increasing resistance. You can learn to get over shyness, public speaking and do anything you want.

You can take any desire that you want and turn it into a burning hot desire. You can take any lie and begin to believe it. Some lies are not worth believing. Those include falsehoods of all kinds but most particularly ‘I can’t’ statements, self doubt or criticism.

It Is By Facing Your Fears And Problems You Become Strong

You can begin to believe more useful beliefs like ‘I can’ statements and positive useful affirmations such as ‘I can learn to do anything when I commit to it. I can learn to feel brave and move forward. I can learn to make lots of money easily. I can learn to love and be loved.’

‘I can accept compliments graciously. I can learn to get along with all sorts of people; those like me and those completely different than me. I can learn to listen to opposing viewpoints and feel confident in letting the person keep their ideas without trying to change them.’

‘I am in the process of learning how to speak to groups of people and feel comfortable. I can learn to make any positive change I want. I can eliminate bad habits and fears and move confidently forward. I can be a loving and kind partner and parent. I love my life!’

Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t – You Are Right

If the mental leap from not being able to do it to being to do it, is at first, too large, you can inch way there by strengthening your word choices. You can start gently by saying, ‘I am beginning to learn I can feel confident’ I am in the process of leaning to feel stronger’.

‘I am beginning to feel much better. I am feeling wonderful. ‘I feel powerful. I am powerful. I have great power. I am confident. I exude strength and comfort easily and effortlessly. I rock! I am strong!’ You work your way up to it through repeated exposure. Anyone can!

This is how our beliefs, thought, feeling and behavioral habits were and are formed. We can learn to overcome the dark side while simultaneously strengthening the  good side. Through repetition we builds bad habits or good habits. You too can make changes.

I Can Do Anything – No Mountain Too High – No Struggle Too Hard

You can make positive, permanent changes when you choose. Choose the best. All of us can increase our abilities and positive feelings.  We can amaze and delight ourselves by going beyond limitations into wonderful new ways of being. We can learn to be, do and have anything we want. We can definitely learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live passionately today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: The Number 1 Reason You Fail To Get What You Want

horizons ighthouse-phil-koch

You set goals. You may even write them out. You visualize and you practice using the Law Of Attraction but nothing happens. You don’t get what you want, it doesn’t happen and it is frustrating. It is downright disappointing. So you chuck it. Been there done that.

Ha you experienced this or something like it? You try again. You have big, important wants. You want freedom, money, love, fame, success, a new career, a job, a new car or home, more vacation time, a significant other, you name it you want it. But you don’t get it.

Not yet, at least. Here is the number one determining factor between those who do make things happen for themselves and those who don’t. Those who ‘don’t’ expect it to come from outside them; the universe, god or others, provide it. They rely on others.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge

They visualize, they chant, they pray, they believe in the power, they affirm, hug trees, dance naked in the moon light, perform rituals and ceremonies, but nothing much changes much. The beg, plead, ask, shout and demand. They stamp their feet, yet, nothing happens.

Why is this? They put the source of power outside themselves. That is part of the reason. No one and no thing or entity or power is going to bestow it on you. Only you are going to make it happen or you will not make it happen. So here is the number one reason.

You want it. You desire it. You wish for it. However, you are not determined to get it. Yes, you want and need it, but you are still not determined to do whatever you must in a positive, productive, legitimate and honest way to get it. Otherwise you’d have it!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Determination is the key. Those who are determined to be it or have it don’t let anything stop them. They do whatever is necessary to ensure they become and have what they want. They know it is totally up to them. They work at it and keep at it until they make it.

They may also affirm and visualize and dance naked and perform rituals and pray, and ask and demand but when it comes down to it they know it is completely about their mindset and their actions. If you have the right mindset and correct actions, results can follow.

Without it you end up spinning your wheels. Thought precedes feelings. They KNOW they will succeed. They feel it. They expect it they ARE CERTAIN. There is no way in hell they won’t have what they want because they will keep going until they do. Back-bone!

Faith Without Works Is Dead – Take Action – Make It Happen

Steel will power. They endure defeat, humiliations countless times along the way but they have the fight of a champion warrior in them. They have the mind of a victor and winner. Most other people hope, wish and give up. The warrior may work harder but doesn’t have to.

