The First Powerful Way Of Seeing You Must Utilize And Why

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“Do you spend time purposefully visualizing ? If not, it is a practice you will want to embrace. It is so important that you do. Deliberately imagining what you want and how you want it sets your creative mind working  to get it. It opens up your imagination and abilities.

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There a couple ways to imagine things. One is to see yourself in the image as if you were watching yourself in a movie or video. This is a great way to see how you look, move, sound and interact with others. You see yourself where you want to be and with whom.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You can be artistic and add vivid color. You can make the size of your mental movie screen larger, much, much bigger, as when you are in a movie theater. You can put it in surround sound or add music. Anything you can do with a TV you can do inside your mind theater.

You can enhance the image and boost your good feelings. You can improve on this movie in your mind so it is even more appealing and makes the feelings stronger. In Neuro Linguistic Programming we call the components you can adjust Submodalities. For example:

Visual: size, shape, color or black and white, hue, tint, light, shadow, location, near or far away and more. Sound: volume, location, timber, tone, pitch, rate (fast or slow) and more. Feelings: touch, rough, smooth, heavy, soft, pressure, a tickle, location in body, and more.

What You Feel Is What You Get – Feelings Are Important

You can vary any and all of these and make any mental experience less intense or more intense. Taste and smells can be important too. Add in anything that makes it more wonderful.  Construct it so it is appealing, inspiring, and motivating for you. Make it incredible!

Make your dreams and goals more desirable, intense and immediate. Movie directors and symphony conductors play with these components.  They utilize them to create feelings in the viewer, or listener; the experiencer. You can too. You don’t have to but you can.

Sports coaches direct players to perform in certain ways.  Be your own coach, your own conductor and director.  Deliberately make the adjustments. Watch your mind movie. Do you like it better? Does it feel stronger? If yes, cool. If not, change it until you do. Get it?

Imagine A Bright Future – In Your Mind Now – And It Can Be Yours

More coming in next post. Take charge. Assume control. Tailor it for the greatest return. Make it wonderful. As you progress you may continue to improve on it. It is your movie make it most appealing. You can always change it back. Just DO IT!

Make it outstanding, lock it in, and visualize it daily! Bless, nurture and encourage yourself as you engage daily. Stick with it through rough spots or times when nothing seems to be improving or happening. You’ll breakthrough as long as you persist. You will!

Delight all along the way. Enjoy it and be grateful. Have fun, practice in the spirit of play. As it has been said, ‘ You can pretend anything and master it.’ Allow yourself to easily grow. Your skills develop faster and you go further when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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