The Secrets To Seeing What You Want And Getting It

Horizons ready-to-seed-phil-koch

“Successful people, through the ages, have always been ones with vision. They have been those who used their imaginations and their ability to visualize themselves as successful prior to reaching the successes they desired in everyday life.  They utilized their minds.

From ancient writings to more modern research the value of visualization and affirmation have been extolled. If you aren’t using these critical tools in your daily life now is the time to begin! Plant the seeds today that can grow into great results in your future.

In this blog post and a few subsequent ones I’ll share more on the power of visualization and some tips for using it to help you make your dreams come true. Remember, you can if you think you can.  Visualization IS the way for coming to believe it is possible!

You Get What You Repeatedly Practice – Practice Is Rehearsal

When you visualize and affirm you are rehearsing and practicing. All coaches and athletes, artists and others know the value of repeated correct practice on performance. Actors rehearse for weeks to open a play. Musicians practice. You get what you practice.

Fewer people seem to realize the incredible benefit of mental rehearsal on performance and the results they get in their everyday lives. ‘To enjoy enduring success on must travel in advance of the world’. Create it in your mind and then the rest catches up.

Sadly, most people rehearse, practice and re-live their failures and disappointments, their worries and their fears. They program themselves for lackluster results again and again. Stop that if you do that. Learn to program yourself for success and do what works.

What You Say Is What You Get – Your Words Are Important

It works either way. Either you program for success or failure. If you do nothing your brain runs on default. If that default setting isn’t getting you what you want then YOU must change it. The great news is YOU can! Take control. Visualize and declare your success now!

I’ll share one powerful way to visualize in the next post. Then another one after that. Build your abilities by implementing what you learn. Apply it and practice it. Begin today. Have fun, take it lightly and enjoy the process. Until the next post, and beyond, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a playful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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