Because the mindset of the determined person is so focused this person does what is necessary and doesn’t consider it work. They enjoy making their dreams and goals come true. They do it gladly. The know what they want and they go after it with passion.

They are enthusiastic. They enlist others to help them by cultivating a winning, pleasing, personality. They understand that to succeed means to work with others and collaborate. Everyone in the boat rises together with the tide. They are a valued team player.

Whatever You Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve …

Their attitude is positive and optimistic. They aren’t imagining fantasy, they are positively thinking ‘I will do this! I can do this!’ They control and manage their thoughts.  They focus on the positive and eliminate the negative, to make it happen. Attitude is everything!

Their thoughts are aligned, targeted, powerful and positive which give rise to good, strong, feelings and emotions that anything is possible. They feel unlimited, eager and excited. Because their thoughts and feelings are aligned their actions follow too.

They act because they believe their actions will bare fruit. If they make mistakes they correct them. They overcome obstacles and difficulties. They are prepared that it won’t always be easy or comfortable, but that doesn’t prevent them. They enjoy challenge.

Key Words Are – You Can Achieve – Because It Is You Who Doing It

Their positive, powerful, productive thoughts, feelings and inspired actions ARE success habits. They have cultivated habits that support their pursuit. Still, they are driven and determined and always follow through. They are leaders and blaze the way. Winners never quit!

Yes, they may rely on coaches and mentors and others who have succeeded before them because these people are yes sayers not nay sayers. They understand the value of proper guidance and accept the wisdom of more experienced players. They learn and evolve!

This is a critical difference between those who have and those who don’t. Those who have DETERMINE to have. The others who want and hope but fear leaving their comfort zones miss out. If you want success you must stretch yourself and determine to make it yours.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

The people who succeed the easiest are inspired by their wins and the wins of others. They aren’t envious or resentful. They are happy when people thrive and make it. They keep track of their wins, they delight and they are grateful for the opportunities they discover.

They don’t wait for circumstances to change they change the circumstances. They make use of everything. Millionaires are made in economic downturns, when the economy is flat and when it is on the rise. Mindset makes it happen. But, know this important rule.

It isn’t just mindset. It isn’t thoughts alone. That is why those sitting in their easy chairs chanting for money aren’t getting any. It is thought plus the right actions. Thought AND action. If you do nothing you get nothing. Still, the thinking is the most important.

You Don’t Get What You Wish For – You Get What You Work For

Right thinking is 99% responsible for success. 1% correct, applied action, brings it about. You aren’t working harder you are working smarter. Be smart. Get determined. If you aren’t already you can cultivate it. That is what affirmations and visualization are useful for.

Cultivate and develop the champion winner’s attitude, the steeled will power, determination and enthusiasm, the certainty you will succeed by learning to control your thinking process and your feelings. You can do this! That is why I created this blog! Learn it.

Do it! Learn from the great ancient masters and thought leaders. Apply the principles and practices. Fashion yourself into an unstoppable, unlimited, invincible, deliberate creator. That is putting the law of attraction to proper use! That will help you get your goals.

The More You Use Your Willpower Muscle The More It Grows

Do this and transform your life. Only you can. If you delay it you will succeed in delaying it. Start succeeding when and where you want to. Be the person you want to become. Start now. Become convinced you can and you will be. Use your mind for the change you want. Get it? USE your mind FOR A CHANGE! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy this amazing day!

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Inside Your Room Without Windows You Can’t See The Blue Sky But It’s There!

horizons twilit-phil-koch

“You know there is a vast blue sky above you. Beyond that the infinite span of universe. Where planets, stars and astral bodies are countless. Vast, great, immense, wealthy is the universe. Abundant beyond our imagination. We cannot begin to  conceive all there is.

Now imagine you are lying in bed in a room. 4 walls a floor plus ceiling. You look up and around and you think that is all there is. There is only as much room from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. This is your known space. You can’t see the sky outside.

You aren’t aware of the vast blue sky beyond the ceiling. You only know what you see in front of you.  You are certain that is all it is because that is all you have ever experienced. The walls and ceiling are your known limits. That is all there is. Yet, outside, the sky.

The Only Limitations You Will Ever Have Are Ones You Allow

Just because you experience limits doesn’t mean you have to remain limited. It doesn’t mean there isn’t more available. It only means you’ve go as far as have and not beyond. The only limitations that exist are the ones inside our own minds.

