This Is Why You Don’t Always Get What You Want!

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“How come it isn’t happening for me? Ever ask yourself that? I do all the right things but nothing seems to work. You have tried, quit, tried again, perhaps. You just aren’t where you had hoped you would be. Do you ever feel like this? It can suck, right? It is  no fun at all.

There are a few reasons why that can be the case. We’ll explore a main one in this post. Sometimes, it is so obvious we miss it. Sometimes, it is just so obscure we can’t find it. This post can help, but only, if you apply what you read here in these pages.

When Life Gives You Lemons Why Aren’t You Making Lemonade

Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. We want too much too soon and don’t really believe we can do it. Keep what you ultimately want in mind but set up a smaller goal first. For example, imagine earning 100 dollars a week more, or 10 K more a year.

We continue on visualization and how to get what you want. I hope you are enjoying this series. Please ask questions or post comments if you have any. We continue into the next post too. So enjoy learning, or reviewing and please apply what you learn and know.

Start smaller and build up. Just as you climb a ladder one rung at at time. Make the first rung of your ladder easy to obtain. Not too easy, it should stretch you but don’t make it so large it seems at possible. Win a few times first and then you’ll have the confidence to go big.

What You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

Get it? It is mindset first. Get your attitude on and then take inspired action. So see it, hear it, feel it. Imagine it. Conceive it.  Make it real in your mind. As Napoleon Hill stated, ‘Whatever you can conceive and bring yourself to believe, you can achieve.’ It works.

Do it over and over, correctly, for long enough and you create a burning desire for it. You come to believe you can do it. Once you believe it you know you will do it. You become unstoppable and persist until you get the results you want. You transform your life.

From within to without. You make the imagined real. It isn’t magic it is brain science and it has been with us forever. From early on in human development wise people learned to capture and utilize and steer the power of the mind. You can too! You only need to do it!

You Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time

Even though this has been available for centuries few know it. Far fewer use it. Some, even want to prevent you from using it to get ahead, but now you can. The proper fruit of knowledge is action. To not use what you know is to not know. It is not responsible. Do it!

In my workshops and seminars I help guide you in learning how to do this, plus a whole lot more, so you can make your dreams come true. It is a great experience for participant attendees and you can do this on your own to. Take the time to learn to do it today!

Do it! Take action and the world becomes your oyster. Practice and keep the faith. Keep it light. Have fun. Enjoy the process. It isn’t an overnight miracle. It takes time to get the results. The miracle that does instantly occur is everything changes the instant you start.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Apply What You Know

Once you decide and follow through on your decision you initiate the process. It begins. Just as it takes time for a tree to grow the seed you planted for your future good can take time to manifest, but your life begins to change right away! It is a great trade.

You begin and everything changes. So live with gratitude and appreciation. Be thankful you got on the path. Visualize, affirm, ask positive questions, fill your mind with positive power and know that you are making your life they way you want it to be. You took action.

You made a decision to bring about good things in your life. Be happy. Be persistent. Never lose sight of the good you started. Help others do the same. We benefit when we benefit others. Read and listen to inspiring material. Hang with positive creators. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make everyday fabulous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Why You Don’t Always Get What You Want!”

  1. What you say is correct. So many want too much too soon, they take in more than what they can chew. A thousand mile journey starts with one step. For everything we need to start from the bottom of the hill. Some start the other way around, with the mountain top and ending up with the Mole hill. Also we need to practice until we perfect, that takes a lot of time and energy. There are no short cuts. Thanks for this informative article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are most welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We all have a voice here and I am grateful when, fine people like yourself, exercise it by commenting or asking questions. Thank you! All the best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

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