Problems? You Need To Do This When Your Computer Fails

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“Some people have a lot of difficulty in their daily lives. It seems they just can’t get over some of the speed bumps. Obviously, for some it is worse than others. What to do? Is there anything that can be done to help improve the results they get? Why does this happen?

I have had my share of tough times in life. Perhaps, you too. Depending on your attitude it can really suck. I know that as well. I grew up with people telling me I had a dark cloud following me. It is easy to be sour on life. However, there is the problem. That IS it.

When one sours, gets down, and feels bad they tend to perpetuate the very things they want to avoid and eliminate. Why is this? Because they feel bad, they think they are stuck, they focus on their problems and issues. They hope for change and may even work hard.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do – Excellence Is A Habit

They work hard to change circumstances BUT maintain a poor attitude. It is in the attitude that the problem and the solution exists. A bad attitude is like a weight around one’s neck while swimming in turbulent waters. A good attitude is the life vest that holds one up.

With or without the weight turbulent waters are difficult to navigate. With added weight they may be nearly impossible. Help is needed. BUT help doesn’t come from the outside it comes from within. Sure, someone may assist, but genuine help is within oneself.

No one can do it for you. They can encourage or make demands but it isn’t until ‘the student is  ready that the teacher appears’. That teacher, that guide, that master, that change agent is you. We can only take care of ourselves and make our own changes.

Control Your Thoughts And You Can Control Your Behavior

Certainly, we can help the needy. I believe we should. We can help in many ways. BUT again, genuine change is made by the person who needs to make the change and there is no substitute for that. This is why we must take responsibility. Consider this.

You can give a man a fish. You can show a man how to fish and teach the man. Until that man learns to fish and then goes and fishes he doesn’t truly know how to fish. Only in doing it does the man get the experience and learns to fish for himself.

He may then provide for himself and others. Men, women it is the same. People can show you the way to change but unless you do it nothing changes. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink. Hopefully, the horse gets thirsty enough to do it.

It Is Easier To Change Bad Habits Today Than Tomorrow

Yes, you can perhaps help make the horse thirsty. Still, the horse has to drink, you can’t drink for the horse.  Today, I had to have the hard drive replaced on my laptop. All sort of strange things had been going on. For some time. Crashes, fonts went missing, many issues.

I couldn’t import photos from phone. I was losing documents. Things began to take long times, starting, stopping, processing. I got spinning beach balls and color wheels all the time. It just was not working well at all. I could tell my computer was very troubled.

It would go to sleep and then I’d have a battle waking it up. It shut down on its own frequently. I took it in. They ran diagnostics and a big red FAIL notice popped up within seconds of initiating the diagnostic. The hard drive was bad and needed to be replaced.

Bad Habits Will Ruin You – Good Habits Will Save You

It was replaced because as it were I was not able to work properly or successfully. I could not get the intended results from my efforts. Once replaced I can again work with ease. The results are now good again. It is a true story today and of course, it is a metaphor.

The brain and life and the results one get’s is the same. If you’re not getting the results you want in life there is a problem or issue with the hardware and/or the software. In my metaphor, the hardware they replaced is NOT synonymous with the brain but with mind.

Rarely, is it a physical brain problem. Instead it is a routing problem. We make neural networks or pathways in our brain. These are reliable well traveled high speed highways. Where these go and what they do is the issue. These neural nets are our thought habits.

First We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us

We think, feel and behave the same because of habits. These habits are laid out in the brain. Triggers from within or from the environment initiate these patterns and off they go running. They run perfectly well and get results consistently. Good or bad?

That depends on the ‘programming’. For example, a trigger can cause a negative thought which produces electro chemicals resulting in a feeling, which then in turn results in more similar thoughts resulting in more of the same less than glorious feelings. It is cyclic. It loops.

If you think a bad thought you feel bad and then more than likely begin to feel worse as thoughts run on and on. The worse you feel the worse you think. You either then feel like doing nothing or you behave bad too. You actions aren’t inspired by good things.

Believe You Can And You Are Halfway There

You do things that aren’t wise. You may overeat, or drink. You may be frustrated and stressed or get angry a lot. You may work extra hard but produce nothing. You might not be able to sleep. You get desperate and try many things which don’t work. It sucks.

Whatever the behavior might be. Poor thoughts and feelings produce poor behaviors. These in turn become habit. Our habits are either success habits or failure habits. Our habits determine our results which all stems from how we are thinking to being with.

If your not getting the results you want you need to change the programming. You need to update the software or replace it. You replace the negative with the positive to get the better results you want. It is frustrating if the real life programming is out of whack.

Focus – You Can Do This – Believe In Yourself – You Can Do This

This is why I am Implore you to take control of your mind and your feelings.  Learn to control your thoughts, take charge, take responsibility and get your operating system running right. Begin to get the results you want. Only you can do it for yourself.

When the operating system is faulty and doesn’t work properly the results you get are haphazard at best and not so good or terrible at worse.  The thoughts that you think either spiral up into positive feels and results or they spiral down into negatively. It is habitual.

When thoughts are negative and your feeling less than glorious you produce less than glorious results. The crumby results and frustration further make you think and feel worse and get more poor results. It is cyclic and the reason why it seems tough to change.

Train Your Mind To See The Good – Positivity Is A Choice

You have to break the cycle. Drugs and alcohol don’t work. Taking the wrong bad actions don’t improve a bad situation. You have to change your failure habits into success habits and that begins by changing your thinking. Start at the top with your thoughts.

Work on improving your attitude and everything begins to change. Your neural pathways work like dominos. Once triggered all the rest follow. Start with positive thinking so that everything that follows continues from a positive start. Success thoughts to success results.

There is no guarantee that just because you think positive all your efforts will be successful. There is the guarantee that negative thinking will not produce successful results. The benefit to positive thinking is you are more likely to succeed as you stick with it.

If You Want To Change The Fruit – You Have To Change The Roots

If things don’t work out as hoped you adjust your plans and carry on without letting it upset you or get you down. You are better equipped to succeed and more likely to succeed with a positive attitude. Overall, you life can become truly wonderful.

It isn’t a magic pill or wand. It is a real, reliable skill that gives you the power to begin producing the results you want. It is an incredible benefit to think and feel positive most of the time. Your health, mental and physical can improve, just as your work and life can.

Instead of living with faulty programming and getting crappy results you can change all of that. You can create new neural pathways, new habits of thought and feeling that lead to inspired action that become success habits to get you to good results.

To Change The Visible – You First Must Change The Invisible

Just like my computer hard drive you want your brain and mind working properly to help insure that you get the results that you intend to get. Follow the suggestions I have provided in these blog posts and you can begin to really begin to experience the benefits.

You can make your life the life you want. You can become, do and have anything you want in life when you learn how to go after it and make it happen. You can begin to feel good almost instantly by what you pay attention to. What you focus on you get. It expands.

Focus on the good things. Think powerfully and positively. Take charge of your thoughts and learn to control how and what you think. It is amazing when you do! Learn to delight in and enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

These moments are just for you. How will you spend them today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Thank you kindly. Yes, trying to spread the words. I appreciate you reading and commenting. I enjoy your blog too. Thanks again and best wishes for success in all!


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