The universe is abundant. It is rich. The world we live in has more than enough for all. Limits are created by humans, by cartels. People restrict the flow. Consider money. There are trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars circulating, changing hands, every minute.

Yet, many of us live as paupers in all areas of our life. Finances, fun, romance, family, leisure, work and career, health and happiness. We aren’t limited but we don’t know the sky exists. We only see the walls before us. To be free we must see beyond what is in front of us.

There Are No Limits Only Plateaus – You Must Go Beyond Them

More people don’t experience abundance because they are preoccupied with only what they know. Their problems and disappointments, their frustrations and their bills. Their lack of time and happiness to enjoy the wonderful life we all our blessed to have.

Most people miss it. Don’t. Seek and you shall find. The truth shall set you free. Create a window in your walls and ceiling so you can begin to move beyond what you know into the limitless possibilities that are there for you. Stop being limited by the visible boundaries.

Start feeling gratitude for all there is that you can know and experience. Feel gratitude for the good that is coming your way that you can’t see yet. Allow yourself to feel free and know you can have access to all of it. Life offers everything to you. Take hold of it.

Don’t Limit Your Challenges – Challenge Your Limits

Don’t live with the delusion that there isn’t more, or that there isn’t enough. There is plenty. Abundance is what you and I were born into. Claim it. Demand it. Accept it and allow it. Don’t live as a pauper when you can live as an emperor. Awareness is the beginning.

Begin to think as one who is abundant in all areas of life. Act as if and affirm it. See it, feel it, speak it, hear it, taste and smell it. Don’t deny yourself all that there is available. Think it. As Napoleon Hill said, ‘whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve’.

Focus your thoughts for positive success and create the life you want to have. Go beyond the limits in your mind. Take control of your thoughts and create the life you can imagine having. You can be, do and have anything when you put your mind to it. Delight, enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy, delight and celebrate today.

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To Enjoy Greater Happiness And Success You Must Be A Positive Flexible Thinker

Horizons into-the-field-phil-koch

“What does it mean to be a positive thinker? Seems many people today are under the wrong assumptions. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is one of the top indicators of potential success. Without the right attitude and dedication few get very far.

My recent post discussed the benefits of positive thinking on the brain and the detrimental effects of negative thinking. Today, we realize it is not just a cheery, greeting card, rosy glasses type of facade. It is a potent power that actually changes brain structure.

Some have cautioned people to not think positive because if they do and then they don’t get what they wish for they might be more disappointed than if they hadn’t thought positive about it first. That is negative thinking. Better not do it because it might not work.

Positive Results Never Come From Negative Thoughts

Hogwash at its best. Don’t do anything, don’t think about it, don’t try because if you don’t succeed you’ll be worse off. Better you do nothing than disappoint yourself. How sad is this line of thought. Stay stuck. Rely on psychologists OR WORSE psychiatrists.

A useful definition of positive thinking is this statement by Napoleon Hill.  ‘Flexibility, perhaps, can best be described as the ability to survey and assess a given situation swiftly and react to it on the basis of logic and reason with a minimum of emotion.’

‘By developing flexibility you are prepared to take prompt action in seizing opportunity or problem solving. It can help you become decisive.’ That’s a pretty accurate description of positive thinking. The ability to asses, take right action, for solutions or opportunity.

Believe You Can And You Are Half Way There

Hill maintained, as others have, that you can control your own mind. He felt it imperative that all people learn to do this. He emphasized the ability to direct your mind productively without getting caught up in less than glorious emotions that might drive or influence you.

A PMA is desirable in taking advantage of opportunity and problem solving. One focuses on the advantage or the solution not the problem. The problem helps you define what is needed, then your attention is turned to the solution. It is about what you CAN DO!

Drop the problem. If you are broke, okay you know that, now focus on what you need to do to make money. Stop concentrating on broke and stop complaining about it. Stop thinking about what you can’t do. Move on. Move forward. Stop staying stuck and focused on past.

We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts – We Become What We Think

Think what you can do. Think about what you want. Work to make that happen. Don’t just sit and wish for a change. Be active in bringing change about. That is positive thinking. Positive thinking leads to inspired action because you FEEL like you can do it.

Thoughts lead to feelings – so chose the best thoughts and get the best feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to habits when repeated over time. Actions lead to results. If you want great results you begin with great thoughts. THINK and grow rich! Remember!

Hill went on to say, ‘flexibility is the one trait that softens poverty and adorns riches, for it helps you be grateful for your blessings and unabashed by misfortune. It can also help you to make beneficial use of every experience of life, whether pleasant or unpleasant.’

Positive Thoughts And Actions – Produce Positive Results

As Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.’ YOU determine what will be. Think positive and you will get further faster than if you think negative. Your brain will help look for those opportunities and solutions. It is designed to do this.

You grow new neural pathways and develop success habits that support you. It is a win to learn how to control and condition your mind positively. The secret to success is to learn to be successful at managing your thoughts and feelings. Learn this kind of self-control. When you do, the world can be your oyster. Take charge, delight in all, and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you stand to have today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Reason You Must Be Tough And Speak With Authority

Horizons a-road-of-poems-phil-koch

“Most people seek and find problems. They don’t think they do but that is what they spend most of their time doing. They put out daily fires. Then they re-live them by talking about the fires of today and from long ago. They keep the issues alive in their minds talking about them. They even seem proud to share them much of the time.

They look for where things are wrong. They look for poverty, lack, frustration, crap and they find it. They seek limitations and what they can’t do and they find them. You can’t move forward always focused on what’s behind you. You must look forward. You must look forward free of what holds you back.

Stop looking at limitation and problems! Reverse the direction. Seek what is good and new. Seek and find what is enjoyable and positive that you can delight in. The brain provides you with either. It is up to you to direct it. The brain’s default is problems and dangers. It evolved this way to protect you in the jungle. It does a great job too!

You Must Focus On The Finish Line To Win Not The Starting Line

It is good at finding what is wrong so you could deal with it if you had to. This is WHY you must take charge of your brain and learn to direct it. You want to move it from operating at default to working for you. It will work perfectly for you when you train it to. It is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. You must master it.

The reason it seems difficult at first to make positive changes or gain control over one’s thoughts and feelings is because it runs by habit automatically. You want it to do that. You want it to be somewhat difficult to change because you want it reliable. You don’t want it  randomly changing all over the place. You want it to be consistent.

So it seems tough at first. It may be a little but you can change it. You must absolutely, positively change your focus from what you currently see, what the ‘reality’ currently is, and focus completely on the reality you want to create. You must focus on, and maintain your concentration on, the future reality as though you already have it.

Refuse To Succumb Emotionally To Negative Events Around You

Don’t talk about what is. Stop. That is what you must no longer do. Talk only about what will be as if it has already happened. Create what you want. Don’t reinforce what you don’t like. Yet, that is what most people do. They discuss what is wrong far more often than what can and will be. That is why what can be never shows up.

Command the future to become your present. Demand it. Declare it. Affirm it with strong emotions. Expect it. Be certain of it. Then you will make it happen. You most likely can’t get to this place over night. It takes work, dedication and persistence. It takes will power. That is why many abandon the pursuit. They don’t develop what it takes.

People will tell them, ‘you can’t do it’. They will read articles that state, if you focus on what you want and don’t get it you will be disappointed. So don’t try it is too hard. There are all sorts of messages from others, and reasons from oneself, why not to attempt it. If you never attempt it you will never know what might have been.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

The courageous and the steadfast make it happen. That is the plain truth. Those who go after their goals, in a smart and wise fashion, can and do make them happen. There are plenty of examples of people who get what they want and even exceed their own expectations. Learn from them. Learn from success. You can do it.

Don’t learn from those who haven’t done it and tell you not to. You are listening to the wrong people. Listen to those who try and who win. Stop listening to those who don’t and haven’t. They may mean well, so be polite, but if they are holding you  back, if you are holding yourself back, then what is certain is, you are held back if you listen.

Stop and move forward. How? Do what I have been sharing in these posts. Condition you mind. Learn from successful people. Focus on gratitude and ‘can do’. Do something each day. Exercise your mental muscle as you have to to condition your body. Eventually, the results will begin showing up. It isn’t magic. It is how it works. IT does work!

The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Will Feel Tomorrow

You don’t get in physical shape overnight. It takes time. The same is true with mental toughness and the renewal of your mind. You condition it for success. Remember, the quote I shared from Muhammad Ali, ‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

You must become the authority of your life. You must take charge, be in charge and stay in charge. You must think, and speak and act from authority. Stop being the victim of your own mental processes. Develop the direction  that serves you. Your brain is already serving you well. NOW you have to learn how to aim it positively. That’s all.

Your brain is working perfectly well on default to get keep you focused on what is wrong so you are aware of it. That is marvelous appreciate that. NOW learn to turn your attention from the problem to the solution and what works and what is good. Stop focusing on what is broken, wrong and bad. That is what you must learn. Steer it.

Develop The Mental Strength And Toughness Of A Warrior

Out of control it will run on and on as it always has. Take control and you will discover how powerful your are. If you don’t have enough money stop, shift the focus. Be thankful for the little bit of money you do have! Be grateful you have any money. Be grateful money flows.  Be grateful you can spend that money even if it is on bills.

You are circulating energy. You are making things move. If your attitude sucks, if it is is, ‘woe is me I am  broke, I’ll never have enough, this is awful’ what do you expect to attract and live from. You live from that attitude. That is your reality. Why? Because you go no further. Yes, you wish it different but you don’t demand it.

If on the other hand you begin by emphasizing what you are grateful for, what you have, ‘I have money, I can spend money, it is good to circulate money, I am able to put money toward my bills, money flows to me and I use it as a tool’.  Then you have a much more productive mindset. Speak with authority that which you want.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Inside you mind live as if you already have it. Imagine this, see it, feel it and say it once or twice a day. Work your way into it. Concentrate on having wonderful feelings when you imagine and speak what you want your future to include. Imagine this future IS your present reality. Live within that reality, experience this fully in your mind.

‘I am glad I have money. I am glad I can spend money. I am happy to take care of my bills because it means I have money.’ This may seem foreign to you if you have’t done it. If you haven’t and you have been stuck for awhile realize that if you want things to be different in your life you are going to have to do different things.

You can’t do the same things and get different results. You must be different to get different. Be, do and have. Mindset first and actions will follow. Speak with authority. Live from your own strength and power. It will take a little while to develop strong muscles but you will as you work at it. Keep going and don’t give up. Commit.

If You Want Quality Act As If You Already Have It

Know what you want. Imagine it as if you already have it. Feel good and enjoy the marvelous feelings. Believe in yourself and expect to make it happen and never quit. You will make your dreams come true. Enjoy the journey all along the way. Learn from obstacles and keep going. Keep the faith. Feel positive. Plan for success!

You become what you think about most often. What you focus on expands. Energy flows where your attention goes. If it is going to happen it will be up to you. Remember and repeat, ‘If it is going to be it is up to me!’ It truly is. Enjoy making positive and powerful changes. Have fun with it. Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Let your smiles travel miles, today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: Why You Must Vacate Your Comfort Zone!

horizon jetstream-phil-koch

“If you are comfortable lying in bed, it is cozy and warm, plush and easy do you ever want to get up and out? When comfortable it is just that easy to stay as is. What is comfort? For some it is as just described. Everything is wonderful and easy, and warm and good.

Welcome to Part 19 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment.  Part 20 tomorrow. Let’s go!

For others it is the familiar. It is the known. It is sameness from moment to moment. Conditions do not vary much. It is reliable and secure. For some it is a place for everything and everything in its place. For some it means the absences of unpleasantness.

Stretch Yourself Beyond What You Know

Most personal development never occurs inside our comfort zone. It seems to mostly only occur when we willingly or are forced to leave or abandon it. Why? I’d say by the description of comfort itself it should be obvious. Learning life lessons seem to come by trials.

It may be that it doesn’t have to be this way but since it seems to operate this way most frequently it seems one should accept it and embrace it. Opportunity when it presents itself, presents itself as it is. We may not get to change how and when and what it comes as.

Embrace change. Embrace hardship. Embrace struggle. Embrace challenge. What? Why? you exclaim. Because when you do you take the sting out of it. It may not be any less difficult but you can wrap your mind around it. If you don’t care it is hard, then it isn’t really.

Stretch Yourself Beyond What You Think Is Possible

It is our struggles against struggles that magnify them. It is the resistance we put up and the fight that prolongs them. I am not saying give up I am suggesting giving in. Go with the flow, when they arise. Don’t dam up the energy. Allow, let go and move on.

I am not suggesting you don’t solve problems or overcome your difficulties. I am suggesting you don’t make an issue of them.  Energy flows where you attention goes. Focus on what can be done, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want or why things exist.

Oliver Wendell Holmes stated, ‘A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension.’ This is very positive news. Once stretched you go further than you would have without being stretched. But stretched implies some pull, some difficulty.

Recognize Your Limits Then Go Beyond Them

To change we must stretch and go beyond what is comfortable. We must get out of our comfort zone. We must leave the known and venture into the unknown. When we do we encounter new experiences and new ways to think and behave. These change us.

This may be why so many people experience massive breakthroughs when finally their back is against the wall. They have no options. Everything is lost or about to be. Once in the gutter their is no way out but up. When all is lost they find their true self and resources.

When everything is stretched to the maximum change occurs. We surpass limitations and boundaries that truly only exist in the mind. Our only limitations are the ones we think we have. Once we are aware and go beyond our limitations anything becomes possible.

A Good Goal Should Be A Stretch For You To Reach It

Focus on solutions. Focus on what you have that you are grateful for. Focus on what you want to create that is better. Transformation can occur in an instant. Like the enlightenment paradox. It can take years of practice to transform in a moment.

However, without the years of dedication that moment would not likely present itself. In other words, plan for a miracle! Expect good things to happen. Seek and you will find them is how the brain works. So look for what is good and what you want more of. Yes!

Some things you can learn in only a few moments but take a life time to master. To get really good in any endeavor requires, time, devoted energy, practice and commitment. If you want your life to change in incredible ways for the best commit to practicing basics.

Go Beyond The Known – Go Beyond Yourself

You don’t have to stay out of your comfort zone all the time. That would be too much all at once. That is what happens when people have their backs against the wall. Instead, practice a little daily vacation from your comfort zone to reap great rewards.

A little goes a long way. Stretch, push your boundaries bit by bit. Remember, drop by drop fills the tub. A little bit can bring about dynamic change, especially when you do a little bit consistently. Less is more. Especially, if that helps you stick with it! Take charge!

Read some positive motivational material each day. A chapter, a page, a paragraph, a line whatever you can manage but commit to it. Your mind will be awakened to new possibility and insights. Obviously, more may be better but do what you can. Stretch!

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Use affirmations and Directed Questions™ frequently throughout the day with strong, positive emotion. Direct your mind positively and powerfully to stay on track. Manage your self-talk and what you say to others. Only speak to bless, heal and prosper.

Visualize what you want as if you already have it. Feel the marvelous feelings. Do this once of twice a day for a few minutes but actually do it. If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. If you want to change you have to change things up.

You must do different things! Pay attention to feeling good and make it a point to feel as best you can each moment. If negative feelings arise notice what you are thinking. Take it as signal to become aware of and change your thoughts. It’s a signal. Use it.

If You Don’t Truly Want It – You’ll Come Up With Excuses

Encourage yourself to feel a bit better whenever down. You don’t have to leap into bliss but nudge yourself towards feeling a bit better instead of wallowing. In doing this you set directions to travel in. You begin to move out of pain and into more positive feelings.

It is up to each of us to initiate our own movement and development. It gets easier the more often we do it. We learn to take charge of our own evolution. When hard times occur, and they will, we are better prepared through daily, regular, practice. Master these basics.

Leave your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Guess what? Stretching yourself will become more comfortable too. Everything gets easier, and you get better at it,  through devoted practice. Be willing to stretch yourself to a new idea and a new way of being! Enjoy it.

If You Truly Want It – You Will Find A Way To Make It Happen

I emphasize gratitude and appreciation for whatever is right now. Good or not so good there is ALWAYS some good you can find in it. Why bother to look? Because you build within yourself a scanning mechanism, the ability to find good when very hidden.

That ability is a game changer! When you can find opportunity and good inside the very not so good your mind is much more under your control and working on you behalf to bring you good things. You move from stuck to unstuck so much more readily and easily.

New worlds open up for you. New thoughts, feelings, actions and results. It is exponential in nature and builds on itself. It begins to make all good, even when it isn’t, so you can do positive things about it. It is a life changer! Discover it for yourself if you haven’t.

Explore – Delight – Adventure – Celebrate 

Enjoy, delight, have fun. Don’t take changing too seriously. Stretch yourself. Try new things that bring you joy. Surprise and gift yourself. Allow life to be exquisite. Little moments can be delicious and are important as big ones. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy another marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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